How many eggs a day are too many?

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Recently I have found myself resorting to eating eggs for my lunch as well as breakfast, This is for some days of the week. I cook (emulsify) them with a generous amount of butter in a pan with some salt and pepper. I find it delicious, satisfying and still not boring even though it’s been a good few months. I eat eggs for breakfast on most days of the week and choose them for lunch to avoid eating cold food at work (warming them up slightly in microwave). But perhaps I should be wary of its long term effects.

Before I go ketogenic and then low carb which is over four years now, I had the same mentality of many, and that was eggs are bad and so and so. It is difficult to unlearn bad habits/knowledge than learn them.

Could anyone share a solid research that I can rely on to decide how many eggs a day are too many?


I doubt there is any research like that. Eggs are a favorite of mine as well and I eat at least 6 a day, most days. In my opinion, too many eggs would be when you are full or sick of them. :grin:


I would consider 20 too many but it depends on the person…
I dare say 10 is my limit in average as I tend to get bored of them beyond. I need other nutrients anyway, eggs are great but even they don’t have everything. Only meat is that magical as far as I know (but I get bored of that easier).

I eat 6-12 eggs since a decade at least, I can’t imagine lowering it would do good to my health as that would mean more carbs and my body subtly complains about that. I already eat as much meat as I can and when I have a low-meat day and raise dairy, I bump into my low limit early (I just don’t feel like to eat much, it’s not like I am not well)…
But I always liked eggs, they seem a very great food to me. Almost all not herbivore animals are into it and I don’t even eat most whites raw (biotin vs avidin, I don’t care about that as I eat way more yolks than raw whites).

I simply always eat them, for every meal. I usually have a 3+ course first meal and eggs are in most courses. Never saw any problem but we aren’t all the same…

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50 eggs is too many.


The record on egg eating contests is maybe 106? More? Not sure and I don’t want to search for it but some crazy number.

Of course our personal limits are usually very very different. I never ever went beyond 12 in a DAY though my (unknown, sadly) record for day and meal are very close…
Sometimes I fancy trying to break my (unknown but suspected) records but I get bored way too easily. And I stop when I can’t enjoy it… I only tracked 12 for a day not so long ago! And I think that was on a very low-meat carnivore day where I don’t have many options.
(I probably could go beyond with a good cake despite I am pretty bored with cakes after eating them a lot on keto and I am sure I had more than 12 yolks at some point, I just didn’t notice… Yolks are tiny and tasty. Very satiating too, though. And full with nutrients, of course.)

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Eggs have been disparaged by those who believe that saturated fat and cholesterol are bad for us, but even Ancel Keys’s research showed that our blood level of cholesterol has nothing to do with how much cholesterol is in our food. So if you enjoy eggs, then eating as many as you want is fine. But stop eating eggs when you stop enjoying them.


AND have some better alternative. Because I have carni days when I dislike meat and almost any food in existence and tolerate eggs. I eat eggs then. Joy is sometimes a luxury I can’t afford.
But in general, yes, let’s try to enjoy our food :slight_smile: It even may be helpful. I often get tempted by food I probably need. Sadly, it’s not always the case but I am still way better at this than the average person… Or even myself on high-carb… I liked most food.

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“How many eggs a day are too many?”

Depends largely on whether you’re eating them or laying them. :chicken:

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Yes it appears that 10ish is the number I eat if I have for breakfast and lunch and still enjoy them.

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Very true. Any relation between high level of uric acid and eating eggs frequently, perhaps? I heard it but it might be one of those myth. I wonder if an index to look out for when one gets blood work done.

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I must admit, red meat and eggs are the most tastiest :grin:.

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On this occasion I mean eating them. :grin:

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We have to eat eggs for lunch or dinner or we accumulate too many with 5 laying hens… even giving them away to the neighbors form time to time. Just rarely hungry when we get up now that we are keto.

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My guess is that it is the amount of protein contained in the amount of eggs you eat that makes the difference. I believe Richard Morris calculated the point at which ammonia toxicity is likely to begin at 3.1 3.3 g/kg of lean mass.

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Thank you. This makes it easier for me as it is a measurable index so I think I’m safe with, daily protein intake of 10 chicken :grin: eggs a day, along with a medium level of meat protein at dinner, such as a burger (with no buns of course :grin:). I would like to think that, body has a satiety-like mechanism to prevent one from eating too much protein, unless one is forcibly eating high amounts of it for no reason.

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If you notice ammonia on your breath, or people tell you that your perspiration smells of ammonia, you are definitely eating too much protein! :grin:

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Difficult to measure that one, I suppose, as others would probably won’t mention it, out of politeness. But I shall seek from people closed to me. The only time I had funny breath, was in the first six month or year of measurably eating ketogenic. These days I get a random day here and there with funny breath, which I find it strange other than I am temporarily going into nutritional ketosis.

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Or hatching them!

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He should recalculate that, or perhaps test it on real human beings. Assuming I’m 150 pounds of “lean mass”, that’s only about 211 grams of protein per day (150/2.2*3.1). Considering I often eat 150-160g for my first meal, I’m going to be above that threshold, easily. And many days, I’m above it. Pretty much every day, though there may be some when I’m not.

Is there any way to test ammonia?