How eating Keto affects a woman's hormones and her monthly visitor

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Hi! I’m currently in the same boat. I’m about 3 weeks into keto with first AF and bleeding heavily. Period also came early. I’m hoping its a normal 7 day week and doesn’t last much longer than that. Did yours end up getting better?

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Kind of? haha
I was on birth control WAY too early and for far too long - i think my body has alot of healing to do before my periods will get “normal”. I’m still spotting for a few days after but they ARE getting less painful and shorter for sure.
I’ll keep this thread posted as I KCKO! :blush::facepunch:t2:

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Hi thanks for this sounds like a great podcast I need woman advice

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There is a ton of info on Keto benefits for oncology patients in general on the web. In a nut shell, benefits are tremendous since cancer cells feed of sugar / glucose to live and can’t reprogram like normal cells to fuel of fat instead. The result- stoping cancer from developing further or even clearing of it completely!!! Even brain cancer in a teenage boy, who had negative for over three years since getting rid of it for the first time after being on Keto for a few month.

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Are u measuring your urine or blood ketones? Urine reading will always be higher after a meal. Especially, if you are overdoing carbs or protein. Excess protein will be converted to glucose. Once your body gets “extra”, it thinks not needing ketones more for fuel and dumps them into urine stream. Blood Ketones actually show the level available to fuel brain activity, etc

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I’m wrapping up my 5th week of keto, second cycle about to begin. I’ve had negative keto stick readings for the last 2 days–will see if keto stick readings return to positive after my cycle starts. It’s possible that keto sticks no longer work for me, but I’ve read, in a few different places, that keto stick readings can go negative during PMS. Definitely noticing bloating and cravings which I think weren’t as pronounced when I was eating more carbs, as carbs cause their own bloating and craving symptoms and it all kind of blurred together. My PMS symptoms stand out more now than they did before. Curious to see how my cycle plays out.

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Thnx, but that was not exactly my concern. I was wondering whether keto was the right diet for women that were treated for oestrogen sensitive breast cancer (I’m sorry I don’t know the correct English term), since keto seems to upregulate hormones like oestrogen and progesteron. Which are hormones you do not want, in that case. I hope I made myself clear :slight_smile:

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Im nor sure where to put this question- I have been keto for a little over 4 months and usually when I lose weight i lose in my boobs first. I have lost 18lbs and inches and my boobs are BIGGER. Its weird. I am not upset at all- but I thought it strange. ANyone else?

(Edith) #89

No, unfortunately the boobs have shrunk along with the rest of me. Sigh.


I’ve been Keto for 2.5 years and have not had a period since the 2nd month after I started. I have never been on any form of BC. My period had been very regular but horrible cramps as well, plus aggressive PMDD. Now I have none of that, which is great, but no one, and I mean NO ONE, has been able to figure out why my period disappeared. If you figure anything out, please let me know!!


Had VERY heavy and long-lasting periods for 3 years before keto. On keto, I have returned to normal (or even “light normal” periods). Seems like the whole complicated “dance” of my hormones has been aided by keto.

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I have been on keto for close to 3 months. I havent had a period since i started keto. My peroids use to be awful. Severe cramps, heavy bleeding and horible depression.

When i was 32 (im 38 now) i did low-carb high fat, for 4 months before my wedding (several days of fat fasts). I didnt have a peroid until,after i started eating carbs, after the wedding.

My gynecologist back then told me not to worry about. But i still wonder what causes this, especially since it seems like almost every women on this site has the opposite reaction.

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I’m currently reading this book… although I am am saddened for her protocol to balance blood glucose :pensive:

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I have a question. I’ve been keto for about 4 months now, my last few periods were regular except for a few days of being extra sleepy and minor break outs, which to me is a success because I had terrible acne problem at 30 :woman_facepalming: But since keto my face has cleared out significantly, but this month my period has gone missing lol I had a little break out and I’m feeling weird cramps and I’m a little tired but am already about 2 weeks late from my usual time frame, does this WOE cause this sometimes? I’m def not pregnant :wink:, but I’m getting impatient, like I’m about to be attacked or something LOL

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I am 29 and have a 2 & 4 yr old kids. After having both my babies my periods became horrible. Lasting 8-9 days, heavy bleeding, horrible pms, cramps, and acne. I have been on keto for 2 weeks, and this is my second time around doing it. Anyways I went into my period, which 0 acne, cramps, or pms. Also my period has been shortened and my bleeding is so light. I honestly feel like keto is healing my period problem!

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this happened to me too. But Ive been 10 months on keto.
it happened after i started IF. then I stopped IF on the day before my period for 3 days and had a normal bleed.
I will investigate it some more.

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You’re not alone. I have been on the same birth control for 3 years and have BEVER had break through bleeding. My periods are very regular lasting 5 days tops… a month into starting Keto and my period has lasted two weeks… still going on. I’m wondering how king it will take for my body to regulate.

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I went through something similar a couple of days ago, reading your post made me realize it was what was probably what happening to me as well… (Period + Keto Flu + Actual Flu = Crazy Psychotic me)

I was beginning to think that I was seriously losing the plot, and my poor husband has been at the receiving end of my irrational rage.


