How to make (yes make) double cream in the US


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I am Uber Excited! Since I saw your post I’ve had one of these on my Ebay Searches for a few weeks and Weds. was my day. One came up for sale in pristine condition (seriously never used) with the box and instructions, so I pulled the trigger on it. I just got it in the mail and I Love It! :heart_eyes: Can’t wait to give it a test drive. Thanks for posting, otherwise I’d have never known I was missing out on such lovely creams!

Here’s the one that I got… Bel Cream Maker


i hope you enjoy it! the first cream maker i got was the plastic one. it’s a knockoff…the originals have metal, glass, and bakelite parts. it works fine but doesn’t emulsify the mixture as well as the glass ones. make sure you don’t drop the plastic carafe…it shatters easily. if you have the opportunity, get a glass one. i noticed the prices on ebay literally doubled after i made the post. i was able to find 2 glass ones for $20 each. the extra effort is worth it… it’s much tastier than heavy cream.

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Yes, I saw the prices and waited for the best one for the best price. I made my first double cream this afternoon and it was Awesome! I can totally see me using this in my coffee instead of just butter. The first thing that came to my mind when I tasted it was that it was like Candy! And it is worth the effort. I was glad that I am ambidextrous so I just switched off on the pumping action! Got my exercise for the day. LOL :laughing:

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Oh Yummmmmy!


awesome! it gets thicker after chilling. definitely an indulgence.

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I quit drinking coffee over a year ago because I can’t take it black and I was addicted to flavored creamers. So I switched to black tea which I can actually drink without anything added…weird but true. Yesterday, I had some coffee with this cream added in. So screw indulgence! This is now a part of my well balanced diet! :+1: :coffee: :heart_eyes:

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It is absolutely nothing like clotted cream! The cream at the Bel cream maker makes is just like what in the US you call heavy cream, depending on the ratio of milk to butter. My mother here in the UK used one when we were growing up in the 60s and 70’s. We absolutely loved it. Unfortunately part of her machine broke and it is too expensive to replace all you can get them on some resale websites. Actually when she got a food mixer in later years that also had a cream attachment, but we never thought it was good as the Bel cream maker.

The reason I haven’t bought one is my awareness of the amount of milk used, but the cream has a unique taste that I absolutely adored it as a child, even more than real cream.

Clotted cream is made by putting fresh cream in a large shallow pan, which then placed in what we would call an aga or a Raeburn (a large range cooker that is always on) and left to warm slowly, at a low temperature overnight. The clotted cream rises to the top and is carefully ladled off. It is so think you can cut it with a knife. It will have a slight crust of butter fat on the top but you need really rich milk to make can’t pour it out as you can with the other types of cream. It is really thick

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I just wanted to clarify that I Do Not Use Milk. I use heavy whipping cream and butter which is heavier, thicker and richer in the final product, unlike anything I’ve had before.

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I found a vintage Bel cream maker on ebay at a good price though shipping from England is a bit stiff. It should arrive in a couple weeks and I’m hopeful it will be in good working condition despite its age. I opted for an all metal table top clamp model instead of one with plastic parts and a glass jar. I’ll report on the results in case anyone else is thinking of trying this too.

Recently I’ve become fond of adding melted butter to smoothies I make using home made kefir plus a few frozen berries. It works well with a modest amount of butter but I expect the cream maker will allow success using more butter.

For the moment though I’m on an aggressive diet and the fun may have to wait a bit longer even after the slow boat from England arrives.

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I ordered from the UK a couple of months ago and after waiting 4 weeks with no delivery I sent an inquiry: I was given a full refund the same day!

I hope you have better luck than I had so you can let us know how the double cream is.


It’s after one in the morning here…and I can’t stop howling at this comment…thanks so much…

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I’m confused about the percentages and how you were able to get 60% butterfat. How many ounces of cream and butter did you use to get 60% butterfat?

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How much of cream and butter did you use? What was the butterfat percentage?

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The Basic Recipe that came with my cream maker calls for melting 4oz. butter and adding 4oz. of milk.
Since we don’t do milk I added HWC instead. I used KerryGold which has something like 82% butterfat. I’m not sure what the heavy whipping cream has for fat content. I’m in the US so I know it’s not as high as you can find in other countries, but it’s the highest I can find. The recipe for “thick or double cream” is to use 5oz. of butter to 4oz. of HWC (milk). All of which is pumped through the cream maker, of course. Hope that helps.