Humor :-)

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@Janie Awwww you have a Horsie?? I am a horse girl too!!! Always have been. Mine was a pallameno. Funny pic of the two of you.:joy::rofl::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::racehorse:

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Everyone GET back in your cave.:joy::joy:. No offense to
Jesus, i bet he thinks this pics funny too. Not the covid
thing, but the pic itself.:joy::joy::joy:

('Jackie P') #2009

Haha Mr Stilley! Looks like you have sneaked out to your dodgy club again🤣

(Jane) #2010

No, that’s not me! Is a relative of a friend of mine who loves horses. I thought the bra was funny :laughing:



(Brennan) #2013


Good dog

(Ken) #2015

Did he share it with you? I hope so. My dogs regularly bring me tasty things to eat, but it’s usually only during the Hunting Season. I can assure you, that you should be happy you have a dog with such strong instincts.

(Scott) #2016

I can see someone saying “where did the rack of ribs go? I went to get the sauce and poof they’re gone”


@240lbfatloss - Ken, I just stumbled upon the meme. I’d be disappointed if the pup didn’t share.

@Rclause - if you put sauce on that rack it’d be a charred mess since they’re raw. To smoke them would take 5 or 6 hours. The last hour is when you want to add the sauce.

(Scott) #2018

Only a grill here but yes I always wait till the end for any sauce. When I get big I hope to get a smoker. The screen porch, patio and outdoor cooking center will need to come first.

Smoker, What do you have @anon24390425? I need a recommendation from a master.


I’m cheap so I just use my 22” Weber Kettle and the charcoal snake method. There are plenty of tutorials on YT. The biggest things are consistency in stacking your charcoal and controlling the airflow with the bottom vent. I’ve posted my magnificent butts before.

I can stack 3 charcoal briquettes, open vents, and keep about a 300 degree temp which is fine for pork butts but a little hot for ribs. I’d go with open top vent and maybe a 3/4 or 2/3 open bottom to drop the temp to about 250 for ribs.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #2020

:scream::scream:I guess we were fortunate enough to miss that Tyler! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::cowboy_hat_face:



(Scott) #2022

I was behind a competition BBQ team rig they were hauling to an event. I had to laugh at their slogan “YOU CAN SMELL OUR BUTTS A MILE AWAY”

(Scott) #2023

What, no big green egg? Of course that ain’t gonna be cheap

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