How can I ENJOY exercise?

(Marianne) #102

Had today off and it was warm here but overcast. I worked in the yard sawing limbs, pulling weeds, digging, trimming shrubs, sweeping. (I am so lucky - my husband is such a dear and cleans up after me. I just leave everything where I drop it, even my tools, and he takes care of it. He is super fit.) I loved every minute of it, but it was nearly the end of me.

I am not used to doing anything for many years now and had to sit on my cart 90% of the time and work from there. Came in the house after two hours and had to recover, plus I was overheated. Now I feel great and everything looks so nice - still lots more to do.

I know that was great exercise and I can’t wait to get out again and do more. The amazing thing to me is that I haven’t eaten since dinner last night and am not hungry. I can easily wait until dinner tonight to eat - amazing.

(Kirk Wolak) #103

I pace 2.5 miles in about 45 minutes. I call that 1 loop.
So I did at least 5 loops, but I believe on that day I did 6.
So 15 miles…

My capacity for walking and even jogging is skyrocketing.
I actually ran (for 30 seconds) at 10mph (6min miles) on the treadmill as my 3rd HIIT interval. I started at 6mph, then 8mph (2 minutes on each). 10 was the fastest I can remember running EVER.

The fact that I was going for 2 minutes was amazing. And this was FASTED for saturday and sunday, then running monday morning…

(traci simpson) #104

My sister and I take dance lessons on Saturdays from 12-3:30. It’s fun and I have a hard time considering it exercise but you can really work up a sweat! :dancer:
There is a youtube video I subscribe to dance to - the Fitness marshall. this Dude dances so good and his two background dancers are regular people! I’m terrible at it but what fun!!!

I am finding that I am starting to loath the actual gym. I can do strength training outside using my body and benches, and curbs and monkey bars. I work on a military base so there are a TON of outside things to assist in your workouts. I love walking but I find at work I get bored with the paths available. At home, when I have more time I can find some really good trails etc.,


I had a treadmill in the past and I would make it fun by dancing on it instead of walking or running. There are YouTube videos showing treadmill dancing in gyms, and they’re pretty inspiring. I’m not talking about Olympic level dancing either, just people having fun with it.

(Keto life n' a little hippie ) #106

No no, you should never watch other people doing it, unless you are specifically invited to do so. Any other way and it is a crime. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: