How do you drink your water?

(Heather Meyer) #1

So… i have been a die hard Diet Coke addict since 2013. I have been a long term water hater pretty much my whole life.

I cant stand the taste of water…bottled or tap. Ive even had triple filtered water and yuk! Its hard to explain but its like i can taste the minerals in it. It has a very pronounced metal taste to me or iron taste. My family doesnt notice it…my husband doesnt notice it. Very few people can seem to taste what I do. Then again, i have the blessed ability to taste saline when I get an IV drip in the hospital. Go figure!

So… i am trying to quit all diet coke and diet gingerale. I heard aspartame is bad for you and very bad for gut biome. So i am trying to kick it out of my life and drink more water.

I did try ice water with a slice of lemon and a slice of fresh ginger root in it…not bad. But the lemon made my bowels loose. Ive had this problem with lemon before.

So …what do you put in your water to make it taste better???

Judgement and Disappointment
(Robert C) #2

I think you have to give it time.
You have been pouring chemicals over your teeth, gums and taste buds for years.
Your mouth expects a swirling foamy mass of chemicals and caffeine when liquid comes in.
Plain water is foreign so expectations need to adjust to it.
Go all water and just tea for caffeine for a month - you’ll be fine.
Ancestrally, I think the death rate from Diet Coke withdrawal was rather low.

(Susan) #3

I love this, very cute =).

Heather, I agree with Rob’s post, you just have to get your taste buds to accept the change.

What I enjoy daily is having boiled water (you just boil it and put it in a coffee cup, but just have the water =). Maybe it will be easier for you to drink then drinking it cold or lukewarm. I love water, and it is my main drink, and I just run the tap and fill my 32 ounce tumbler and drink it all, whenever I am thirsty. My daughter likes to put a few slices of cucumber in her water bottle, you could try that =).

(Ian) #4

I use this stuff, particularly the strawberry and the lemonade flavours…

Instead of aspartame it has sucralose. Chose your poison :).

(Heather Meyer) #5

I wish! I do not like any of the water flavour drops on the market…never a fan for fake fruit flavours.
Wish i did because it would make it far easier!

('Jackie P') #6

I like sparkling water with lime slices and a mint sprig with 2 drops of peppermint essence.
Otherwise I like green tea with mint or lemon.

(Natasha) #7

In summer we were filling large bottles with water and adding fresh mint leaves from the garden. After a few hours of refrigeration, it was delicious!

(Bunny) #8

Real mineral water is delicious!

Another thing I learned and now do is removing as much of the deuterium out of the water as I can, that I drink?

Not sure if it really removes any deuterium but I like to experiment, even if I notice nothing because it might be something you can’t measure see or feel.

How To Make Deuterium Depleted Water DDW


[1] ”…At the molecular level, it was found that the decrease in the deuterium content in water below the natural concentrations (<90 ppm) activates and reliably accelerates the respiratory chain reaction in the mitochondria, whereas in the excess of deuterium up to 99% this reaction is almost completely inhibited [6]. Sep 27, 2018…” …More

[2] “…Deuterium depleted water inhibits cancer cell growth as well as tumor progression. Hydratases and isomerases of the TCA and pentose cycles transfer deuterium depleted mitochondrial matrix water to intermediates and subsequently stabilize DNA. …” …More

[3] “…When you have high deuterium levels, it causes unhealthy growth like obesity and cancer proliferation. Excessive deuterium changes three-dimensional structures in your body, creating misshapen proteins and lipids that don’t function properly. Too much deuterium in your body also causes problems in mitochondria, the “powerhouses of the cell.” If you can’t get enough energy to your cells, you will experience fatigue and related issues. Pioneering studies have shown that lowering your deuterium levels can increase survival time in multiple types ofcancer, slow or reverse tumor development, and even improve mood and mental health. By understanding deuterium we can better understand why studies of the ketogenic diet have shown positive outcomes for diabetes, cancer, epilepsy and neurological disorders, obesity, and more, and also why fasting is a useful practice for health and longevity. …More

[4] “…Every time a deuterium molecule hits that little pump it’s called an ATP-synthase nanomotor, it screws up the pump, it gets stuck in the hole, that pump has to stop working, you have to take out that piece, and replace it. That means all the metabolic demand, everything shuts down in that pump, you have to regenerate that piece, the amount of repairs – they were actually able to correlate the amount of expression of the genes that make the proteins that make the nanomotor are directly related to how much deuterium there is. …” …More

(Scott) #9

I went from not drinking much plain water to mostly water. I just stopped all sodas (pop) and a favorite in the south, sweet iced tea. Once I got used to it I don’t really think about the taste. I keep a large sized Hydro-Flask insulated bottle with me at all times night and day. It can maintain ice even when left in a hot car. I put a half dropper of magnesium citrate in it and hardly taste that anymore. Today when Amazon comes I plan on adding some drops of vitamin D to my daily routine. It is the new normal for me (about a year and a half now) and saves quite a bit of money when looked at long term.

