How do poor people do carnivore?


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Yeah, I couldn’t live on that now. But I was 19 years old, 116 lbs and in great shape. Bicylced from my off-campus apartment to classes every day. I ate some rice and beans also - cheap. I remember eating an avocado with soy sauce and sour cream - they must not have been so expensive like they are now or maybe I splurged since I didn’t have them very often.

But I always took my calculator to the store to make sure I didn’t go over my budget. I worked full time every other semester in a co-op program so all that I saved had to last the entire semester. I even read my electric meter every few days to make sure my electric bill wouldn’t cut into my food budget. Don’t miss those days!


Kelly Hogan, I think. I like her. :grinning:


remember also CS that your health is key to a good quality longer life.
as much as we ‘have no bucks’ and I sure get that! been there, I know :frowning: it is key to also put every penny into YOU cause YOU is all ya got, ya know what I mean? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You go heck bent on finding cheaper markdown meats. Compare stores and more. Put that against buying maybe cheaper in bulk with a ‘local farm’ to split a side of beef against other prices…believe me, where there is a will there is a way and sometimes, longer ago when I started carnivore, I had to do a ton of crazy to get my meats and I did just that…traded work time for some cuts of fresh pork with another farmer and I got great meat for my time invested…(well I was a farmer farming hogs etc but when we closed down I helped other younger farmers and they said I can only pay low but I said, no money, I want meat in exchange) so yea…you do whatever it takes!

and just suggestions but always keep that eye out for all the best prices you can land your hands on for whatever situations you can eek out!!

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Although I think the original poster lives in NYC, which means far from farms. There are farms in CT and NY, but these are at least 2+ hours away by car. By public transportation, you probably can’t get there.

I forgot about eggs and canned meats.

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Can you not buy frozen meat instead, it’s astronomically cheaper here?

Maybe look for 100% beef burgers, cheap cut high fat beef and lamb mince, and just buy as many eggs as you can.


It’s a little sad how far out of the way one has to go to literally not poison themselves. When I go to the grocery downstairs of my apartment, I can readily pick up several dozens pounds of rice, noodles, and beans with my budget and easily survive on it for the month. To not slowly kill myself, now I have to set aside many hours every week to research every store within public transportation distance, spend several hours commuting back and forth to transport the food by foot since I can’t afford a vehicle…


I was only looking at frozen. I was even shopping around for one of those large freezers off Amazon I thought I might be able to invest in if I am able to purchase them very cheap in bulk. So I could store like several months’ worth of meat at a time if I buy them up. But yea, right now ground beef looks like it’s the only viable way. Hopefully only eating ground beef for the next several years will be safe since I don’t know anything about nutrition or vitamins or any of that stuff so I don’t know what exactly I need and if ground beef alone will provide all of that

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That is a good start. And then add when you can. Eggs (cheapest ones), any other meat you can afford, etc. Even canned meats if they’re affordable and you don’t mind them.

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New York City has some logistical peculiarities that make prices like that plausible. Can you have a friend pick stuff up for you in another area?

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Can you fish from the beach?


I know. I feel your crazy truly on what you said and I agree. The crap is cheap and available and darn thing is we know this isn’t what is best for us and just doesn’t give us good nutrition to thrive…darn right I guess in this day and age we even have to ‘work hard as heck’ to get our butts the good great food also…I guess things like murphy’s law and more come into play LOL trying to find good meats and all goes wrong right? at all turns :wink:…ugh…I hear you loud and clear but truly any time you put into you is a good thing tho :slight_smile: Sometimes real action is required to get what we need, so just put as positive spin on it as ya can!

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I practically live off of reduced price mince meat & dairy. Any kind of steak is somewhat of a rarity for me lol.

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Another idea, if you have a meat cutter near by, you may be able to get trimmings. These are the parts that are removed when they are making the good bits look all tidy. They would be very high fat and look shabby, but as long as they are fresh and clean, they’re perfectly good to eat and cheaper than what’s on display.

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Today I bought 2 bags of 10 lb. chicken quarters for $3 per bag at the clearance grocery store. Frozen of course but still within the “best by” date. My dogs and I love it.


And in my experience, this hunger on carnivore just cant be ignored. (Im used to fasting on keto, but this is something else). And I think giving your body all the meat it wants, at all times, is important to healing.


you are right. I so agree, it can’t be ignored when healing and changing, but with time, truly you get a very natural nourished body so our appetite does settle down alot. A normal body doesn’t require alot of food but a body in healing and adapting transition sure does :slight_smile: What I mean is carnivores usually settle around 1.5 to 2 lbs per day for the rest of their life, so ‘bank on that’ for being what we need to fund :slight_smile: but I know when I was starting I could handle 3 lbs a day easily, and darn near 4 lbs on some of my crazy days, but now I am in that 1.5 range mostly so yea, my food bill I require really did cut back.


At risk of plugging my local supermarket (Waitrose) here in the UK, here are some of their cheaper staples:

400g 20% fresh mince beef - £2
340g frozen lamb hearts - £2
250g frozen chicken liver - 80p
360g frozen lamb liver - £2

Even better, another more upmarket outlet (Marks and Spencer) is currently offering 500g 20% fat mince beef for £1.60. I have been stocking up on these. It’s decent British beef at a really affordable price.

There is a farm shop nearby who will give you pork and beef bones at no cost. This is amazing as the bones still have plenty of meat on them, so you are getting fatty meat, collagen and marrow. I would urge folks to cheap butchers and the like if they offer similar deals. These are so easily cooked in a pressure cooker with nothing else but water.

For eggs, I do think it is worth paying the extra for free range (obviously organic if you can afford it).


plus longer and longer on carnivore, your variety of purchases shrink cause you just don’t want them anymore.

I never eat eggs anymore. When starting years ago I ate tons.
Bacon zapped up high around me, luckily now my bacon is just when I want it more rarely…old days I inhaled a lb. of bacon each day darn near LOL
My meats have varied and so has my seafood purchases.

Now I know the exact things I eat and I keep every eyeball open to hit those sales when they hit. I stock my freezer with what I know is the food I require. I don’t think of eggs or bacon or bother with chicken hardly anymore but I know those exact meats I want and I find each and every sale I can when I can…markdown prices are better than sale prices too :wink:

so as variety and appetite changes, it can get a whole lot cheaper truly for a person.

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This reflects my thoughts on " What price health? "

What do you spend money on that could better be spent on healthful food?

While " grass fed " organic and such may be ultimately more healthful, the regular stuff is infinitely more healthful than the standard diet, and can cost considerably less.

Don’t waste money on " Keto " labeled products, It is just the purveyors of normally crappy food, trying to cash in on a fad… Such products are way over priced for the quality and content they provide.

Keep an eye out for items on sale, and stock up… Freeze if necessary…

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This bears repeating.