How can I ENJOY exercise?

(Marianne) #102

Had today off and it was warm here but overcast. I worked in the yard sawing limbs, pulling weeds, digging, trimming shrubs, sweeping. (I am so lucky - my husband is such a dear and cleans up after me. I just leave everything where I drop it, even my tools, and he takes care of it. He is super fit.) I loved every minute of it, but it was nearly the end of me.

I am not used to doing anything for many years now and had to sit on my cart 90% of the time and work from there. Came in the house after two hours and had to recover, plus I was overheated. Now I feel great and everything looks so nice - still lots more to do.

I know that was great exercise and I can’t wait to get out again and do more. The amazing thing to me is that I haven’t eaten since dinner last night and am not hungry. I can easily wait until dinner tonight to eat - amazing.

(Kirk Wolak) #103

I pace 2.5 miles in about 45 minutes. I call that 1 loop.
So I did at least 5 loops, but I believe on that day I did 6.
So 15 miles…

My capacity for walking and even jogging is skyrocketing.
I actually ran (for 30 seconds) at 10mph (6min miles) on the treadmill as my 3rd HIIT interval. I started at 6mph, then 8mph (2 minutes on each). 10 was the fastest I can remember running EVER.

The fact that I was going for 2 minutes was amazing. And this was FASTED for saturday and sunday, then running monday morning…

(traci simpson) #104

My sister and I take dance lessons on Saturdays from 12-3:30. It’s fun and I have a hard time considering it exercise but you can really work up a sweat! :dancer:
There is a youtube video I subscribe to dance to - the Fitness marshall. this Dude dances so good and his two background dancers are regular people! I’m terrible at it but what fun!!!

I am finding that I am starting to loath the actual gym. I can do strength training outside using my body and benches, and curbs and monkey bars. I work on a military base so there are a TON of outside things to assist in your workouts. I love walking but I find at work I get bored with the paths available. At home, when I have more time I can find some really good trails etc.,


I had a treadmill in the past and I would make it fun by dancing on it instead of walking or running. There are YouTube videos showing treadmill dancing in gyms, and they’re pretty inspiring. I’m not talking about Olympic level dancing either, just people having fun with it.

(Keto life n' a little hippie ) #106

No no, you should never watch other people doing it, unless you are specifically invited to do so. Any other way and it is a crime. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(Justin Russell) #107

From how long you’ve been doing exercises? I know the feeling, i’ve not interest in exercise, but after 6 months, my interest and love for exercise have developed over time. My routine played a big role in this case.


I have no clue if I posted to this before LOL
a lot of chat on here but I say —again maybe :)—that I don’t exercise. Any controlled, gym, scheduled ‘exercise’ stinks to me. I move. I kayak, bike, swim, ride horses, hike, walk the dog, and fly a kite or work my farm and chores and more. I won’t ‘do exercise’ and I was like—what is wrong with me and how do I fix it? What’s to fix…I hate it LOL and nothing is gonna change that…………so do you! Move as you see fit and just do that. You do not have to exercise. Exercise is ‘required in thought’ by those who live and work in cubicles and don’t ever move or have that opportunity. Their minds and bodies feel they need to move, and they do! For us who can bike, hike, swim, walk/little joggie or whatever ya love like maybe kayak or DO WHATEVER the heck ya like, go do that :slight_smile: Life came with no exer-cycle or spin class but it had running after prey to eat. Got your exercise in then HAHA

You are one of them or you ain’t…if you are not, move any way you love thru life. You don’t have to be a gym rat to ‘fit in’ ever :slight_smile:

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #109

Well I do work in a print shop, on my feet, lifting heavy stuff, pushing, pulling things, moving all kinds of ways. Currently I’m removing carpet, ceiling and soon walls in the basement, all of which is hard, sweaty work. I guess my concern has always been with my cardiovascular health. I can lift and I am strong, but boy do I get winded fast. Maybe I just need to do jumping jacks in my bedroom until I pass out or something. Still a work in progress over here~!


ok I get this.

but there is a difference.

work is work. hard work with lifting, push, shove, bend/pick up and all is work…and to me it is now ALL about the mental side of it.

Mental moving is not work moving ya know. Work we must do. Kill us or not LOL get some benefits or not. The not could be a strained back, bad neck and more from overworking with heavy lifting so that is kinda how I roll on those thoughts.

Farmer full time and worked full time jobs. omg ya know

to me ‘my exercise’ to move HAS to have relaxation attached. I wanna do it and enjoy it hence the ride horses, bike, hike, swim, kayak etc.
To me I am thrilled on those and it ‘all comes into a great thing’ vs. stacking from the field 1,000 bales of hay at 70 lbs. each we throw up onto the hay wagons. yea a workout that might kill us HA

So exercise I do is fun. My down time. What I enjoy to move.

I feel ya tho PetaMarie. We work hard and move a lot most of us thru life but is it a mental boost of relaxation and pleasure at any point? It mattered to me to do the things I liked ‘while calling it my’ exercise :slight_smile: That mental health side is a biggie I found lacking and needed it. Truly required it and I make sure I get some of my passion things in there like hike, swim and all but relax doing it.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #111

You make a good point. I will consider some physical activities that aren’t work but also are fun.

(Laurie) #112

I have it figured down to three things: hula hooping, flagging, and rebounding (mini trampoline). A big trampoline would be even better, but I don’t have the space.

One thing I used to enjoy was water aerobics. Another was mountain hiking.

(Edith) #113

I think your exercise should involve movement and be something you find enjoyable. Also, when you try something new, it might not be enjoyable at first, but as your fitness improves, you may enjoy it more. If you get tired of one thing, there’s nothing wrong with moving on to something else.

(Bob M) #114

I agree with @VirginiaEdie. When I first went mountain biking, we went up hills. My legs burnt, my lungs ached, it felt as if there was not enough air on the mountain for me to suck in. The downhills were fun, though.

After a while, I decided I liked the uphills, as I liked the challenge. And you get so much better so quickly, such that a hill that seemed impossible became possible. (Don’t get me wrong - there were hills I never got up. There was one in Arizona, where you went over these dry, sandy creek beds, around curves and – bam! – there was this small but very steep, sandy hill. I could never remember it was there, to attack it to get up it. Walked up it every time.)

(Katie) #115

A few things to consider:

  • Music does not distract me/occupy my mind enough, I listen to podcasts and audiobooks

  • If I am walking for a long time, I like to call someone or walk on a treadmill and watch shows/YouTube on my phone

  • Would doing a class or having a workout/walking buddy help? It is a lot easier to get started and get the work done when someone is telling you when to start, guiding you, and there is a time constraint.

  • Mix up the activity: try weight lifting, at-home HIIT workouts, going to different classes, Zumba (at home or in a class), etc.


There are so many aspects to address with how to enjoy exercise. And a lot of great ideas have already been suggested. For me, it’s a lot of mindset/mind games. I do HIIT 4 times a week, which includes some group weight lifting/body weight. Some days I dread going, but I just put my mind and body on auto pilot and just go. Once I’m there, I’m fine. And even if I don’t meet any sort of minimum metric, at least I showed up. After all these years I have a solid habit, and if you keep at it you will, too. I feel at my age that I have 2 choices that exercise provides for me. Although aging is inevitable I can either grow by exercising or decay if I don’t. I would suggest reading the book Younger Next Year by Chris Crowley and Harry Lodge who dive into the whole importance of exercise.

(Karen) #117

When it becomes easier you will then push yourself further … I remember when I started CrossFit and thought the same thing, everyone told me it never gets easier, you just push yourself harder… they were right but it isn’t an ordeal because when it becomes easier it is just a natural thing to want to up the game… run that distance just a bit faster, beat the previous PB and so on. It just shows you how much fitter you have become. Good luck … key is doing things you enjoy x

(Robin) #118

I got a rowing machine after covid. (It’s a decent full body exercise.) I watch a Netflix series (or whatever) while I row. So I rarely look at the timer.