How many eggs a day are too many?

(Maj) #21

Very interesting. I consider my lean body mass to be just under third of my weight, around 55ish pounds. That means I would always be above limit.

(UsedToBeT2D) #22

Eat as many as your body likes.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #23

The easiest way is to see if it comes out in your breath. That’s a really good indication of too much protein.

I stand slightly corrected, by the way. Richard said that ammonia toxicity begins at 3.3 g/kg LBM:

(Maj) #24

Thank you for the info and link.

(Maj) #25

Thank you all for sharing you thoughts.

(Allie) #26

Depends how many you can eat before you’re sick of them… approaching my fourth year of keeping my own hens now and when I just had four, the eggs were a treat, likewise when I had five, then six… but now I have eighteen (and a rooster), it’s a challenge to find ways of using them up :rofl:


eat all you want but be wary in that they will never provide what dense red meat/even white meat protein/fat ratio can provide your body.

but if right now ya want 3-4 dozen per day, then eat them up! til ya change, as most of us do on a food that suits us, til it doesn’t :slight_smile:

(Rebecca ) #28

I think the most I have eaten in a day is 4. But I agree with eating the amount that appeals to you.

(Beth) #29

Just some anecdotal evidence to add here… I have chickens and a good friend of mine does as well, but… she cannot eat eggs. She ate them daily for quite a while and ended up developing an allergy to eggs and now she cannot have them at all. You definitely don’t want that to happen.


Now I need to know what happened in that film!! Did he eat the 50 eggs and win the bet?? :flushed:

(Allie) #31

I’ve known that happen to people who have consumed whey protein isolate every day too, end up allergic to it.

(Mark Rhodes) #32

36 eggs a day.

I always look to the old school bodybuilders who did all kinds of n=1. The Iron Guru who read Viljalmur Steffanson’s book on the Eskimo and an all meat an fat diet applied these principles to his bodybuilding and was noted as saying “eggs, liver or liver tablets and steak are more effective than steroids”

(Allie) #33

I just couldn’t eat that many… :nauseated_face:

(Bob M) #34

How do you even cook 36 eggs a day? Or bring home a week’s worth? 21 dozen is probably more than my store has on the shelf.

But if you can do it, more power to you.


… Long-term effects. It is impossible to design a long-term study. Mainly, because there is not enough time and too many variables. I personally would probably do a complete blood test and have my Dr. determine if anything was out of the norm AND if it was my egg consumption that was causing something that was out of the norm. 10 eggs per day do seem to be excessive. From an evolutionary point of view, we may have eaten 10+ or more on any given day, but not every day, maybe once in a while.

(Bob M) #36

You’ll never know. The current studies all use FFQs (food frequency questionnaires), which are basically near useless, even if given at reasonable intervals. (I see many studies where they give ONE of these and then look 10, 20, 30 years later; or two over 30 years.) Here’s an example of a FFQ:

I have no idea what to list for eggs. I don’t eat eggs often, but when I do, I eat a lot. I make 6+ egg omelettes, for instance. And lately, I’ve been making pickled eggs that I add to my lunches at work. How many eggs should I list? No idea. It varies by the week.

And anyone eating over 4 eggs is just “over 4”. You’ll never figure out what happens to those people who eat 8, 10, 20/day, relative to lower intakes.

(Maj) #37

Yes I think this is a good suggestion. I wish I knew what to target, as a regular blood test is likely designed to capture abnormalities that most of the time is apparent to individuals, unlike eating a type of food such as eggs, that is high in nutrition therefore whatever might or could accumulatively go up (in wrong direction), is hidden to an individual eating the food, for potentially long time, hence a targeted indicator examination, be it in blood or others, I would’ve thought, can be more helpful than regular list of indicators captured generically.

(Pat) #38

I read once to test your breath, lick the back of your hand and allow it to dry then sniff. I’ve tried it and it works. The masks we wear these days do a good job too :rofl:


Very easily…? My SO is currently cooking only 21 but just because we don’t need more right now. A bigger pot easily can contain 36 eggs and bam, 36 boiled eggs. But I couldn’t eat them all boiled (well okay, I would stop at 12 anyway, it’s my personal record. could do way higher with desserts though). I never tried to make very big scrambled eggs but a smallish, 5-6 eggs one is a few mins in my pan… Frying 36 eggs would take way less time than the normal lunch I make…

Or bring home a week’s worth?

I think about such things a lot… We typically go shopping once a month, it’s already has its difficulties… But of course it’s not enough for certain things and eggs are one of that. We buy eggs at least once a week and when it’s from the grocery, it’s typically 70-80 pieces. From the egg lady, simply all she has.
If one eats insane amounts of eggs, they may talk with the shop and order it so or go shopping more often. Most people do their shopping very often.

Once I saw a documentary about a bodybuilder family, the shopping for just breakfast was pretty serious…

Yes and we didn’t do anything a modern ketoers do nowadays… It doesn’t matter to me what was traditional, I only focus on my health and well-being. And without my eggs I am forced to eat carbs and my body doesn’t like that. I won’t accept a subpar life in fear about the very slim possibility of my eggs doing harm in the future. I am pretty sure they won’t anyway and it very seriously affects my behaviour…
Well, the last extremely eggy decade of mine was pretty great (except when I ate too much carbs) so maybe I will survive the next 7-8 very eggy decades as well. I will have more infos later but alas, they will be n=1 too.
Many eggs a day is the best I can do as far as I can tell. 10 eggs doesn’t seem so much to me but I often think about my huge luck that I can do it as indeed, eggs are precious rare things in the wild. And almost all non-herbivore loves it as it’s so good for nutrition.

(Todd Allen) #40

You aren’t supposed to cook them. For best effect the suggestion is to go raw. I think the meal plan went something like put in a blender a cup of heavy cream, a dozen eggs, a piece of fruit and salt to taste. Note that wasn’t the meal but a beverage and the goal was to work up to having 3 of those a day. And the meals are something like a pound or two or three of beef sometimes with a green salad. Note, this wasn’t a weight loss diet in case you were wondering.