How long after starting Keto did you "feel" like fasting?


Try to trust your own experience and what you have written here. Your body and brain seem to be telling you that fasting is not a good idea for you personally right now. For the very good and logical reason that it leads to voracious hunger and obsessive thoughts about food, and that you have noticed it seems to have messed up your actual hunger signals. I say this with as much kindness as possible: it seems like you do not want to accept this feedback from your mind and body. Why? Do you believe there is a “more perfect” way to do keto? Could you see yourself accepting “just” eating keto, without having to master the discipline of fasting also?

For me personally (and I am not saying this is true of everyone, or even most people) going too hard on this type of perfectionism, especially such that I’m regularly hungry and wanting more, leads to disordered eating and a cycle of bingeing and purging that leaves me fatter and less happy than ever.

Be careful with yourself and take good care.

(Marianne) #22

I’d finish them and then make your own. I wouldn’t think you are eating enough quantities on any given day to be that detrimental.

I never made my own mayo. Too involved for me, and I discovered that I can easily live without it. The few times I make deviled eggs, I use regular mayo and don’t sweat it. I don’t use very much at all and am not going to throw the baby out with the bath water worrying about a negligent amount of bad oil. When I eat them, I’ll have two, three or four halves, which to me, doesn’t amount to enough mayo to be concerned about - for me, anyway. I gave up eating tuna with mayo, but again, if I wanted some, I’d use as small a dollup as possible and not sweat it.

When I was eating salad, I had made my own blue cheese dressing - very easy. I used whipping cream, blue cheese crumbles, salt (I found it takes a lot), pepper and a little lemon juice. Use a hand mixer to whip it, and it gets a nice consistency like dressing.

(Laura) #23

I tried making blue cheese dressing in the blender and it was fine until I added garlic cloves… Then it curled. I’m going to try it your way!

(Bob M) #24

I always thought this was good (without the parsley):

Easy to make, too.

I usually don’t eat blue cheese dressing much, now. Only on wings, and even then I like Ranch a bit better.

I’ve gotten away from a higher fat diet, though.


Great thread and alot of great info in it for you :slight_smile:

No on the fasting for you :wink:, your food choice intake is what ‘will change’ what you want changed but time is a monster factor in it of course.

You said you got a ‘pot belly’ you want gone?

so what food are you eating? What is your normal daily intake of your choices on your Keto Plan?

and after seeing if what you are eating could be your ‘gut issue’ and going maybe against you, then it is now time to play the game of elimination and ‘feel you thru the food’ you do eat.

in other words once ya tell us a normal day of food, how you feel on it and if you are hungry, eating is key to healing :slight_smile: then we can maybe give some more info on the ‘pot belly’ you want gone being as slim as you are for your height and also know that time on keto will change your body but if some foods you eat won’t help that? then we might be able to ‘see more’ for recommendations?

It is fab you are in no hurry cause darn eating/lifestyle changes and body changes won’t happen in a hurry on our timeline for sure but time pays off for all of us when it work it well to suit each of us! :slight_smile:

So what ya eating? go from there is best…

(Bob M) #26

Hmmm…why is that link to diet doctor so huge?


yea it is a monster LOL
who knows on the net when ya link up a link :clown_face:

(Jane) #28

Looks good. My husband likes blue cheese dressing so I may make this for him.

I chuckled when I read it had 4 servings. With 1-3/4 cups of mayo, yogurt and cream? LOL

(Marianne) #29

If you want a little garlic taste, I’d add some garlic powder. Again, I don’t think it would be enough to detrimental. I was also going to suggest a couple of teaspoons of Worcestshire, but there may be a few on here who frown on that. There may be carbs in Worcestshire, but again, I never sweated it, the amount of dressing I would eat at any one time.

(Bob M) #30

Well, I find serving sizes to be laughable a lot of times. Saw a recipe for chocolate keto ice cream, which I kept for possible future use. The serving size? 1/2 cup. Who eats 1/2 cup of ice cream?

Back when I was an ice cream-o-holic, a pint was a normal serving. (A pint = 2 cups = 4x1/2 cup, for those not using this system.) Even now, when I rarely eat any ice cream (regular or keto), that’s probably still my “serving size”. If I get ice cream, I usually buy it out at a place and eat whatever they give me, but it’s usually 2 scoops, which is probably near a pint.


I can vote I never would eat 1/2 cup of anything, especially ice cream LOL
so true…serving sizes of ‘what is now food to date’ is wild and wooley but who in the heck every truly read it or cares.

My personal ice cream back in the day…1/2 gallon one day, finish if off the next day …ugh HA

(Bob M) #32

I could see that!

This is why if I want to have ice cream, I prefer to go out and get some. This way, I get a certain amount, eat it, but there’s none coming home with me.

And, if we buy ice cream “cake” for a special event like a birthday, we try to buy a small one that we (my family of 5) can finish in one sitting. This way, there’s none leftover.


yea I get that and sure understand.

food is ‘not a treat’ anymore-- it is 24/7 available but old days ya made ice cream on the front porch a few times a year and it was special…smart to make ‘going out for ice cream’ as super special a way of life vs. buying the gallons and inhaling them on demand

(Laura) #34

I read of a famous explorer in the early 20th century (I forget his name), who when he traveled through Africa carried a crate of Worcestshire sauce, “without which he found life unbearable.”

(Old Baconian) #35

Yeah, two servings, more likely, lol!

(Laura) #36

Such helpful comments! I think I will liken my keto goals to the way I used to treat running: Have fun with very achievable, non-intimidating short-term goals, build on those within the body’s comfort level, learn to listen to the body, and enjoy steady progress. Little bits of progress compound in the long term, which is fun. That approach was extremely successful for my running. I started out easy, but not lazy, and always built from there. I moved to the top of my team and got a college scholarship and eventually got discovered by an Olympic coach, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. I never ran to discomfort, and never felt deprivation. Instead, I only did things you might describe as extreme or painful after I was what I’d call distance-adapted, and at that point it was some kind of fun. Everything I did, I’d either done before, or come close to doing before. Steady and consistent. In fact, trouble for my foot only came decades later, after I started thinking in the short-term: “Must be a certain level of fitness by NEXT WEEK.” And that’s the pressure that fasting seems to bring (to me).

It’s good to hear that people continue get health results after 6 months, 12 months, et c. I feel that taking the gradual route is meaningful with keto (unlike with lots of diets).


Do you sweat during the night?

(Laura) #38

I don’t, and never have (except right after childbirth).


It doesn’t matter much… People have different energy needs (and even their stats and activity levels can’t tell how much they need, there are personal factors)… And having a bigger lunch says little, I have days with a bigger lunch and tiny other meals. And some people have tiny OMAD meals, it’s wrong, of course… I wouldn’t worry before my weight started to go into a very bad direction - and even then, I would just tweak something, not worrying :wink:

Oh you poor soul, eat protein then! Focus on health, not on your weight now…
(I ate high protein as a vegetarian too. HOW anyone eats little - except maybe people on some very special vegan diets -, I can’t even comprehend. But meat has that wonderful satiety thing after a while, stop sign, it makes things easier for many of us.)

I always eat less than that - but my keto ice cream is quite rich… And I use ridiculous amounts for many things sometimes :smiley: The carbier the item, the tinier the amount, it worked for me on keto and I still do it on carnivore-ish… Of course, it doesn’t work for everything (just almost) and definitely not for everyone… But 120ml ice cream is a rather big amount for me. It’s decent from any ice cream… My family really eat a lot but a box of ice cream (IDK, 1 liter?) is for multiple persons for multiple times, multiple “portions” at a time…
(My SO came and said it’s small for him but 2 cups are too much. But even he eats little from my ice cream. But always with cake.)

I ate 2-3x 1-1kg of watermelon a day though, on high-carb and on my few watermelon-y days per year :smiley: But that’s just sugary water :smiley: And I never understood why it was considered great for dieting… WHO on earth eats <100g watermelon a day (and that still would negatively affect my fat-loss goals)? Some people, yes, I know, I can eat 12g myself but it took a lot of time on carnivore first, disliking watermelon and having an SO who loves it and buys it. And I only did that once and it’s not really worth it… I ate bananas on keto, way better. I eat meat now, even better though I can’t live on it alone…

But serving sizes really don’t make sense, everyone is different. I can’t comprehend such things, actually, no idea why they are used (the companies can’t even play with carbs per serving size here as we don’t use that kind of labeling).

I understand eating ALL the desserts too (though I changed… but I had that for very long). That’s why I never made very much of them…

Things may continue to change for the better… Especially when you find your sweet spot and problem items and the opposite of them… Sometimes tweaking is needed and sometimes it happens a long time after going keto. Just because some other people’s keto doesn’t work so well for you, keto may be for you just somewhat differently, with other food choices, maybe timing…

(Bob M) #41

I think it depends on what triggers a person. I got fat eating ice cream, in part. It’s still a trigger for me, which is why I stay away (and haven’t made keto ice cream…yet; might try some for the holidays, though, so I can eat “ice cream” while everyone else does). I avoid except for special occasions.

I also get triggered by nuts – I can eat handfuls of them with no problem. Bacon, too. So, I put these on my “only every once in a great while” list.