How many of you eat fish and how much per week?

(M) #21

Every single day :slight_smile: I recommend wild caught Alaskan salmon. If you’re not eating it every day you don’t need to worry about mercury. Alaska has the cleanest waters. I also recommend finding a good place to order online to get higher quality.

Chinook salmon has over 10g fat per 4 oz.
Chinook salmon belly has 10g fat per 1 oz.
Sockeye has more flavor but less fat, about 7g fat per 4 oz.
Snow and king crab legs are delicious.

(Shannon) #22

I eat seafood once or twice a week. Mainly salmon, halibut, sometimes branzino which is really good cooked whole. We love sushi and raw oysters, especially oysters from the west coast of the US, but those are a bit hard to find sometimes. I also eat canned tuna, but try to limit that to once a week or less. Oh, and boiled crawfish, especially now when it’s in season! Messy but super tasty.

@KetoPescatarian is there a place you get your fish from online that you recommend? I do find the quality in the grocery stores, even the higher end stores, is not always the best.

(Rebecca ) #23

Maybe once or twice a month. I do take Cod Liver Oil daily, too.


Happy Easter to you too Marianne. Both the farm and the butcher were actually shut today, should have realised they’d be closed Easter Sunday, but tomorrow the butcher is open as normal, and hopefully the farm will be too, do of course understand they want to take time off for Easter though. Yes, the difference is really great I feel between fresh farm pasture eggs and the eggs sold in the supermarked. I always thought I wasn’t that much of a fan of eggs, but when I tasted the pasture eggs, I certainly became one, I eat 4 eggs everyday, they work very well with liver, which is my first meal, as they mask the sweet taste of the liver. But I’ve actually come to like that liver taste now.

(Michael) #25

When I was eating higher protein , salmon and sardines daily. Currently each 1-2 times a week only since my freezer filled up when I ordered a quarter cow. I expect to eat each a few times per week once I have storage space again for the salmon.


I eat plain poached haddock twice a week I eat OMAD. The meal normally consists of beef burgers, sausage, bacon and eggs.

I eat it first and find that it fills me up much more than the meats. For this reason I think it’s a better source of protein. I have heard somewhere to eat protein first then fats.

If I’m still hungry after my meal without fish, I have fish and I’m full. It’s a great addition and I would recommend having it daily.

(Rossi Luo) #27

I bought lots of mackerel slices and put them in my fridge when I first time saw my high LDL after keto, at that time, I was so afraid of the LDL things, so I decided to eat fish instead of other meat.
After months, I have let that thoughts go, as I have believed high LDL means nothing to me and I think why do I believe fish meat is better than red meat? Because the classical medical theory says that unsaturated fat is better than saturated fat. Now, I am on the other side against the classical medical science, why should I continue believe fish is better than other meat?
So I gave up the idea of eating fish instead of red meat.

(Marion) #28

I eat fresh fish about 4 meals a week and oysters 2x week, prawns once a week-ish.

I am very careful about where the fish are wild caught and try to get a variety. We are fortunate in Australia there are some great fish.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #29

Love fish. Also had plenty pre Keto.
Fresh Salmon or Mackerel twice a week plus Tinned Sardines or Tuna once or twice a week. I did love Oysters and Mussels but had shocking food poisoning recently (restaurant) and it’s really rocked my confidence with them.
Also love Anchovies

(Rossi Luo) #30

Wonderful! It’s quite hard to get wild caught fish here in China, because we have a huge population, wild fish is not enough at all. I don’t know if the Mackerel slice I bought is wild caught, as I understand that sea fishes can’t be grown up in fresh water, so mackerel fish must be wild caught. Please correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t know much about the fish industry.

(Fast Freddy) #31

Sardines 4-5 times a week


I think eating fish can be a great way to incorporate lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids into your diet. As for me, I eat fish about twice a week as I have GERD and my diet is well-balanced (I also buy Motilium medication to treat this disorder). However, it’s important to be mindful of any dietary restrictions or health concerns. Before making any significant changes to your diet, it’s always a good idea to consult a doctor.


Fish is daily for me. I’m not joking, I love most fish.

Since upping my intake, I have noticed positive differences healthwise, but then again, this would co-incide with keto and dropping carbs out too.

My daily brunch breakfast might be sardines or mackerel, locally caught, no heavy metals.
I also like the shellfish, as you know.

Where I come from, we are a bit spoilt for quality wild sea/freshwater/produce.
The majority of that would be tourism fishing or export.

But one can still land a wild salmon after they are coming home. No bears here, just fishermen.


I managed to buy some smoked mackerel on sale… Oh if I visited that supermarket more than once in 2 months and I could get the stuff frequently, I am sure I would eat fish way more often. It is pure bliss every time…
I am not against fish every week or more often, it’s just lack of variety, my inability to eat lean protein (so many fishes are out) and the price. Well smoked mackerel is easily worth the price, it’s so flavorful, I don’t try to get satiated by it, it’s just a little joy :slight_smile: Well, a small amount of intense, great joy.


Mackerel and pilchards etc. are in abundance, so can be sustainably fished.

Hopefully prices stay low for them.


Oh that’s good news!

As it’s lean (but still tasty), I eat tuna maybe twice a year (and not since very long) but whenever I pick up a small tin, my SO starts to talk about overfishing…