(Jack Bennett) #10

I like LaCroix and other flavored, unsweetened, non-caloric, fizzy waters but I probably drink mostly plain tap water or filtered water.


wow that was interesting to read. You are like one of those super taster people. I read about that. Super taster.

water is sweet to me. truly sweet taste. love water and just drink plain but I ain’t a super taster LOL I just don’t ever add anything. I hope you find something that suits you and makes it all work better for you.


I haven’t been a soft drink person for years. I drank them when I was younger, even drove a Coke truck for a very brief stint after the military (got a job offer more in line with my skillset is why I left so soon).
I did get into drinking the flavored waters like LaCroix after going keto and really like them. Funny enough after going carnivore, though, the flavored ones kind of lost their appeal. I do really like sparkling mineral water, and unflavored LaCroix now. Perhaps I’ll have the flavored ones occasionally but I just really like plain water.
There is a natural spring about an hour from my house called Healing Springs that we used to get water from when I was a kid. I’m planning to save up a bunch of bottles and take my kids there soon.

(John) #13

I happen to have always liked the taste of plain water, so drinking plenty of water has never been a trick for me.

For a while, for variety, I was trying various infused waters, to give it a different taste. Cucumber slices, lemon slices, etc. There are tons of recipes- look up “infused water” on the web.

But I have settled on lemon water and lime water. At first, I would cut a lemon or lime in half (use half, save the other), squeeze it into a 2 liter jug, fill with water, and refrigerate. It would last me 2 or 3 days. Now I do a whole lime or lemon, squeeze it through a strainer to catch the seeds and pulp. There are actually some carb cals in lemon and lime juice (about 2-3 g for the juice of an entire fruit), but that is vanishingly small when spread out over a couple of days. You even get a little vitamin C from it, and the acidity is good for your kidneys.

But you’d be surprised, if you can cut out the constant sweetness from sugars and artificial sweeteners, how much your appreciation for other things changes. When I drink my water-with-lemon juice, I can really pick up on the natural sweetness in lemons, and it tastes like lemonade now.


Dr. Gundry, oft maligned by ketonians and vegetarians alike, did have a wonderful tip for water drinking for cola survivors.

Add balsamic vinegar to carbonated water. What’s it called in the USA? Seltzer water? Not sure if that’s right.

Many ketonians who eat this way versus high blood sugar will add Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to water to lower the morning fasting glucose level. Balsamic vinegar in bubbly water looks and smells like cola and also provides the acetic acid.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #15

I don’t particularly like the taste of plain water myself. I generally drink Seltzer or club soda, because the carbonation gives them some zip. I have found lately, however, that I enjoy ice water from the fridge (it is filtered a bit by the fridge—and it also contains far fewer minerals than the water in the area I used to live in).

I also ran out of Seltzer recently and was surprised to find that the spring water I buy for my rats (they don’t do well with chlorinated and fluoridated water) was quite tasty, even though it was still and unrefrigerated.

I can only suggest, @PortHardy, that you give yourself some time. Taste can be retrained, sometimes faster than we might have believed. Purely as an example, it didn’t take all that long after I went keto for my taste to change enough for me to prefer unsweetened chocolate to chocolate with sweetener in it. When I started keto, I couldn’t touch the stuff, it was so bitter, so go figure!

Some other things that might help with the taste of plain water: people often dislike the taste of boiled or distilled water, because it hasn’t been aerated. Shake it up for a bit, and it might taste better. Spring waters contain varying combinations of minerals, said minerals often being a selling point, where water from the famous sources is concerned (I’m thinking Spa, Pellegrino, Perrier, Gerolsteiner here). The mineral combinations do affect the taste, so you may have to experiment with various bottled waters to find one with a taste you like.

As far as carbonation goes, Seltzer and club soda are artificially carbonated, but bottled waters are supposed to contain only whatever carbonation is naturally present in the water. It is considered cheating to carbonate spring water after bottling, but since a lot of the naturally-present carbon dioxide escapes during the bottling process, people generally find it acceptable for the bottler to capture it as it escapes during bottling and re-add it to the water afterward.


Has anyone here tried the Soda Stream? I’ve been tempted to get one just because I like carbonated water and my kids like soft drinks. I was thinking it would be a way to keep them happy without them sneaking the sugary garbage that I don’t allow them to have at home.

(Karen) #17

Mixed with a flavoring called coffee. :coffee: Mostly

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #18

My advice is hold your nose and chug it. It is keeping you alive and dehydration causes a mile long list of maladies.


Have you tried distilled water? My mom is super sensitive to “mineral” and “metal” type tastes in water and has been drinking distilled water for decades (incidentally she has high blood copper levels, not sure if that has anything to do with her taste preference).

(Heather Meyer) #20

Am i the only one thag finds club soda and seltzer salty tasting? Part of the thing with drinks like la-croix is that they taste really salty…

Might try this mint water idea… havent tried lime yet either. Balsamic vinegar is a new one for me…never even thought to try that! Though might have to keep tabs on carbs with that one.