Humor :-)

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This is sooooooo true…


@Momof5 … Yep…Chicken is okay, just has a few teeth marks around her butt and a wing. Rufus is learning not to play with her food now. :upside_down_face:

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Awww, okay -both things are good!

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I know people who live on pizza and beer and look like male models. I’m going to say that genetics make it easy for some and impossible for others, but hopefully for most people there’s a big range from one side to the other that we can affect by conscious effort. :slight_smile:


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Seasonal Fun😌
A map for everything these days

Swedish Fish?

“According to the map, which was created by Bid on Equipment based on Google search volume, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were the most popular candy in 12 states. Chocolate M&M’s was the next most popular candy with eight states and Milk Duds and Snickers tied with five states each.”

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As a former resident of Kentucky I am officially embarrassed :joy:

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How did they determine this? Sales figures?

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And a HUGE candy wrapper recycling campaign :smile:
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I love Swedish Fish. Love. Them.

All the weird outliers on the map are great. I especially love the dichotomy of North and South Dakota. North Dakota likes spicy, chewy, weird Hot Tamales, South Dakota likes bland, soft gummy worms.

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Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Not because these candies are number one favs… but mostly, they’re cheaper here… and aren’t entirely cheap-generics… like Bit-o-honeys.
Personally I think this list is wrong. I’ve seen more Sweetarts, Tootsie Rolls, and Smarties than anything else.

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I’m surprised that Reese’s Cups don’t have more states in the Northeast and Midwest.

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If my husband wasn’t keto, Virginia would have had Reese’s peanut butter cups as the most popular.

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One of my memories of my mom (who died when I was 9) was from when I was 8.

One day, I said, “They have Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in heaven, right mom?”

She looked amused, and said, “Why?”

And I said, “Well… it’s heaven, so they must, right?” :rofl:

I still just crack up thinking of that. Apparently that is my opinion on Reese’s. :smiley:

I could add that sadly, the last time I tried Reese’s I’d been keto a long time, and the chemical taste of the current version was far too obvious.

And the truly worse side, my friend once gave me a bite of a new Reese’s candy bar, which was so ridiculously good despite that factor, it’s a good thing keto makes me full.

So far, every halloween for years, I buy candy for kids, almost none come, I give TONS to the ones who do, then I decide to eat some of the rest. I eat about two mini-things, and then realize it tastes like chemicals, feel lousy about messing with my eating plan, and end up either dumping it in the trash or giving the whole thing to a friend and her kids.

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That is awesome PJ that your body rejects it and you have this revelation, that is great!

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Yes a bit of honey and a bunch of HFCS.

:unamused: :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’m a current KY resident and people love Swedish Fish. We used to eat the crap out of these after volleyball practice along with cans of cream soda. (I know, so much sugar)