HOW TO: Delete one of my posts

(Richard Morris) #1

We all make mistakes. Sometimes we post something and regret the entire post. Should this be the case, here is how you can go about deleting a post which you have made:

  1. Locate the post in question.
  2. Find the tool bar on the bottom of the post
  3. Click on the ellipses icon to expand the toolbar
  4. Click on the wastebin:
  5. As the text indicates, the post will be deleted in 24 hours.
  6. The original text stays accessible to other users until the post is actually deleted. If the deletion of the original text is a matter of urgency, then contact a moderator. Moderators can change the display of the edit (a deletion is actually an edit until the post is deleted by the system), so that users cannot see the original post.

Thinking of going on a Keto diet

Does this work for entire topics created? And what happens to any replies? Quotes?

(Richard Morris) #3

they go with it


I see the wastebin on my post above, but not on a topic I created.

(chris.coote) #5

Is there a way to delete a post accidentally made anonymously?

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(chris.coote) #6

Found my own answer. You must go back into anonymous mode to perform the deletion…

(Richard Morris) #7

Niiice - I did not know that. But now that answer will be around forever to help people who search on Delete + Anonymous


Some of my posts give me the option to edit, but none give me the option to delete?

(Jessica ) #9

All of my posts are like this. Anyone know why? @admins

(Richard Morris) #10

I used one of the secret admin options to log in as you … and went to your above post and had the delete option (it looks like a trash can) but I had to click on the ellipses (…) to open it up.

So you definitely should have access to deleting your own posts.


I have the option on some posts, but not on others. For example, on “The Super-Dooper Real Life Photo Thread” there’s no option showing to delete…

(Richard Morris) #12

yeah - you are right. I guess the ability to delete times out after a few months.

I can delete that one if you want. Just send me a PM

(Jessica ) #13

Is that only on comments or can you delete a topic after creating it?

(Richard Morris) #14

I know we can’t delete a person once they have made more than a specific number of posts - all we can do is suspend them. It has to do with corrupting the flow of conversations when you remove posts in the middle of them. The system requires that we delete each post manually first.

It might be the same for deleting a topic. I know I can delete one but I have elevated permissions. You could try it as an experiment :slight_smile:


It can’t be that reason, I’ve just posted a couple days ago and haven’t got the ability to delete my post.

(Richard Morris) #16

You might just need the system to upgrade your access. It does that automatically as people interact with the system more. It’s designed to weed out bots, so what you can do with the forum get’s more complete the longer you yous it.

In the meantime I can delete any post you want me to … just point me at it.


Thank you for the response! I posted about my kidney issues after week 4 with little response and I’m not sure if I want to keep the post up. I haven’t seen many other posts about kidney problems so I’m thinking it can’t really be from the diet and may just be an unrelated health issue. I’d like to delete it and if I come to some realization later maybe I’ll post again.

Thank you again for your time!

(Richard Morris) #18

it looks like you deleted a post in that thread - if you want the entire thread gone let me know and I’ll delete it


That would be great, thank you

(Artemis) #20

How can I delete my account?