Humor :-)

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Special snowflake here - my urine ketones have always been indicators of my blood ketones. Which I don’t understand. Nothing on the blood monitor or pee strip in the morning - loads of activity on both in the afternoon. How can I be wasting and using at the same time?

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Rebel :cowboy_hat_face:


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Bacon definitely helps to keep my life together! :joy::joy:







She’s an old dog, needs a mat to jump up, floors are slippery, she can’t jump in and out of the car anymore, but during the night she becomes a stuntdog and jumps on the couch, in the dark, no matter what “barricades” my husband puts up :wink:
This is where I find her in the morning :wink:

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@Meerkatsandy She obviously thinks it’s her spot! :cowboy_hat_face:


Yep, sounds about right? Why do you even barricade it anymore? Save yourself the trouble! :rofl:


She definitely does…it’s nice in winter though, I shoo her to the other side and take her warm spot :joy:
Since she’s old, we don’t have the heart to discipline her (it’s too late :joy:), so we laugh at how she pulls it off :wink:


My husband likes to get creative sometimes, see what he can do to “stop” her :joy:

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Try flipping the coffee table upside down on top of the sofa…:joy:

Maybe find an old couch cushion to put on the floor. :cowboy_hat_face:


Aww, just let her sleep in the bed with you :blush:

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Maybe place a sheet of aluminum foil on the sofa.


She sheds too much, she’s the fluffy kind of labrador, I prefer to have my bed fur-free :slight_smile:


I forwarded your ideas to my husband…he had that thinking look, like the hamster hit the wheel again :joy: