How long after starting Keto did you "feel" like fasting?

(Kirk Wolak) #42

You sound a little bit like me.
I have to ask if you have chronically low Vitamin D? If so, you could have inflammation issues.
Those drain your energy.

Next, the over-eating between fasting. My suggestion is that fasting should be a natural step in the progression. If you don’t need to do it. Don’t.

Focus on NATURAL FOODS (not processed). Eat until comfortably full. Eat your protein, then fat, then vegetables. Avoid processed meats, and seed oils. Get a clean foundation.

Give that like 30-90 days.

Then the trick we learned with Dr. Fung was called “Fat Fasting”. Where you pick one food. Sardines. No seasonings added… And you eat them whenever you are hungry. As much as you want. That’s it. That water, black coffee. No soda, no artificial sweeteners, no dairy. Do 3-5 days of just that one food.

You should eventually fast naturally. you get bored with the monotonic taste, and you stop craving “experience or high” from the food. And you eat for nutrients. Plus it satiates. Doesn’t trigger hunger.
And that amount of protein prevents muscle loss.

If you can do that for 3-5 days, and not skip a meal… You are AMAZING. Try cycling to that, once a month, or once every 8 weeks.

When I eat that way, I realize that “KETO” is loaded with “fake foods” if you are not careful. My father just passed, and I’ve been using them as a crutch. Don’t ask me to fast right now. But normally, fasting is easy for me. it would be way too much right now.

But I wont eat this food in 1 week. in fact, I will do a sardine based 3-5 days when I get back home to reset myself, followed by a weekend of fasting and sauna. That should kick me back a bit into the proper cycle.

Finally, CONSIDER cycling. Your diet does not have to be fixed one way for life. I plan to cycle between carnivore, keto-vore, Keto. Over the next 9 months as I try to become “SKINNY”. A weight I have not seen since 10thg grade in high school. It was my fathers weight at roughly his height when he was the healthiest. So, it seems like a fair goal. I assume 9 months to get there, and 12 months once there, learning to maintain it. Then I will go from there.

Good luck!

(Denise) #43

I’ve just now, after 11 months on Keto, have decided to focus more on “intermittent” fasting which the dictionary says intermittent means: occurring at irregular intervals; not continuous or steady. I like that everyone has their own choice of “types” of fasting, and I just see intermittent as best for me at this point. I learn, grow, and sometimes change my mind on what is best for me.

Right now, like today, I haven’t eaten food, only coffee, 2 cups, for15.5 hours. That just comes easy for me. But my new goal for today is to put some hours between meals, and I don’t feel they need to be the same times, same meals. I’ve just read so many times in Keto info that they suggest intermittent so I’ll go with that to start.