How to change User Name

(Lucrecia) #1

@carl how do I change my user name? For some reason it has always in it, instead of just Lucrecia. Have gone into my settings and it won’t let me change it… Thanks muchly. (Is this how to do it @Brenda?) :slight_smile:

HOW TO: User profiles and Privacy
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Yes Lucrecia but you tagged a different Carl. Our Carl Franklin 2KetoDudes guy is just @carl. I edited it for you. :slight_smile:

(Lucrecia) #3

Bwahaaaahaaa!! See what I mean! Thanks so much for sorting this out for me.

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Ahhh hell. It takes time to learn this forum stuff but I swear it’s not too difficult. Ask as many questions as you’d like. Ima tag a few more geeks for you to get a quicker response. I think @carl’s busy grilling ribeyes atm.

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Can you instruct us how to change the username please? Thank you. No doubt other forum members would like to know as well.


I expect user name change is something a high level admin would need to do. I see no way for a user to change their own login name.

(Lucrecia) #8

Aha! Thanks for this. @Brenda can you change it for me? To just plain Lucrecia?

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Yeeeesh. Now I have to learn something new.
(whine whine)

I’ll go look. If I cannot, I’ll kick some admin ass and get help.

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Are you sure?


So, you’ll have to show us how you go to that point. I see zero way to edit my user name in preferences. I can edit pretty much everything else there. You can probably do it because of your level.

(Lucrecia) #12

Yes please sweetie. Then I’ll just start from scratch again. Thanks so

(Lucrecia) #13

I might not want to be “always” me. :slight_smile: Thanks @Brenda


Can a regular member change his or her name on here?

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Yes @Pilotbob it’s because of my admin level. You need yours changed?

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It seems you cannot. Would you like me to? Message me.


Thanks, that makes sense and is what I expected. I had the idea to change my name almost right after I made it and before this thread commenced, but I don’t care about it that much now that I have been using it. I just wanted the thread to have the data that an admin is needed to change a username.


Nope, I’m good, thanks.

(Robin ) #19

I need my full name changed to just first, please. Who to ask?

(Paige) #20

I would like my user name changed too.

(sue) #21

hi @brenda ! would you be able to change my username as well? i’d like to go by @sueoh instead