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I have been somewhat Keto since last fall. I must admit it been on and off. I had my first ever AC1 test in March and it was 5.2 that was after a fasting glucose of 110. Each day I wake up think this is the day. I’m single, so I don’t like to cook anymore. I know from years of “dieting” it’s a matter of planning. I grocery shop like I did when I did other diets and food goes to waste. I can fast for 24 hours or more, so would that be a way to start to get me on track. Thanks for any words of encouragement


Just cut your carbs down to 20 g and eat protein and fat. You can use one of the many keto calculators online to figure out how much. Simply get back on the horse. Don’t worry about the past. KCKO. Keep calm and keto on and welcome back to the fold. :slight_smile:



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You can do it!!! Set your mind to it, and you can do anything!!!

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Here is what got me started the first time. It was listening to Dr. Jason Fung on YouTube and his Therapeutic Fasting lecture. I started with a 3 day fast while I researched and figured out how to do the Keto diet. He was so pragmatic. You don’t have to do anything, you just have to NOT eat. It’s simple. Anyway, it clicked in my brain and really was simple for me. After those three days, I was able to chose keto options without those carb cravings messing me up.

Now, I fast through breakfast and sometimes lunch and only have to plan my evening meal. I keep nuts at work as a safe snack, in case I am hungry. It is so much easier than the whole meal prep 3 meals a day thing. If I had to do that, I would have failed on this diet after the first week. Seven months in and 63 lbs later, I am so thankful I found that video by Dr. Fung.

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Keep it simple.
I’ve been off keto for 10 days, and just decided to jump back in with with 2 meal a day and omad depending what I’m up to.
Simple meat and a bit of veg, nothing complicated, I’m finding this way I’m keeping well under 20 net carbs.

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Saw your post from April. Are on the wagon or off these days? I am starting today again! Just reaching out as a suppirt!