Howdy Folks! Newbie here (bottled water)


Hello everyone!

I’m here because my 60yr old father has just transitioned into Keto.
He’s doing an absolute great job - with the help of Dr. Berg and others
on Youtube. About 3 months in, he’s feeling much better - has dropped
alcohol - lost weight - stiffness has decreased - more Energy! - I mean I cannot say enough on how well he has done!

Throughout his journey I have done everything I can to support and promote him and help deter outside negativity and criticism.

So as his life transformation has moved forward - he has asked me to find out the best bottled water for him to drink. As my research has moved forward - I can’t say that I’ve come to a quality conclusion for him.

So now I turn to you folks!
Throughout my research i’m learning about PH - and of course the negative quality’s of fluoride - but I can’t seem to come to a quality conclusion.

I find mixed results - I find websites wanting to sell me stuff ETC.

So at the end of the day, I want to provide him with the best result I can find.
and now I’m here. Speaking to real people.

Find a quality bottle water brand? A pitcher water filter? a ionizer?
Essentially I’m quite confused.

All help would be greatly appreciated!


(Windmill Tilter) #2

Buy a reverse osmosis filter on Amazon for around $225. Install it under the sink. Enjoy the best water money can buy for 5 cents a gallon.
That’s my 2 cents anyway.

If you want to get fancy with ph, you can buy a canister purpose built to raise or lower by some specified amount and just add it to the system. No plumbing experience required. Very simple.

I installed a RO filter this spring. It took about 40 minutes, and it was the best money I’ve ever spent. They have countertop models too if it’s a leased apartment.

Alternatively, you can buy it from a corporation who uses the same reverse osmosis to purify the same water, bottle it, and sell it to you for $5.00 a gallon… :yum:

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #3

We have a Brita in the fridge at work. It’s nice to always have filtered, cold water. (At home, I prefer plain old tap water.)

(Jane) #4

We installed an RO system under the sink when we had to have purified water for our marine/salt water fish tank. Got it at Lowes - easy to install. We used it for our drinking water also and now my son and his family use it.

I am on our own well water now so clean spring water and we drink it from the tap.


Does an RO system remove fluoride an restore ph?


I live in Europe and buy San Pellegrino because it is the water I most prefer in taste. I used to be a diet coke addict - not so much wine, thank God- but now I mix San Pellegrino with a few drops of apple vinegar to get that same sour twang on the side of my mouth. I like it. Tastes good- in fact I had a diet coke to celebrate the New Year, and now I even prefer my apple vinegar. Too much vinegar is a problem - you have to get it juuuuust right- only a few drops for the sourness. Regular water is for when I am very very thirsty. Otherwise I find it boring.

(Jane) #7

Yes, it removes flouride but does not adjust the ph of the water.

(Doug) #8

My opinion - pH is not something to be concerned about. ‘Alkaline water’ seems a total marketing gimmick - normal pH in the human stomach is ~2.5, quite acidic, and it needs to be for digestion and an acidic environment downstream in the digestive tract (if this even could be changed, the growth of undesirable bacteria would take off.)

Drinking something alkaline/caustic will stimulate the production of more gastric acid as the stomach seeks to neutralize the alkalinity and get back down to the proper pH - so, despite it perhaps being counter-intuitive, alkaline things will often make any stomach-acid related problems worse.


Any suggestions on a at home filter system?


To start, if you want to go cheap, yet have very high quality water, I’d go with a Zero Water pitcher. They also make a 3gal tank to go on top of a water dispenser if you have one. If you really want to step it up to piped in quality water a good RO system is where you want to start. They vary in price and can be configured a million different ways. The thing you’d want to know up front is how much water you’d need at any time and how fast you’ll need it to regenerate. If you’re also going to be hooking it up to your fridge’s ice maker than you’d want a bigger storage tank and possibly a permeate pump to be able to recover faster.

I’ll warn you, as a water weirdo (used to work for a water company) it’s a rabbit hole. I had a 3 stage RO system that I added a couple stages to.

Then as I learned that taking a shower was the equivalent of drinking like 11 gallons of water, then I started thinking about my magnessium baths and what that must do… I went a little batshit at that point and then this happened

They’ll remove varying amounts depending on the membrane, typically 80-95%, most RO systems built the last couple years with 4+ stages (5 stage pretty standard at this point) have re-mineralization / ph buffering as one or two of the stages.

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I regret that I have but one like to give. That’s not crazy, that’s a thing of beauty! :yum:

(Jane) #12

Ah, good to know. I installed mine over 10 years ago and my son rents the house from me snd they still use it.

I’m on my own well water so no fluoride and plenty of minerals.

(Bunny) #13

Dr. Berg recommends mineral water: