How many of you eat fish and how much per week?


I have been thinking I should incorporate more fish into my WOE which currently consists mainly of beef and lamb, as well as raw dairy, but it appears there is some concern as to the amount of mercury in fish. I understand smaller fish are generally thought better such as sardines and mackarel. I do eat those on occasion. But I’ve also got some canned salmon caught from wild pacific. And skipjack tuna chunks in brine. Aren’t both salmon and tuna meant to be quite high in mercury? I suppose if you eat it only once or twice a week it doesn’t matter?

(Pete A) #2

I eat it once or twice a week. And often when I go out to eat…

Salmon or tuna or flounder, sometimes shrimp.

(Chuck) #3

I love fish but only eat it once or twice a week normally, sardines, tuna, catfish, salmon, and most any type of seafood, muscles, oysters, lobsters, shrimp, crabs. They are all great.


I eat it less often, but if I do eat it salmon is a favourite of mine. And I remember peeling shrimp on the pier back when I lived in Norway, my home country, freshly caught on that same day, it was always a treat, but we didn’t eat it often. My dad fished all the fish himself when I grew up, we even ate a baby shark once, pigghaa, in norwegian. So apart from when we went fishing which wasn’t all that often, we didn’t eat fish.


Hi Chuck, is that because you worry about the levels of mercury in the fish? I just don’t seem to crave fish, but I think I should be eating it at least once a week. Catfish, isn’t that meantvto be very high in mercury? Tuna is also thought to be high in mercury, but once or twice a week, I suppose it doesn’t matter. Though I think I’ll go with salmon for my last meal today. Fish can’t satiate me like meat can, and I don’t think it can be compared nutrient wise to my beef and lamb either. But it tastes nice, and I always enjoy it when I have it.

(Bacon enough and time) #6

I rarely eat fish. I enjoy salmon when we have it, but if I were doing the grocery shopping, I’d almost never buy fish.


All comes down to where it’s sourced, just because it’s a certain type doesn’t mean it’s going to have a contamination problem, if somebody likes to eat a lot of fish, they should just have a heavy metals test done and see if they actually have a reason to worry or not, if not, don’t concern yourself with it.

Some people think “Wild caught” means better, which is (can), depending on where it’s caught, and many by farmed since in many ways that can be better as their feed is controlled and those fish farms are typically in good waters (some actually think farmed fish grow up in aquariums) which cracked me up.

But as you said, either way, not eating it a ton really doesn’t matter either way. Our body dextoxes itself just fine unless you’re overloading the hell out of it on a regular basis.

(Chuck) #8

I don’t even think about the mercury. I love fish, as I love beef, pork, chicken and I am learning to enjoy lamb. I was raised to eat what ever was available, and back then we didn’t know what processed food was. When I was a kid, I never saw a fat person, kids or adults. Everyone was too busy trying to make a living off the land and eating what they could raise off the land. Eating out was a rarity, and the places to eat were mom and pops that cooked like they cooked for their family. I didn’t know much about fast food or processed foods, not even pizza until I went in the Navy at 21 years old. Navy extremely high carb meals put almost 40 pounds on me in 11 weeks of boot camp, and I haven’t been able to get to a normal weight since. And at this time I don’t believe I will be losing that much weight in the future either.


Me too, if I let my body decide, it just wants beef and lamb. I never even crave fish. But I figured I ought to eat some at least once a week, though perhaps I’m wrong. I also happen to have run out of my meats, and have a can of caught (from wild pacific) salmon in the cupboard. And I couldn’t help but think about the issue with mercury. But once in a week or every second week should be fine. As I also have a couple cans of skipjack tuna. I do like to keep a few cans of fish for those days I’ve run out of my meats. I just tend to forget about them.


