How well does a 8/16 Program work for you all?

(Fred Buchanan) #1

I started my 8/16 program this morning. Just wondering how it’s worked for others out here.



(Leslie) #2

I started with IF at that same ratio at the end of January and have been very successful.
The first day was easy and by the end of the first week I felt like I had been doing this my whole life. It feels natural and I’ve been very comfortable.
After about three weeks on 18/6 I decided to shorten my window of time for eating to four hours. I find that works even better for me.

A typical day for me is black tea, no fat just the tea, in the morning and breakfast around 2:30 in the afternoon. I eat a fried egg with half an avocado mashed with kerigold butter, half a dill pickle, some roasted salted sea weed, some spirulina in water and a couple of ounces of raw cheese. I am full after this meal and have to really think about getting the rest of my fat into dinner a few hours later.

We generally have dinner around 6:30 in the evening. My husband eats beef, chicken, turkey or fish, but I only eat wild caught fish and sustainable sea food. I prepare leafy, greens vegetables for every dinner with coconut oil. I have sour cream on my veggies sometimes.

I should also mention that I like to have macadamia nuts in that window and I also eat whole spoonfuls of coconut butter just to make sure I’m getting enough fat.

That’s the been the biggest challenge for me, getting enough fat in my eating window. I’ve lost over thirty pounds and am very happy with my body and my health, so I’m going to stick to it

I hope you find this helpful
Keep calm and keto on


Its been very effective for me. I did not lose any body fat just on the diet. This regime started things moving. I only have 30 pounds to lose-longer fasts set off a feeding frenzy and totally wipe me out. I do it around 4 times a week. The received wisdom seems to be to not do the same thing every day-change things up for best results. Works for me.

(matt ) #4

Just to ease confusion you usually see the fasting time first so I assume you mean 16 fasted with an 8 hour eating window? So 16/8?

(Fred Buchanan) #5

Matt - Yes, I just put the eating hours first…

(RossanaF) #6

So when you do 16/8 everyday, now many calories do you estimate you eat per day?


I started 16:8, because skipping breakfast felt like a natural way to eat. It also is helping me break an evening snacking habit–you know, the TV snacking when you eat out of habit, not hunger. While it certainly helped control insulin, it didn’t result in any significant difference in how much I ate every day. Instead of eating X calories broken up into 3 meals, it’s the same amount broken up into two meals. I don’t restrict calories, but I do track everything I eat, since I’m a bit data obsessed. And that’s how I know the amount I ate just sort-of shifted around rather than being less.

For some people, just limiting your insulin response in this way will be a significant boost to meeting goals. For a lot of people, they need to go to at least 18:6, though.