How eating Keto affects a woman's hormones and her monthly visitor

(Crystal ) #41

This is my first cycle since starting Keto 3 wks ago.
I have a copper IUD (I had one for 5 years, then got another one 1 year ago) so my periods usually last 7 days - a day of light, 2 days heavy, spotting dag, then 2 more days of light. Like clockwork.
THIS time, my period came a week early, and I had 2 days of light and now I’m on day 4 of heavy and I’m exhausted. I know it’s hormones levelling out and I’m hopeful my periods will get better each time, but right now I’m in pain and tired of the heavy flow and need someone to virtually hug me and tell me it’s normal when starting Keto lol
Anyone else not (pre) menopausal remember their first periods on keto? Was yours heavy too? How long did they last? And how long before they “normalized”?
Thanks ladies :purple_heart:


Very helpful information! Thank you!

(jketoscribe) #43

I’d say give it a week or two and see how you’re feeling then. I have pcos and I went through the menopause transition on keto and found it very easy. I did have lots of hot flashes but increasing omega 3 fats helped a lot.

(Suz Farrugia) #44

Hi girls,
I’m NOT pre-menopausal, been having a lot of issues getting regular cycles for the last 12 mths since I’ve been stumbling through a keto woe. I’ve got an implanon, plus another oral contraceptive to try and manage my cycles but it’s been a bit nuts. The last few months I’ve hardly been keto (more off than on) and my cycle had improved, but now it’s back to fortnightly. I’m thinking I’ll ride it out for another couple of months to see if it settles down, planning to also get into some better keto routines/habits.

(Lori Calhoun) #45

I posted this on another tread, but I have had my Mirena for 4 years now, and spotted almost every day of it, but did not have regular cycles. My “times of the month” were just like Lolo’s. So the spotting was a well worth not having those issues. But now, 5 mo into Keto (first 3 months were great) I am hit with the same Full Blown visits from Aunt Flo… But instead of every 3-6 months, they are every month. The doctor says it is unlikely the IUD has been dislodged, but going in to have an ultrasound to check. Please keep updating here so I can find out if these will subside the longer I am in Keto… I love it and everything else is wonderful. but damn…!!..

(eat more) #46

thanks to all who have posted in this thread
i was freaking out a little that i had a period last week…stopped for like 4 days…started again

reading your comments has helped :blush:

it’s just fat cells emptying and me getting all of my fat in right? :joy:

(Erin Munich) #47

I’ve been keto for 4 weeks and it’s been 6 weeks since I’ve had my period. No pregnancy chance- husband is fixed. I’ve felt some of the cravings of PMS but I’ve had no bleeding. Is that normal? Can keto play with the hormones that bad?

(Beth Voigt) #48

I’m 4 weeks into Keto. I had my period the week before I started and 3 days in I started my period again and I’ve had it the rest of the month. I’m 45 and have had 4 kids. I’ve been on the pill for 2-3 yrs and I’m still taking it. I’ve never bled before when taking the pill. I was starting to freak out a bit until I realized other women’s periods have been funky who follow the Keto WOE. Has anyone else experienced anything similar to mine?? I’m so over it!!

(Beck) #49

I’m on the mirena (coil) and keto has also affected my periods. I now get spotting very regularly when I used to go for months without anything.

I’m hoping that the hormones will level themselves out soon, just giving it time.

(Mary Ann) #50

This happened to me. A few weeks into keto and on BC pill for years–I bled for only 1 day. Very odd for me. It stopped as fast as it started. I’m 41/no kids.

The hormone regulation must take a while to adjust.

(Beth Voigt) #51

I would much rather have your issue!! This 3+ week period and still going strong is getting on my nerve!! Any idea how to regulate it faster? lol

(Crystal ) #52

Does anyone have info about keto with birth control?
I ask because: keto is supposed to regulate hormones, but how can it do that when you’re taking a hormonal product?
I have an iud but it’s NON hormonal (i’ve had horrible dealings with hormonal-based contraceptives in the past) and my period is slowly starting to regulate.
This is only my second period on Keto and it’s less painful, less heavy, and less brain fog. I’m curious to see how this continues to improve, but it makes me wonder if it’s more difficult for the body to regulate itself with outside hormones being used.
Any docs/experts available to weigh in?

(Lori Calhoun) #53

Just a quick update. Seems my IUD has been “expelled”. I thing my body is trying so hard to get to a normal state it is getting rid of ALL the junk… hehe.

(KB Keto) #54

(Sorry, I couldnt resist)

(Crystal ) #55

oh snap! I wonder if that will happen to me…
(i’m considering removing it…)


Started Keto in January and have been spotting off and on since about three weeks into it. The spotting only subsides when I eat too many carbs. I take birth control continuously and am used to only having periods when I plan them. I think birth control and Keto may not be a good combination for me. I want to get off hormones and see if that helps, but i’m a lil scared of the IUD. Anyone have success with the copper IUD and Keto?

(Wendy Shank) #57

I am in the midst of menopause, age 55, and have been on HRT 1.5 years, which is working well to relieve hot flashes and accompanying anxiety, brain fog, foul mood, low libido (period had about stopped, but the flashes and anxiety were killing me). Of course I gained 5 lbs in a year of HRT and nothing would change that, even running more, careful eating. One week in on the LCHF, I started a very light period which has continued to today (2.5 weeks in) even though I continue to take the HRT. Given the expense of the HRT and my general misgivings about HRT, and some of your hopeful posts about keto helping with menopause symptoms, I am going to discontinue it and watch what my body does on this new WOE. I can deal with some weird spotting and occasional periods as long as I feel good (no bad cramps, minimal hot flashes, no anxiety surges – these I will not tolerate!) I will update this if I find anything helpful to post here, or perhaps start a separate thread for us transitioning ladies specifically on this topic!

(Crystal ) #58

I currently have one.
I had one for 5 years, then got a new one put in last year or 2 years ago I forget :thinking:

My period has changed. It’s not worse or necessarily better in terms of flow, but different! (my heavy days are not day 1-3 anymore, more like dfay 3-5)
The only thing I can say with certainty is it’s WAY less painful (I don’t pop pain killers anymore, I can usually get through without any), though it lasts alot longer. More spotting for a few days after. Probably around 10-11 days total. I’m hopeful my hormones are still adjusting and I’ll continue to get better periods. If I don’t see shorter duration in the next 2 cycles, I’ll have my iud removed. STILL HOPEFUL!

(Dottie Mazzerati) #59

This is crazy. I’m on week 3 of a keto diet and am having terrible physical PMS symptoms. My lower back always hurts right on cue a week before “shark week” (ha ha), the pain is usually bad but tolerable. This month the pain is excruciating and I’m having full pelvic cramps as well. I’m 20 months postpartum from my first child and no joke one of my boobs was leaking yesterday! I haven’t BF since 4 months bc I had no milk. This is intense! I’ve lost about 5lbs in 7 days (did a 7 day surge exercise program and started keto) and I’m still about 50lbs overweight so there’s probably a lot of estrogen flowing. Hopefully this will even out as time goes on. Checking in here has def made me feel better.

Has anyone found any vitamin supplements that help? I’m currently take D3, iron, glutathione and all the Bs.


I found water retention about a week before my period has become a lot worse than before Keto - I now easily put on 6-10 lbs during that time :tired_face:. The period as such has not changed.