Humor :-)

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Keto Rocher

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That would be a good Halloween party trick with people you know.

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Definitely for April Fool’s Day.

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Hep cat sings da blues:

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That’s hilarious - thanks for the laughs!

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And the award for Animal With Best Comedic Timing goes to:

I swear, I could watch that all day.

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I noticed that cat moved its eyes side-to-side and I’ve never seen a domestic cat do that.

I googled it and it turns out they can move their eyes but usually follow their eyes with their head movement so by the time they are looking at you their eyes are fixed again.

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I’ll try to remember this the next time I get a cramp climbing the stairs to my butcher’s entrance.

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Ok, my tiny girl thinks Momma has lost her marbles but at least she is a good sport.

Last night while she was in my lap I grabbed her chin and held it so her head couldn’t move and waved a pen back and forth. Her eyes moved! Only a fraction, but they can move the tiniest amount.

I was messing with her again a few moments ago while she was parked in my lap facing me and saw them move up and down a fraction.

Not near as much as the cat in the video, but that isn’t a domestic cat.

I got my first kitty when I was 5 and I am 63 and never knew this. Cool!

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Freaky, right?

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Might be too close to home for me but still funny

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Carbs are scary:

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I don’t want to be too serious and all, but I tend to think of that when I’m starting my every other day bike ride. To be able to get on a road bike and just ride for an hour or so when so many people around my age that I know can hardly move well makes me so grateful I can’t express it.

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That’s wonderful, Bob! And Florida is no easy ride, either…

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My wife used to work on the Kennedy Space Center and would go out for walks over lunch. That’s pretty much what it looked like along the smaller roads. When you don’t see them on the bank, they’re still watching you.