How many eggs a day are too many?


I have it on good authority, that 33 eggs per day would not be a good idea.


34 is OK though…


Like everything in the food world, there is a duality. Too little, not good. Too many not good. Listen to your body and its functions. I love eggs, natures perfect food. I eat them only 2 ways, poached on top of homemade sour-dough rye bread smothered in grass-fed butter or slow cooked scramble. Not to worry.

(Mike W.) #44

In an omelet? 4. Deviled? 12 no problem :rofl:


I read somewhere to cook the eggs on low heat or soft boil them. Using high heat does something to the yolk that’s bad for you

(Jane) #46

I haven’t heard that before. I use my Instant Pot to boil eggs since the shells slide right off, even freshly laid eggs and it certainly isn’t low heat or a soft boil.

eta: but the yolks are never green so 6 min in an IP doesn’t “overcook” them.

(Allie) #47

Never heard that.

(Allie) #48

@MiKetoAF they always look so good, but I’ve never had the patience to prepare eggs this way.

(Geoffrey) #49

Define high heat and what about it makes the yolk bad? Eggs should not be cooked at 400° simply because it’s not the best way to cook an egg. Other than that I have never heard that it turns the yolk toxic.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #50

I believe it’s the sulphur in the yolk that causes the colour change, and if I’m remembering correctly, it’s actually a blueish-green colour, though I’m sure it looks different to everyone (and probably depends also on precisely what nutrients the hen had been eating).

Furthermore, the colour change simply looks a bit odd; it’s by no means toxic.

(Bob M) #51

For US “large” eggs, we use 1 cup water, 12 eggs in the basket we bought for the IP, 5 minutes on manual, then release the pressure and put the eggs into cold water (with ice cubes). That seems to work well.

Large eggs are about 50 grams, which I know because I still make chaffles from 3 eggs (about 150 grams), divided into two portions, about 75 grams each, then add around 60 grams of cheese to each portion. Put each portion into a “normal” (not small) waffle maker.