Menstrual Matrix

The menstrual changes are quite a powerful sign of stored estrogen being released by fat cells being burned for fuel (ketosis). And as the comments above show - the impacts can be widely variant depending on prior female health. Also, the extent of prior or current hormonal medications which can make a much more difficult time of it by creating the condition of excess estrogen officially called “Estrogen Dominance.” There are remedies - estrogen-clearing fiber, intense slow burn weightlifting to activate the lymphatic & circulatory system and help detox, hormone balancing herbs, or bio-identical hormones - and many highly qualified keto-friendly herbalists & nutritionists that can be found via various resource lists.

Considering that every human that lives in the industrial world has over 100 industrial chemicals in our body tissues, this fat burning estrogenic detox for women also likely means that a parallel detox of chemicals as well as heavy metals stored in fat is also going on… things like dioxin, and cadmium - being moved into the urine and menstrual blood (and it may be preferable for breastfeeding women to wait till weaning before starting keto-official). To my knowledge, there is very little published about the many nuances of female-related ketogenic hormone balancing, detox, and healing - all of which of course has huge impacts on natural menstruation as well as the breakthrough bleeding of those on hormonal b.c.

We need studies on female health & healing in the ketogenic way of eating. There are plenty of studies on athletes, and on co-ed groups without factoring in the female factors, but not much on all the fascinating hormone rebalancing that ketogenesis offers women.

As a 51 year old woman who only spent 3 months on the pill back when I was 21 and quit because of the creepy side effects I had - I’ve been into whole foods-as-medicine and herbs & spices my entire adult life. I entered midlife pretty healthy and vital - and experienced my first midlife missed period at age 49 (was shocked, but then realized it was The Change) - a big event, for those of you who are younger. So, my already easygoing (dare I say pleasant?) cycle became quarterly. However, my 50th year involved gaining 40 pounds related to high stress events/injury along with a normal metabolic slowdown.
THEN this last May I began keto, and voila! My cycle returned to monthly - around every 30-31 days, regular like clockwork, lasting 4 days, and easygoing again with minimal discomforts and what I would describe as an even better level of functionality. Quite amazing!

The estrogen release is a boon to The Change in a non-medicated woman I think, as pathology like hot flashes and metabolic chaos are eliminated, if they show up (many unmedicated & well-nourished women are asymptomatic through the climacteric, though this fact is downplayed by big pharma). For women who’ve already been long keto-adapted before midlife, I wonder what it’s like? Do they have a symptom-free climacteric due to no hormonal imbalance? Very likely.

What my return to cycles every month says to me:

A: estrogen is definitely being released by the body and the body is certainly detoxing

B: fertility might be enhanced (which might explain the biblical Sarah’s late life pregnancy, as well as some documented cases of later life natural conceptions). The anovulatory cycles of later life may certainly be irrelevant when one’s glandular system is so activated. There is an argument to say that of the limited number of eggs we’re born with (around 300K) and the 300-400 that ripen and release during our fertile lives, there are some left! So, just keep that in mind and possibly take precautions to prevent conception if you are het and have a partner.

C: this is living proof of the more rejuvenative effects of keto

D: it’s very biological, and I’m a female mammal :smiley:

I’m curious to know how long these regular cycles will last - I’m thinking until the estrogen release is done. I have about 20 more pounds more of fat to burn, on top of the body’s normal estrogen levels. Could be many more moons of this regular, easy cycling and I welcome this blatant sign of natural law and transformation.

I’m also empathic with the fact that women on hormonal b.c. or other medications may be experiencing quite different uterine effects - more like an overload, with the pathological symptoms of what is officially called Estrogen Dominance which affects the entire cycle. According to Dr. Christiane Northrup MD, estrogen-clearing fiber, strength training (I recommend Slow Burn free weights 30 minutes per week) and liver detox supporting herbs are very very helpful. It’s also a good time to look at reviewing medications and hormonal b.c. in general.

This article in Paleo Woman and the many comments does a great job on the topic of addressing excess hormones: “Taking liver and other organ meats and high quality animal protein may be your best companions in this journey.” (You can purchase grassfed liver capsules - they’re not too nasty and give me very noticeable energy - I like Zen Principles brand). Most keto women have already cut out the offending soy, flax, legumes - but ketosis itself may add a challenging estrogen load that can be very overwhelming and unpleasant for women who are on hormones or have been hormonally suppressed for a chunk of their lives. Ms. Shawn Mynar, a wellness coach, keto nutritional counselor, and personal trainer has a great podcast for women on the subject of Estrogen Dominance, Adrenal Fatigue, and PCOS - along with other female resources.

Don’t despair though, the crises of estrogen overload is an opportunity to take your body back on even more levels than you expected. :sunflower: :sparkles::sparkling_heart::four_leaf_clover:

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Thank you for explaining this! I’ve just been blind sided by a cycle 7 days early with zero warning signs when I’m normally regular as clock work. Only been keto for a relatively short time and was wondering what the heck was going on. You have put my mind at ease greatly!