I eat maybe 3-4kg fish a year? I don’t know but very little. Not every month if we don’t count my little salmon spread (I try to stop eating that as it’s not carnivore and not so great anymore. it is for emergency when I can’t stomach my other food).
I only like some kind of fishes (mostly the fatty ones) and seafood here has high price and low variety… I won’t buy fish for more than deer or not tasty lean fish for more than pork…
Sometimes I eat a tiny bit of hake fish (cheapest but still more expensive than pork chuck, my fav meat while lean and not tasty. but fish is different and tender, it has its uses), sometimes smoked mackerel (it’s a celebration/holiday food for me, amazing), sometimes tinned fish (I have 2 now, both are mackerel but herring is fine too. I don’t like sardines much but they work here and there. and I may eat tuna too)… I surely will try out some more exotic kinds but they are really expensive and surely can’t worth it except if I get curious and need the xp :wink: Just once :slight_smile:
I like shrimp and octopus. Don’t really eat those as they are super expensive. 100g shrimp is, like, Christmas food, that level of special. And it’s lovely but I prefer pork so…

I used to love salmon (and other lovely fishes in Japanese restaurants) but it’s way better raw and one needs is super fresh for that…

Due to my low consumption, I don’t worry about mercury. And my SO mentions overfishing all the time when I buy tuna (about once a year, 1-2 tiny tins) so I won’t overdo that either… Tuna is lean but still special, it has its own unique taste…

I never ate fish as a kid except on rare holidays next to some river. Mom didn’t like it so never cooked any.

(Marianne) #11

I feel the same way, however, I detest fish, unless it’s battered and fried, and I don’t eat fried food since starting this WOE. On rare occasions, I’ll have some shrimp with butter and garlic, but I prefer cold shrimp with cocktail sauce, another thing I don’t eat anymore.

I wish I would eat organ meat, too, because I think it’s really good nutritionally, however, I just can’t go there.


Hi Marianne, I don’t really fancy fish either. In the end I decided to fast. I’m not even hungry after the meal of liver and eggs this morning. I love liver now, and am keen to try other organs. Tomorrow I shall go and get liver again and muscle meats from the grassfed butcher in my vicinity. I might try kidney and heart, if it’s affordable, but I believe liver is supposed to be the most nutritious, so the most value for the money. I wonder if venison liver has more vitamin A in it and whether I’d have to be more careful with the amounts. Isn’t venison deer?
Also I will get 24 fresh pasture eggs and another bottle grassfed raw milk from the local farm, so I won’t starve🙂. I’d rather fast than eat something I don’t fancy, like my canned fish, I ate 4 lumps of my KerryGold butter and I just wasn’t hungry after that.

(Doug) #13

Salmon about once a week, usually one piece ~7 oz or 200g for my wife and two pieces for me. Other fish, oysters once in a while, sardines, etc. - about once a week there too. Never worry about anything.

(Diana) #14

Well in comparison I seem to then eat a lot of fish……I would say at least 2-3 dinners a week and each is 6 sometimes 8 oz. It rotates from salmon, halibut, turbot, sardines :slight_smile: I’ll go through periods recently it’s 2-3 dinners a week, then I’ll have periods where I don’t have any. I have actually recently thought and stated to worry about mercury as well….

(Jane) #15

Only a couple of times a month for us.

(Alec) #16

Couple of times a month for me as well.

(GINA ) #17

I live on the coast and eat salmon once a week when we go out while it is in season. It is usually a good-size fillet and I have half as leftovers the next day, so I guess that’s twice.

Other than that, maybe once or twice a month.


My wife and I have fish two or even three times a week, most often salmon, trout, or Chilean sea bass. Fish lends itself to many preparations and seasonings on the grill, in the oven, or in a pan. We crave variety. All fish cooks quickly. Something as seemingly elegant as trout amandine is actually a simple 20 minute meal. We like anchovies in a Cesar salad as well.


Quick meals can be elegant and luxurious too :wink:
Salmon was a fancy dish to me (it is expensive and exotic here, after all and I never ate it in my first decades) and it was super quick and simple :slight_smile: But I quickly realized it’s just not so great when cooked so I stopped eating it, even very occasionally. Fresh raw salmon with good quality wasabi was so much better.

(Marianne) #20

You are so fortunate to have those resources around you! The few times I’ve had organic eggs, the difference is incredible.

Happy Easter!