How to make (yes make) double cream in the US


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I’m just going to use Twin Brooks’ heavy whipping cream (it’s by far the thickest cream I’ve found) and add some Kerrygold butter since I’m using it to make Dr Maggs’ curried eggs recipe, I figure if it works in my coffee (Roberta’s version of Keto coffee) then it should work in the curry egg dish:

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I love cooking add i love gadgets! Therefore, I love everything about this thread!! :heart_eyes:

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Wooaahhh…isn’t there a ton of fat in the cream or are you fasting from fat? I’m still new to pretty much all of this so please pardon my naivete!

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Fat, because it has almost no effect on insulin (except the bare minimum for survivial), is a safe source of calories to replace the calories lost from not eating carbohydrate (which, being glucose molecules arranged in various ways has a big effect on insulin secretion). Since a ketogenic diet consists of minimal carbohydrate, and the body does not like to metabolise protein unless it absolutely must, then our energy needs to come from fat.

(Of course, the quality of the fat makes a difference, and it turns out that—contrary to the standard nutritional advice of the past fifty years—saturated and monounsaturated fat are healthier than polyunsaturated fats, which we need only in small quantities. Heresy, but true.)


A fat fast is only eating fat. I have not done keto in a long time but when I was active in this forum, one of the members would host one each month. It was just a quick way to cut calories and jumpstart weight loss.

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Saw a tweet where someone was doing basically a fat fast with Fire in a Bottle’s stearic acid. Said it really blunted his hunger and allowed him to “fast” longer. And he didn’t use much, but apparently, it’s like eating crayons or wax. Interesting, though…

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I’ve thought about this, mulled it over in my mind and have come to the absolute conclusion that if you live in the US and can get your hands on heavy whipping cream then there is no need to reintroduce butter into the cream. Why? Because butter is made from heavy cream. Not milk. Not half & half. Heavy cream.

I’ve been buying Twin Brooks’ heavy whipping cream for some time now and it tastes like sweet creamery butter but, of course, is more liquid which is to be expected. But if I were to take that heavy whipping cream and put it in my stand mixer and mix it at high speed while keeping an eagle eye on it, I would end up with unsalted butter.

Using an electronic device such as a mixer, blender, food processor or other such light equipment could be a bit dangerous because butter can form more quickly than using an old fashioned butter churn. If you’ve never used a butter churn, you are in for a very decent upper arm workout!

A word to the wise is sufficient…

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I remember when my aunt switched from making butter by hand to whipping the cream in a large jar with a beater attached to the lid. Sped up the process considerably!

But you can’t beat that upper arm workout . . . .

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Found this information here:

“Double cream is made by heating and swiftly cooling cream with a specific recipe (temp and time). Making it at home is unreliable this way.

To make heavier cream at home mix unsalted butter and 35% cream. In the USA, butter has a minimum of 80% milk fat. So you do your math.

3/4 cup of heavy cream (35%) + 1/4 cup of butter (80%) = ?

I am going to round off here if you don’t mind.

35% of 3/4 cup is roughly 1/4 cup of pure milkfat. (Or 5/20ths)

80% of 1/4 cup is 4/5ths of that quarter cup or 4/20ths cup.

(4+5)/20 = 45% just a hair shy of 48%. Add another tbsp off butter to get just about your 48% (a total of 5tbsp of butter per 3/4 cup of heavy cream)

Melt the butter gently on medium heat, pour melted butter into your mixer, begun mixing on low and drizzle your heavy cream into that. Don’t mix too long or you’ll start to whip and or turn it back into butter.

It’s going to come out real thick at any rate and you want to get it in the fridge and cover it quickly. Use within 24 hrs so the fat doesn’t precipitate out of the milk.”