How many calories when feasting?

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Am I going for half again as much as normal, or twice as much, or…?

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Why even consider calories? Just eat a little, rest then eat a little more until no longer hungry.

I do not understand where the “feasting” and piling in the calories idea has come from.

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Listen to your body.

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It’s how humans have evolved. After a successful hunt, our ancestors ate as much as they could because there was no refrigeration… so they had to make the most of it. Then they might not be able to eat for the next several days or longer so their bodies naturally fell into a ketogenic state. Feasting and fasting have been around since the dawn of man.

In a modern context, feasting reassures our body that famine is not a threat. I am able to go 24 hours or more very easily if I have a big meal of fat and protein before I start. Jason Fung and Thomas Delauer, among many others, talk about the benefits of feasting and fasting.

Eat as much as you can without feeling sick or stuffed. It might take a little practice to find your happy zone. I can say from trial and error that I can’t eat more than 2000 calories worth of fat and protein in one meal. Maybe it’s 1800 or less for you.

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I’ve just come off a 14 day fast. My understanding is that you’re supposed to “feast” afterwards, which would imply eating more than normal, to “rev up” your metabolism. I’m just trying to define “feasting”.

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Thanks for that. I didn’t know if there was some sort of formula to it regarding calories. Like, I normally eat 1,200 to 1,500. I could probably get in 2,000 if I tried, but likely not much more. Will just have to find some high-fat recipes.


I don’t count calories, haven’t for about 3 years now. When I come off a fast, I eat as I normally do, relax and eat what makes you feel satisfied and get on with life. The less stressing about how you eat the better.

Feasting and Fasting is just a way of saying, eat then don’t eat, then eat.

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@Sharon_E Just realize that your digestive system might be a bit rusty after a 14 day hiatus. Take it slow and see how your body reacts before piling it in. Thomas Delauer recommends bone broth after a fast to help restore the gut mucosal layer and rouse the digestive juices. Give it at least 10-15 minutes after the BB before you start eating solids.

I never had any problem breaking a fast but I’ve heard anecdotal evidence suggesting that some people do.

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I broke the fast yesterday morning. I ate about a pound of catfish this morning. I think I’m good to go. :grin:

I just didn’t know if there was a calorie goal (based on gender, height, weight, etc), that I should be setting for feast days.

I get it now. Just eat the highest fat and protein foods that I can until full.

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You got it. :cut_of_meat::bacon::poultry_leg::fried_egg::avocado::cheese:

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There’s too many variables for a set number or calories to work for everyone. Only our leptin hormone knows how much is enough or too much.