How can I ENJOY exercise?


I always hated exercise and still hate it now, except for strolls around nature. Didn’t keep me from shedding all that weight. I have always had bad joints, and since my lengthy bout with Lyme disease, it got a lot worse. Keto helped a lot though. I still only like my strolls and that’s what I do.

(Aggie ) #125

Start with something small or something you enjoy. For example, you can start from home after a meal, find a random road, and walk for a while. I usually exercise with weight loss bloggers, so I feel like someone is accompanying me. Don’t set extremely big goals at the beginning, as this will stress you out. Eating less and moving more every day can be helpful. Every time, I see the calorie data recorded on my BP Doctor smart watch, it makes me happy.

(Robin) #126

I get on my rowing machine and watch a series or movie. Helps time fly.

(KM) #127

I’ve had times in my life when I was extremely fit and strong, and I simply loved my exercise, I felt so good. And there have been times when I would dutifully do my sport or routine, and feel exactly as the OP described: bored, unmotivated, and generally not aware of any sense of progress. Really not sure where the turning point comes.

(Edith) #128

I think the motivation or lack of it is caused by multiple factors. If I am feeling overwhelmed with life, as in too much to do, my desire for exercise goes down because it then becomes just one more thing to do. Lack of sleep definitely decreases the desire for exercise. If I am feeling a lot of stress and anxiety, I will force myself to do something just because that helps me process the excess cortisol and calms me down.

Sometimes, the lack of motivation can just be boredom with the same old thing. That’s when it might be time to mix things up and try something new. I think the most important part about exercise is that it just gets us moving somehow, someway.

Have you thought about trying pilates? It is very low impact but definitely helps with flexibility and strengthening.


Make it social. Find some friends and start a walking/ coffee group. You will be surprised at how the social aspect begins to take over. The exercise becomes secondary. If doing it alone, then find something you enjoy listening to, such as a pod cast. I absolutely hate riding indoors and can barely do 45 minutes. Yet when I’m out with my buddies for a 4-6 hour ride, it’s magical.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #130

To paraphrase Mark Twain, exercise fascinates me. I could sit and watch it for hours. :grin: