How eating Keto affects a woman's hormones and her monthly visitor

(Edith) #61

I am 51 and definitely in the throws of perimenopause. My periods have been about every 3 to 3 1/2 weeks for the past half year. I am on my second period since starting keto. I didn’t even know it was coming. Usually I spot a few days before and I get very tender breasts. This time, no spotting, no breast tenderness, and 28 days since my last one. I did have some cramps but not too bad. So, keto or my stage in life? Don’t know. I am already curious to see what happens next month.


(Debra Arlow Powell) #62

I am 42 and as far as I know I am not pre-menopausal but I do have a DR’s appt. on the 24th. I have been Keto for about 2 years. I experienced a few missed periods last year and I have always been a very 28 day regular cycle kind of gal. I thought maybe menopause was setting in so I went to the DR for tests. Turned out I wasn’t…and started my period a few weeks later. Once again I was regular. Fell off the keto wagon during the holidays and after having several personal and family set backs early in the year I just wasn’t able to keep myself on track 100%. I have now been back on track pretty much 100% Keto and working out 6 days a week since April. My last period was in March. So that is 3 missed periods now which has caused me to make another DR’s appt. Now that I am reading this back and all the other info I am thinking it is Keto related but obviously with my age you can never be too sure.

(Kate) #63

Since Keto I have been more regular. At the time of starting I hadn’t had my period for 4 years (after having my daughter and bread feeding). I had PCOS so it was normal for me to go a few months without them. One thing I did notice was they were a bit more painful than previous and (TMI) heavier. I recently had an ultrasound and it show no sign of PCOS. The technician even asked me who told you you had it? I told him I had been diagnosed 3 separate times in the last 17 years (2 ultrasounds and a CT and blood work by a gyno, a Dr and my Endo). Keto has regulated a lot of my hormones back to ‘normal’ levels.

(In a #ketomarriage with @peggaloon) #64

No advice with the symptoms - but my first cycle on keto was horrid. It was just sooooo heavy. I’m a year since that cycle (so 12 - 13 cycles) and my period is so much lighter. Each period since July last year has really improved in symptoms and heaviness of flow. Keep it up ladies, I’m proof it gets easier.

(Back story - my cycles before keto was so revolting. I had to take really strong pain killers, had PMS, went on the Pill to make them lighter)

(Extra tidbit - I learned it was because of my late great uncle the Pill came to Australia! Can you believe it?)

(Deen2016) #65

I’m having a second period in less than 2 weeks.
3 months into Keto. Have your cycle settled down yet?

(Deen2016) #66

I’m 41 I’m also 28 day cycle periods come on time. I’ve been on keto since may first month I was a week early second month same now the third month I’ve had my period twice in less than two weeks. I will too make a doctors appointment to get checked out.

(Jillian) #67

I don’t want to be negative about it because each person has their own experience… but my n=1 Will tell you it was a 2 year nightmare!!! I still had to take oral bc because of all the spotting and cramping, had reactions to 3 different pills, face broke out in rashes. The first year the cramps were worse than most pcos issues. I had completely unpredictable periods (super sexy when you’re in a New relationship. Think embarrassing Ruining hotel sheets!). Then in the end… It was a giant ordeal to get it removed. I had to get a trans vaginal ultrasound to find it was jusy a little tipped. So much pain with the cramping!!! I could never recommend it based on my experience.

(Clara Teixeira) #68

I’m 30 and 13 weeks keto. Currently in my 4th keto menstruation. It has been awful. Migraines and heavy flow the first 2 days then suddenly its over. Hoping it all evens out eventually. Until then I am considering going back to my doc and asking for migraine meds to get me through. I was warned keto periods could be bad. Honestly I can deal with it ok because all the other bonuses of this woe has made it worth it.

(Deen2016) #69

Hi I’ve been on keto for 3 1/2 months and I’ve had my period 3 times in less than a month. Has your period finally settled? Is it back to normal?

(Josephine Boulter) #70

My period used to be horrific I would have to crawl to the bathroom I am 33.5 years old and have suffered with pcos facial hair weight gain all the fun things. Turning Keto three months the most recognisable difference is that I have what som would call a normal period I am a little uncomortable but I know live a normal life. I am just waiting for the weight loss to come

(Vanessa) #71

So… I’m on month 4 of keto, I had my period before starting and haven’t had one since. I’m 35, 5’3", my weight is about 125-130 lbs. I had regular periods before, but terrible cramps. Was taking a low-dose BC to help with cramps but I stopped taking it last year. My cycle went back to normal until I started Keto. Nothing since then. Is this something expected? I don’t feel bad at all, no pain, my energy levels are great, I track my calorie intake to make sure I’m eating enough and I consume nutrient rich food that I cook myself. Anyone experienced this? Should I see a doctor?

(Edith) #72

You may want to check out the Keto for Women Show podcast #3. In it, Shawn Mynar discusses hormones and hormonal balance. I’ve really been enjoying her podcasts.


(Carey) #73

Checking in ladies. So I have had irregular and very light periods for last few years. As a result I have had little to register that I am going through PMS or shark week. I can’t say that keto has helped my symptoms because they have grown so dim anyway.

However since Keto (April '17) I have become regular again though very light cycle. I thought THE change was imminent for me and perhaps it is. Still it seems to be evidence of hormonal healing yay!

Anyway I noticed for the first time that PMS apparently squelches my ketones. I was at .4 last night which was the first time <.5 since I first got into ketosis. I was wondering if it was time to mix things up w my macros when this morning - bam! Period started and I am at 1.9 after work today. I am so fascinated at this because now I see the pattern over the past 2 months but before my cycle improved (healing) there was no correlation to observe. Cool stuff.


I have endometriosis (diagnosed with a laparoscopy). I’ve had one period since starting keto and it was a really nice one. Less pain, better flow.

Over the years, I’ve honed in on what works to manage endo. NO inflammatory foods, especially sugar. No nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant). Little to no dairy.

Acupuncture. Maya massage.

And a homeopathic called “Repro-Female”.

(Kevelyn Davis) #75

Im experiencing the same thing u are…6 weeks in keto…2nd cycle started 1 so early and has been going almost 2 weeks very heavy, very cranky and very bloated. I’ve always taken back and im still taking them but the bleeding overpowers the pill. Idk whats going on but I’m not giving up

(J Conrad) #76

Hi there,

I recently listened to an episode of The Keto Diet podcast dealing with just this topic. It was very informative. I bought the book mentioned, Womancode by Alisa Vitti. She discusses what types of supplements you can use to balance out your hormones. She also has an app to help track your cycle. Her website has a lot of programs that seem extremely spendy. So far reading the book has been good for learning how the endocrine system works. I’m on my second month of keto and experiencing a lot of menstrual changes. I found a lump this month, but am fairly certain it’s a cyst. I will have it checked and hopefully my doctor doesn’t try to put me on the pill.

(Charity Machiela) #77

Me too!!!

(Cathy Schroder) #78

I think that it’s the little physical things like this that helped convince me that keto was doing something positive. Pretty impressive!

(Edith) #79

Hi Everyone,

I am having my third “shark week” since starting keto. This month has been similar to last month: absolutely no pms, no pre-spotting, 28 days on the dot. But, this time I am hungry all the time! After a big keto meal I am hungry again two hours later. I mean shaking hungry!

I’ve also noticed my morning blood sugar levels are higher. I am not diabetic. My blood sugar was even up three hours after eating something with no carbs.

I know if the body is stressed for glucose it will release cortisol so it can make some glucose. I’m wondering if that’s why my glucose levels might be up: shark week induced stress.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

(Sophia Dupree) #80

I’m about maybe 3 weeks into full keto and this is my first AF. It is oddly heavy to the point where I was like, should I be worried? But maybe this is normal with keto? I think I am going to add a banana to my diet this week and see if the extra carbs and potassium help. I don’t care if I get kicked out of ketosis.