How can I ENJOY exercise?

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Our family loved to dance to “That’s Not My Name” in the Dance Dance Revolution game.

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I just ordered Body by Science from Amazon and I’ll learn more about strength training and see if it’s something I can get in to. I’ll keep you guys posted.

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It’s a really good book @PetaMarie :slightly_smiling_face: I don’t follow the protocol (I enjoy free weights/I don’t enjoy gyms!) but I learned a lot. FYI - Lyle McDonald has some really good woman-specific info for training if that’s a way you decide to go.

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Thanks @safi. It’s coming tomorrow and I’m excited to get into it!

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Not sure if it’s in body by science but I’m still trying to increase time on my wall sit. That’s hard!!

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My tailbone doesn’t want me to do that one anymore. But I was going places with the squats. Still benefit from them and do them next to the press when I think of it!

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When my daughter was in Irish dance they worked up to three minutes on the wall sit!! I can’t imagine.

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If I have to leave the house and go to the gym, then it’s not happening for me. I started using the Firm series back in the 90’s and have about 100 videos. They are all different kinds of weight training with cardio variations and I still love them. Plus, the 80’s setting from the original set takes me back to my youth. Lol. I never get tired of these workouts and I rotate through them all. Amazon has some available.

I also have a P90X set that I throw in once in a while, but those can get tedious.

So, for me, I need to workout at home with enough variety.

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lol! That would be some drs office! I was actually at a belly dance event this past weekend, and someone danced to ‘Blow Your Trumpet Gabriel.’ It was a group of mixed belly dancers, with only a few that do metal or dark fusion. I was hoping people that would be offended, didn’t catch the lyrics.

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After reading this I realize that I am now procrastinating. I was doing okay getting in shape for skiing but cought a cold after the first trip. Then went skiing again and cought a cold that felt like it lingered for three weeks. Add in some cold weather and a rainy spell. I feel like my muscles have atrophied. I need to get back to my old routine of running four miles MWF with a gym stop on the way back for a Nautilus set. 7.5 miles on Tue Thurs and a 10 mile run on saturday. Planks for 15 minutes daily. Man I felt like I could conquer the world then. What sucks is I will likely need to start with a two mile run just to get going.


I don’t enjoy a whole lot of exercises, but I do enjoy my rowing machine, you might like something like that. There are games on it too for those of us that are mentally challenged with attention issues :crazy_face:

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Gimme some 80s beats & some spandex & I turn into this dude :point_down:

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I did it! This thread motivated me to get out and run this morning. I also decided to listen to the 2 keto dudes podcast for added enjoyment.

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Congrats, Scott! I’m going to pull the pulleys on the BoFlex soon. Who hoo!

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@PetaMarie I have actually helped people become Gym Addicted! (Imagine getting a text message from a fellow co-worker saying “I hate you! We moved, and the gym is no longer en route to the office. It’s been 2 weeks, and I am scouring for a place/way to get my daily routine back on track. I feel echh from not moving!”

My approach is simple. The goal is to build a habit, so set the bar low. Here is what I did with this guy, we found a gym that had a Sauna and Hot Tub. We agreed to meet at the gym before work, and if we HONESTLY did not feel like working out, we would do the Sauna and Hot Tub and shoot the crap without even working out.

Our goal was simple: Feel Better leaving the gym than when we arrived! Simple.

It turns out, you can motivate yourself to do the Enjoyable half to get to the gym. Then when you get there, here is the next “Deal” you can make. If you can manage 10 minutes of cardio. Get upstairs and do ONLY 10 minutes.

The results. 3 times in about 6 months, we ONLY did the Sauna and Hot Tub. It was from late nights on the computer dealing with issues. It helped to destress us! Cool.

Every time we went upstairs to do 10 minutes, we ended up doing at least 20 and usually the full 30. On 2-3 occassions we started with a goal of 30 but stopped at 20 and stretched more. (Ah, the magic her is listening to our bodies).

We almost ALWAYS finished our workouts with a sauna/stretching and hot tub/stretching. Then a full shower, and refreshed for the day.

6 months into it, we were barely ever missing a gym day, it became part of our schedule. we added weight lifting slowly. One machine per day of the week (M-F). First few weeks were just to learn how the machines worked, etc. And to find our workout weights, etc.

I moved on from that job, and only stopped when I moved…

Now, as I recover from surgeries, and stuff, I am slowly allowed to do things, and walking has been my passion. It turns out we need VERY LITTLE hard exercise. I listen to podcasts using stitcher at DOUBLE Speed, and walk. I have Audible, and double speed the books, and walk. I carry a voice recorder and record notes to research later, books to get, etc.

If I am listening to a podcast and learning something… Walking is easy. I walked 5hrs yesterday and plowed through 10hrs of podcasts, found 3 new books to read, and learned a ton. It keeps my mind busy.

I can’t listen to music. When I make the 13 hr drive from FL to TN… I rarely turn the radio on. If alone, I listen to a book on tape (at a slower speed like 1.5x), or just focus on the road…

so, feel better AFTER your workout should be your goal.
Getting to the gym is the hardest thing: so have an OUT that gets you there.
Getting started is the hardest: Create a shortcut. I only have to do 1 pushup and 1 squat to call it the day.
Listen to your body. Don’t over train. Getting a heart rate monitor helped me a LOT because I found I was pushing way to hard, creating stress, and getting sick. WELL THAT is going to be hard to stick with.

Now I think in terms of Stress, Sleep, Movement and Exercise. We need “Loving Movement” every day. Movement that nourishes our body and clears our minds, and destresses us. (walking/stretching/yoga).

We want to lower our stress when we exercise. That will keep us doing it. So dose it really small.

I recommend now, for weights: Dr. Ben “Slow-Slow” routine. He’s the Jack LaLane of Keto, doing it since the 1970s. The book is cheap on Amazon… Twice a week is more than enough to keep increasing and making gains.

And I think Tabata/HIIT (one hard one per week, and a tiny 2 cycle one every day except on Slow Slow days).

But build up slowly!

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Thanks for the very thoughtful post. I’ll take your advice into consideration. I do like the idea of feeling better afterward and I usually do. Thanks again.

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Sex is exercise.

Just sayin’.


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Me and my friends call it sexercise. I’m aware of it’s existence. :wink:


FWIW, I detest all exercise except for cycling. Something about the crunch of gravel roads in the back-country & the birds chirping is very therapeutic.

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Wow; how far did you go?