HOW TO: help us moderate the Ketogenic Forums

(Richard Morris) #1

Forum Admins don’t delete people or posts on the ketogenic forums.

Users delete people and posts.

That’s your role as users to flag things you think are off topic, or offensive.

  • If 1 person flags a post, nothing happens to the post … admins all get a notification to look into why the post was flagged, and either;

    • agree with the flag in which case
      • it is hidden
      • the person who made the post LOSES a little trust, and gets an official warning
      • the person who raised the flag GAINS a little trust
    • disagree with the.flag in which case
      • the person who raised the flag loses a little trust.
    • defer the decision - ie: do nothing
  • If 4 people flag a post before an admin has had a chance to look into it

    • The forum itself hides the post and now it’s up to an admin to bring the post back by disagreeing with 4 people who flagged it or keep it hidden by agreeing with the flag.

If you lose enough trust you will lose features. If you get related back to level 0 then only 1 flag will be sufficient for the system to immediately hide your post…

We don’t use our admin powers to remove people or posts, we trust the system and our users to do that for us. All we do is agree with flags or disagree with flags. Unless someone is intimidating people (or otherwise acting illegally) in which case we will suspend them and hold them accountable.

Protein in grams and protein in ounces

What do you mean by off topic. You mean off topic of the site, or of the category?

(Carol Hawkins) #3

Probably stuff like selling sunglasses or whatnot (spam)

(G. Andrew Duthie) #4

If something is on-topic for the forum, but say, in the wrong category, then admins or mods with sufficient trust level can move the post to the correct category. If a reply is off-topic for the current thread, it too (and any replies) can be moved to a new (or existing) thread in the correct category.

But if something is off-topic entirely, or is a personal attack, etc., those can and should be flagged.

As for those selling stuff that’s not related to keto, I’d flag those for deletion. Selling stuff related to keto can be moved to the SPAM category instead.

Make sense?