Humor :-)

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Had to read this one a couple of times lol

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I would have missed it if you hadn’t said something. Now I can stop laughing.

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That’s how I feel watching the news these days.

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Beyond broccoli. 100% pure pork

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i still don’t really count carbs

i just limit them

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I did that with a screwdriver when I was about the age of the kid in the picture. I remember being amazed that there was something in that socket that made the light turn on and I wanted to know what it was, so I poked the screwdriver in it. I never did it again! :joy:

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My oldest was at his Grandma’s and while she was in the bathroom he grabbed her tweezers that had scissor handles and stuck them in a light socket.

Came running into the bathroom wide-eyed and holding his burned hand and said “FIRE!” She went running into the living room and there was a large black streak above the socket. Didn’t hurt him too bad and he NEVER touched a socket after that.

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Didn’t we all do that if we’re above a certain age when socket protectors came out? It was one of those Darwin moments growing up in the 60’s! :joy::joy::joy::cowboy_hat_face:

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I use to stick my fingers in the fuse sockets when I was age 4 or 5 to the main power box outside my house, never did that again…lol

I truly know the true meaning of electricity now :face_with_head_bandage: it was like being hit with a defibrillator but tens times worse. Hard to get your finger out once you poke it in their…lol Crazy thing about being electrocuted is your hair burns and pops out of the follicles.

One thing I learned in electronics class; if voltage, wattage, current, amperage and impedance goes up the wrong arm it is instant cardiac arrest then death, everybody is different, it could be the right or left arm, luckily it was not my right arm…lol

Looked like this but without the fuses.

Learning about the electrical current of ATP and Phosphorylation in mitochondria is much better!

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