How do I ensure I'm getting the proper nutrition on carnivore?



I do not own nor am able to afford a stove to cook, so I purchase cooked ground beef at McDonald’s at the suggestion of some videos I watched on YouTube. How am I able to tell if this is enough for me to survive on? (This is all I eat because I haven’t been able to find anything cheaper on a minimum wage budget.)

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How much are you eating?


Check out Portable Electric Hot Plate, they are about 20-30$ and you can heat things up.

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In this economy you may have a tough time of it.
I concur with getting a hot plate.
Yes you can survive on just hamburger. For many people on carnivore that’s all they eat. I would be concerned about not getting enough fat in my diet.
With a single burner hot plate like this…
You could cook your own hamburger and still get to enjoy the benefits of the fat.


Maybe like 1-2 lbs. equivalent per day? I am a small person (~130 lbs.) with a very sedentary lifestyle so I don’t require much

Isn’t store-bought meat dangerous to cook at low temperatures due to bad bacteria content in most supermarket meats that need to be killed with high temps that these cookers won’t go to?


I’ve used similiar ones that cooked steaks and chicken all the way thru. It takes a little longer obviously as it doesn’t have the firepower of a proper stove.

Bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella are killed fairly quickly, cooking ground beef for around 15mins at an internal temperature of 160°F (71°C) is generally recommended to ensure that any harmful bacteria present are killed, making it safe to eat.

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The hotplate Geezy linked is 1000 watts. That’s the same power as the smaller burners on my electric stove, which I use to make pretty much everything including meat.

You will also need to make a few other investments, like a spatula, a pan, a way to clean your pan. The things you need could be found easily at a thrift store or a dollar store.


I never saw a cooker that couldn’t make the right temperature… I doubt such ones exist. Some are just very very slow. I use induction cookers myself (I always have 2), those aren’t much more expensive but spare energy and I personally love them, some people find them confusing first for some reason.

My number one dish is pan fried meat (pork as I am way too poor to eat beef, I haven’t any ruminant this year except a few grams in a spread, maybe a little in a mixed sausage? okay, one reason is the low availability and that I wanted mutton, not beef). A pan is great for eggs too and any small pot (well, good for induction cooker if one has that) is fine for making boiled eggs. One can live on things made in a small pot and in a pan in a pinch!

Isn’t McDonald’s expensive? (I heard about that but I live in Hungary so things may be very different.) Home cooking should bring back the money quickly - and anyway, not being able to cook, I can’t imagine. It’s so nice to go and fry up something! And there are good meat sales to find…

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The portable single burner I posted is a cooker not a warming plate. It will cook any meat you want just like a stove top.