How in the world... dissolve swerve

(Charles Keezer ) #1

I am trying to make some Keto chocolate using Swere… how do you get it to dissolve?

Ingredients; cocoa butter, cocoa powder, swerve

(G. Andrew Duthie) #2

I assume you’re applying heat?

Do you have an immersion blender? I haven’t tried that, but might help.

(Charles Keezer ) #3

Yes to the heat, No to the blender


If you’re not doing tempered chocolate, add something in liquid form such as HWC, or even melted coconut oil. If you’re starting over, get the Swerve melted in the medium and add that to the cocoa butter and powder.

If you’re trying to create a tempered chocolate, adding HWC will make it impossible to temper later.


I’d like to know, too. I made fat bombs last week and they were good but gritty from the swerve.

(Charles Keezer ) #6

I don’t even know what tempered chocolate is :frowning:
I will need to do some more research. I did try to add hwc but that just made it congeal and separate


If you’re trying to salvage the existing batch with HWC, it’s probably not enough to absorb all the powders.

Tempered chocolate needs to be heated, cooled and reheated and the result is a chocolate that doesn’t melt in your hands easily and snaps like commercial chocolate.

What you’re making is more like a ganache that will remain more like a liquid unless chilled which is typical of most home-made chocolate.

You can find other ways to mix the ingredients and even though the one below doesn’t use cocoa butter, the essence is to heat the liquid base, HWC in this case, and add the powders and then you can add your melted cocoa butter.

I did this recently by gently heating some HWC, adding the Swerve (and stevia), then the cocoa powder and finally included the melted cocoa butter. I played around with using coconut oil instead of HWC and it didn’t have the chocolate flavor I was looking for.


I used coconut oil, peanut butter, cocoa powder and swerve. The coconut oil and peanut butter were melted in the microwave first then I mixed in swerve and cocoa powder. Must not have had enough melted base??

(Jane Reed) #9

If your liquid ingredients are not very hot, the sweetener may not dissolve sufficiently. Try letting it sit for several hours or overnight in the liquid mixture, that is usually enough for it to dissolve.

(Kathy Meyer) #10

They make the powdered version of Swerve – maybe that will be better?

(Michael Virtue) #11

I’m not on the Keto diet but I work with people that are and I used to be a chef and I always make treats and they would always voice their disappointment that they couldn’t eat them. So I ventured down the Keto experiment road. I too ran into the dissolving problem but I came up with a great solution. I made a swerve simple syrup, water and swerve. U just cook it til it’s dissolved then cook it. You have to reheat it (before uses) because it hardens, however, you don’t get that grainy texture. I made a chocolate bacon peanut butter fat bomb and everyone loved it. Hey didn’t expect to but they did.

(Full Metal Keto) #12

I would recommend trying allulose instead of swerve, it behaves more like regular sugar in simple syrup and it also caramelizes. A bit more spendy but it works. Superior for baking and candy making.

(Jennifer Gildea) #13

Chocolate Bacon Peanut Butter Fat Bombs? Can you share a recipe? That sounds amazing!

(Michael Virtue) #14

Thanks for the tip. Swerve definitely does not behave like normal sugar, so that’s some useful info. Appreciate it


Definitely agree with using a powdered version. I put my erythritol into a grinder and turn it to powder before adding to cooking. It definitely gives smoother results and stops it from recrystalising.

(Full Metal Keto) #16

The fine powder erythritol is great for cookies and stuff like that. But I guarantee it will recrystalize in a liquid solution if it reaches beyond the saturation point of the liquid. For distilled water 1p erythritol:2p water. If you go beyond that point crystals will form as it cools.


use powdered (confectioner) swerve. Also, baker’s chocolate will settle MUCH better than cocoa powder, I learned this after a few experiments!

(Helen Taylor) #18

My brownies are too, and it’s bothering me. I’ll heat up the coconut fat a bit more next time and drop the xyrithritol in there, and stir till it’s melted. Also noticed that any sweetener doesn’t dissolve, it’s not heating up like normal sugar does so is not cooking the cake from the middle out, so they take longer than normal.

(Kirsten Landon) #19

I have made fat bombs using the granulated and powdered Swerve. The taste is fine with powdered; however, the flavor is slightly changed from when I use the granulated. It also changes the color. I don’t mind the grainy texture too much so, for me, it’s almost worth using it to avoid the difference in taste.