How Penn Jillette Lost over 100 Lbs and Still Eats Whatever He Wants


(Jane) #41

Obviously he doesn’t eat anything he wants since he isn’t pigging out on cake and ice cream every day. But click bait titles are the rage, yes?

And I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t have WLS and is using his dramatic losses to push (and get paid for) the vegan agenda. Without seeing him in a bathing suit (and not photoshopped) there is no way to know if he is wearing spanx or really doesn’t have much loose skin.

Either way only time will tell if his diet choices keep the weight off long term. If so, good for him!

(Bunny) #42

Your right never trust a magician?

(Karim Wassef) #43

Actually, you have to listen carefully to his words:

“I can eat anything I want”

So if he doesn’t want cake, he does not eat it. Everyone focuses on the “eat”… notice his vocal inflection around “want”… classic magician distraction tactic.

(Kirk Wolak) #44

I read what he did eagerly. But the vegetable heavy diet.
Also his definition of “eats what he wants”… He CLEARLY STATES that he “no longer wants to eat what he used to eat, because it would not suit him, so he OCCASIONALLY allows those things”.

His starting diet of potatoes with nothing else is a monotonic approach. Dr. Fung recommends this for “Fat Fasting”. In fact, I have an Oops Protocol I use after vacations, etc, that has me do EXACTLY this for 1-3 days. Eating 1-2 foods ONLY, unlimited, until I am ready to start fasting. It works because you get SICK of even bacon, or you get to the point where you don’t have a desire to eat, you are full enough to fast…

Reminding me to add “It’s 99% Psychology”. You have to convince yourself to stick with it. Once the brain says “enough”, you are going to struggle and fail. But eating this way kills all kinds of other cravings. And it can work for some.

The cabbage diet is like this, etc. etc. etc. Unfortunately (or Fortunately) for me, I am allergic to Potatoes, Cabbage, and Tomatoes… (Lectins, FODMAPs, and Oxalates).

So, I’d suffer on this. I tried the cabbage diet. My psoriasis started bleeding! Not for me. This was before I did all the food allergy testing.

So, can it work? Yes.
Is it for everyone? No.

I have a THIN buddy with a ton of food allergies and he struggles with Low Carb because he loses SO MUCH WEIGHT. He cannot eat the quantity of fat/food required. He has a swallowing problem. And quickly is full when ANY fat is introduced. ALTHOUGH he feels better in EVERY marker on Keto. He lost 20lbs accidentally, and weighing in at 170 while being 6’6" tall just looks sickly on him.

When he comes back to FL at the end of the month, we are going to try and formulate a diet that gives him enough calories, and lift his carb count a bit. He tolerates dairy, so I would like him to do a HWC morning shake (1 Cup HWC, Ketone Chocolate Blend, 4 oz water, and ice cubes). Drink (quickly) with a straw. That’s like 1,000 calories.
NOTE: drinking quickly defeats the LEPTIN response. Drinking it SLOWLY is what us FAT people need to do, to give Letpin time to shut down our hunger (Keto version of hitting the wall, when fat becomes sickening, LOL)

Then have a reasonable dinner, and he should maintain his weight nicely!


But I am happy for EVERYONE who can find a WOL/WOE that works for them. it does not have to be what I do.

What I am UNHAPPY about is the outrageous push that eating meat/animals is bad for us, the planet, etc. And that there is only one true WOE and that is Veganism, etc.

Sorry. Every Body Is Different. People should understand how to test/decide what diet works best for them, and what to track (and what to ignore, since I have HIGH Cholesterol, and could care less about it, since my CAC is fine [<100 at 52])