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@RightNOW Oh, man, I can’t wait to point this out during the next PBW interaction. And I’ve already thought of a rejoinder for their, “Well, they probably didn’t paint plants because they weren’t as exciting/status-driven events.”

“Perhaps, but if those ancients were as overwhelmingly plant-based as you all claim, wouldn’t you think there’d be some representation of the most important part of their survival? I mean, if you’re chewing shrubs and scraping for tubers 16 hours a day, as is necessary on that plan, I’d expect to see a leaf on a cave wall eventually…”

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Proof Carbs Kill

Bananas naturally produce anti-matter. Roughly every 75 minutes one positron is produced by the trace amounts of Potassium-40 that is naturally occurring in bananas.

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What is symmetry?

– It’s where many a Scotsman is buried.

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after seeing all the vegan ‘beef patties’ this made me laugh

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LOLOLOL!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Alas, but I have only one like to give . . . .

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Rosemary will not be happy! :rofl:

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She’ll have to get in line behind Ginger.

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Rats! Wildly (and competitively) searching through my spices. So far, I got nothing. Herb is holding me at Bay and won’t Curry any flavors.

Jerez, I had to stoop pretty low for that last bit. Sorry.

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I’m not exactly a senior cinnamon but if you chili knew me you’d know I’m full of sage advice: Pepper to keep your tongue than risk offense, even if you mint well.

Dill we meet again.

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I’m way outta my league here.

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Sorry if I was too salty.


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To make this fit in keto/food/exercise related humor, I’m gonna say this goes in the alternate fasting “scheduled eating” category :slight_smile:

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