Humor :-)

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #687

As is mine apparently :sweat_smile:

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P.S. I love Bacon (PS. I love you)
Bacon Forever(Batman Forever)
The Dark Bacon(The Dark Knight)
My Best Friend’s Bacon(My Best Friends Wedding)

(Diane) #690

My Best Friend’s Bacon
The Bacon Ultimatum
Indiana Jones and the Last Bacon
The Magnificent Bacon
The Bacon Reloaded
A Fist Full of Bacon
When Harry Met Bacon

(Diane) #691

Beat me to it!

(Becca) #692

(Ketopia Court Jester) #693

Holy crap, that’s good!

I would add: Start dinner. Because, inevitably, someone will wander in listlessly and complain about the menu.

(Edith) #694

Good Morning Bacon!
The Sound of Bacon
My Fair Bacon

(Daisy) #695

Husband walks in this afternoon and says “I swear, our house always smells like bacon.” I said “you’re the only man I know who would complain about that!” Then I wiped bacon grease across my lips, to his horror lol

(Diane) #696


Excellent response!

(Full Metal Keto) #697

Stanley Kubrick remakes,

Full Bacon Jacket

Clockwork Bacon

2001 A Bacon Oddyssey

Dr. Baconlove

and other movies like

Lord of the Bacon

Bacon Wars

Bacon Trek The Movie

Buffy the Bacon Slayer

(Cynthia Anderson) #698

Man Bites Bacon
The Bacon 400
Bacon Soup
The Bacon Redemption
Primal Bacon
Bacon of Dreams
Saving Private Bacon
The Bacon Day
The Bacon Boy
The Bacon Hours
Let Him Have Bacon
The Usual Bacon
Back to The Bacon

(Laura) #699

Gone With The Bacon

Come Back To The Bacon, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

Prizzi’s Bacon


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(Edith) #701

The bathroom one, in particular. It never fails.

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Don’t know how I missed this before, but just now noticed this comment.


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