How do you drink your water?

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Sometimes with tequila added.

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Love it! :joy::joy:

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Filtered tap water cold. Water is refreshing like nothing else, it’s pure. When I drink water my mouth feels cleansed like it had a shower after a bad day. I love water and flavor it sometimes with espresso roasted coffee beans only. Occasionally I like a Crystal Geyser Lime. It tastes like a soda to me now. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Ashley) #24

My big thing right now is sparkling waters. Easy to drink as it’s carbonated and has natural flavor. Also I’ve never been a pop person only water or black tea really. I did have a period of being into monster khaos energy drinks, which is where the name comes from as a friendly reminder how had they are for you! But mostly I’ve always been a primarily water drinker, even as a kid I didn’t care for sugary drinks.

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@monsterjuice Ashley I’ve always wanted to ask about the monsterjuice user name. Glad you told the story. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’m surprised no one has so far suggested the following, so here goes:

Stop drinking everything for 3 days. Do not let a drop of any liquid pass your lips. By day four you will be ready to drink from a mud puddle and think it the most delicious stuff you ever had.

This is Mike’s Water Trick.

All kidding aside, though, flavoured soda water helps the transition from sweetened sodas to plain water. Many/most groceries even have their own house brands of flavoured soda water that are so cheap you can’t carbonate your own for less. Also, if you find something ‘too salty’ try another brand. There are plenty that are not salty.


The taste of tap water in many cities is mancky and rank!

I got an excellent undersink water filter from Epic Water for about $100 - it filters nanoparticles too (meaning hormones and other pharma). They also make fabulous portable water bottles that can filter water anywhere, including a type that is good for streams and such. They’re USA-based and NSF tested.

I drink when thirsty, and a few days a week I add 1/2 tsp Indian spice blend (a churna) with salt and lemon juice and about half mineral water for a tasty concoction reminiscent of Indian lemonade but not as harsh as a French citron. Sometimes in summer I add a tblsp of a berry juice blend I get from Trader Joe’s - simply for color and pizazz.


You try SmartWater? My wife hates drinking water more than anything but will down bottles of that stuff. I’m a water snob and have a $3k water system on my whole house and a reverse osmosis system under my sink for drinking water and ice cubes so I got the good stuff… she still hates it. I’d take the aspartame over the ace-k any day. You could also go with Zevia which has a milder taste but it’s pretty good once you get that “normal” soda taste out of your mouth.

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Another point you might consider is that you don’t have to like the taste of triple filtered chilled water to drink it (i.e. it cannot hurt you if not consumed in excess).

What you have to like are the positive benefits of pure water over the very negative benefits of the gut microbiome wrecking chemical cocktail that is Diet Coke. Being overly caffeinated all day (causing stress and sleep problems) with a gut that doesn’t work well with all of the great nutrition the right Keto foods can supply could undermine all of the efforts you are making to improve your health.

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I drink whatever. I think too many people place too much emphasis on water. Some ketondieters brag about how much water they drink, as they flush electrolytes out of their system. I drink Gatorade zero, diet ginger ale , water, whatever’s available. Granted, I’m not insulin resistant. For whatever that’s worth. Heck, I even drink my rum. I’ve lost 50 pounds in 5 months and I’m slimmer than I’ve been in 15 years.

When it comes to hydration, avoid sugar. Period.

Now, cue the keto-police!!!

(Heather Meyer) #31

Well on the advice of others… I went to a grocery store and foynd a 4L jug of distilled water… and let me tell ya… it was the BEST damn water i have ever had. It tasted like NOTHING!!! No smell and no taste… It was perfection until i ruined it with a slice of lemon lol… But on its own it was great… like WTH has this water been my whole life??? Anyway… it was $2 for 4L… so now i guess i need to find a place that supplies it in larger quantities!!!

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Me too.
I put this:
in every glass and it makes a huge difference.
Comes in lime, grapefruit and orange too. Cheapest in bulk on Amazon, I get 500 packets for around $20.

NOTHING ADDED, no sweetener, no flavoring, just dehydrated lemon juice.


no keto police, you are doing what works best for you…have at it and super congrats on that stellar accomplishment!! You are doing great!!


buy a home water distiller. there are portable ones for travel…home use and etc.

just google personal water distiller and research a bit. hope that helps somewhat for you :slight_smile: a bit of upfront cost can save you a lot of money buying it maybe. just check it out.


I drink a lot of water but I couldn’t drink most tap water, I am lucky to have good enough water (though I tasted better ones). I would hate to buy mineral water and generate a huge waste.
When I was a kid and we had bad (but drinkable) water, I added whatever I could, a tiny amount of vitamin pills, the fizzy kind, even a bit chaged the taste. I wouldn’t do it now, I am choosy if it’s about sweeteners and flavorings but it helped me then.
I have no problems with lemon myself, lemon and ginger is just perfect for me.
I like carbonated water (I don’t need to buy plastic for that in this country, only once), it’s even better for my thirst but I typically eat normal tap water.
It’s cold now but I love tea anyway so I easily drink liters a day if cold tap water doesn’t tempt me (I dislike warm water). I tend to drink a lot of weak coffee too but it’s rarely enough to hydrate me. I like soups too. So there are options.


Hey Bob. I have a soda stream. I wonder about the inputs. I bubble up our rain water. It tastes so nice with that carbonic acid buzz. I don’t buy any fizzy drinks.Sometimes the ladies, ‘the girls’ will get together for secret women’s business and they’ll confiscate the soda stream to fizz up a local Chardonnay (they make their own champagne)…


I drink sugar free fruit punch powder crap in my rum drink and I am fine.

I drink caffeine free diet pepsi and rum I blow up like a friggin’ balloon instantly.

carbonated effects us all so different. I avoid bubbles at all costs now LOL

carbonated is on my hate list. AS usual, each will be effected so different on this.

(Heather Meyer) #38

Im learning that chunks of fresh ginger in distilled water is amazing.


I used to be so so like the OP, I hated drinking water and would get my liquids mainly from veggies, soups or some form of hot drink. I did drink pepsi max for a while when I knew I was dehydrates and had to force some liquid into me and whilst on keto for 2 years I still battled with what to drink and how to get enough fluids in. Drinking literally repulsed me.

However I have now done 2 weeks of pure carnivore eating and I actually have a real sense of thirst back, bot just that but I am loving dribking water!! Straight from the tap, bottled mineral water, sparkling or still, I am just gulping it down with pleasure. I did not experience this at all on keto so am totally shocked as it is quite a revolution to me. I am not saying everyone with this issue should go full on carnivore, I am purely letting you know my very recent and current experience after years struggling with this issue, but maybe just try a couple of days of just meat and animal fats and it might possibly retrigger something within you too as it did for me. If it doesn’t help then no harm done, plenty more advice and ideas from others above.

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I kicked my 2 liter a day diet coke habit by buying a seltzer maker. Seltzer with a splash of lemon juice is my go to drink these days. That and green tea to replace the caffeine.

2 years later, I don’t really like diet coke anymore! :slight_smile: