Honey is essentially pure sugar. Why do some people think that it has some sort of magical ability? It is sugar


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One of the arguments the “PUFA is the cause of obesity” folks make is that we were thin when we were eating higher carbs + saturated fat. The canard that when McDonald’s fried their fries in beef tallow, everything was great.

So, as one of the many tests I did to test this, I made fries from potatoes and fried them in beef tallow I made myself from suet (> 50 % saturated fat). Had them with burgers and ate all the ones I made. No off switch. Could’ve eaten more.

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Sure, if you go hunting for beehives and steal the honey from bees, it’s good stuff. How many times do you do that per year?

Meanwhile, Saladino can eat as much honey as he wants to eat, every day that he wants to eat it.


Carbs typically make me hungry. It doesn’t matter what kind of fat or no fat is included… (Though fat is basically always included… When not because I eat a tiny fruit, that can’t even make me hungry. Tiny amounts are exceptions.)

I can eat a lot of various things - but I can stop as well (but I needed many low-carb years and trying carnivore to do it with basically everything - maybe not eggs and meat, those are my core items and I need them so I don’t even try to avoid them :wink: sometimes I lower the amount but it’s still not super low. I hardly can eat just a little from not frozen banana either. and coffee is a drink. I don’t remember more exception now, they can’t be many. I don’t count treats and candies I basically never eat, if I am willing to eat some, I am already not in my right mind, I mean my attitude and care is totally off compared to my normal…)

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(In the U.S., anyway) there has been a fair amount of touting honey as a ‘superfood.’ There’s a little stuff in there that’s good, yes, but in the main - it’s overwhelmingly just sugar. Late night radio with clowns hawking this stuff and that stuff - honey, propolis, royal jelly - “You really need all three for optimum health!” :smile:

Displays in truck stops, promising an amazing array of benefits… “It’s time to turn your life around!”

I also think it’s mostly wishful-thinking on the part of some people, a subconscious way to justify eating sugar, sugar, sugar.


I absolutely have physical triggers from carb intake. I am one who has a critical carb limit of say, 10g total at the most, I go over that I go friggin’ insane and will eat it all. All thru physical intake of carbs. Simple as that for me and I know me so…


Invest in a Flow HIve. Never has beekeeping / honey gathering been easier. No suit needed. (My hubby’s hobby.)


I’m going to reply without having read the whole thread.

Honey, and let’s say coffee as well, or maybe any herbs and spices one may like, all that stuff is medicine, not food, (when one is primarily carnivore). Honey is an animal-based medicine. Once in awhile it is OK to take some medicine.



no it is not.
variations of pretense against what ‘carnivore plan IS ALL about’ --total elimination of sugar and plants and thing is the more we ‘keep it all the more carnivore’ but keep our own personal thoughts and ‘rules’’ won’t be judged correctly for what it is…ELIMINATION plan.


but we are massive individuals who walk into ‘carnivore’ and make our own plan and terms and no one can combat that ever truly, but spices/herbs are for taste to help/move forward transition into this hard plan to handle if ONE wants elim. plan to achieve effects? Sugar hits of all in sugar from honey IS never carnivore, ever, yet one ‘makes their own judgements’ and then says ‘why is the plan so off?’ I can tell one why, this keeping the sugar point blank.

so keep all you want and justify all you want but it is not carnivore plan values for what this plan is all about.

oh and this is not about ‘you’ in that I said you but I meant all humans who want this plan to work for the values it stands ALL about :slight_smile:

and the shades of gray here are very LC people, keto people, long term ‘dieters’ who know can surely understand their bodies a ton more than those SAD trying to understand what carnivore will do for them so again, difference in entrance into carnivore for us as individuals.


No plants, no sugar, no dairy, no coffee, etc. is what ‘the real carnivore plan is all’ about but SO many feel they can fluff, control, tweak and enter into this known plan with exceptions so??

medicine? every day in your coffee or in our meals is nothign but not doign the plan, simple as that for what it is 'WHO ARE YOU OFF all sugar/plant matter and adopting the plan as written…only animal kingdom foods so I give another ug on it all.

real truths as sugar as medicine? I think not ever on carnivore. Real truths eating ‘the total carnivore plan as written’??

there is and will be those on the net who never are carnivore and eat crap and say they ‘are doing great’ on this plan but ain’t doing the plan but…so… I take all this ‘is honey ok on carnivore’ as the joke it is all about…ugh

too much fluff on what an elimination eating plan as carnivore is all about is so disheartening for those of US who are carnivore in full truths…and we get and know truths of this plan in health and life changes but others will never, cause, hmm, lets keep sugar as medicine in our life…a big sigh here LOL

when one allows and can do on ‘carnivore plan’ into the low carb world they are just that…big low carb eaters but when one does the carnivore plan for what it is written, total elim. then a whole new ballgame comes into plan and those who dont play WILL NEVER understand this game, ever!!

What kills me is no one understands what carnivore full force is all about. elimination yet we ‘keep’ we ‘tweak’ we know ourselves so darn well and want and ‘don’t care what the plan says’ cause WE know better…again a joke about what this plan is all about!

I am personally so over ‘yelling’ what this plan is about on deaf ears.
but hey I am thriving and improving leaps and bounds from my issues yet heaven forbid anyone wants to ‘do the plan as needed’ to see real results? ugh…so done, just do darn done LOL

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One of my 3 hives is a Flow Hive. I got my nucs too late in the season to harvest any honey. By the time I put the super on the flow was over. It was also the only one that swarmed but they made a new queen and built back up so should be fine for the winter.

Looking forward to turning the key to harvest honey next year! They are very expensive so wanted to try one first before investing in more.


How much honey are we talking about here?

A teaspoon of Manuka honey used medicinally, including as a substitute to treat food addiction, weighs about 5g. That 5g of honey is 4.2g total carbohydrates. There is plenty of room, based on carbohydrate per gram dosage levels, to put a teaspoon of honey in a keto diet, or a keto-carnivore diet. Maybe as a per day dose but only during seasonal infection risk escalation times.

Aside: Many bacons are honey ‘glazed’ before smoking. :bacon:

Honey may only be ‘bad’ dependent on the dose?

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I know that if I consume honey, white sugar, swerve, erythritol it all does the same thing…makes me want more ‘SWEET’

MY BODY does not, cannot, make a distinction between any of those except that it’s sweet tasting and I’ll want more if I consume them so I fight everyday to not consume any of them.

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We have to travel to New Zealand to get that. And it’s from one particular tree. What about honey in the US?

Personally, I’m not against stealing honey from a beehive and eating it. Most likely with the entire honeycomb.

But to say we can go to the store and honey we get there will have these (supposed) effects, I highly doubt this is true.

And many of those links are putting honey on wounds. That’s a lot different than eating honey, which is what Saladino is doing.

Honey may have some antibacterial properties, but to what end? It’s one thing to give honey to someone you think has a bacterial infection; it’s another to eat honey just “because”.


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I think it demonstrates that honey is not just sugar. Yes, I’m saying the context is to treat it as a medication, not as a food.

Manuka honey is exported all over the world. It can be used for sore throats associated with colds aiming at bacterial throat infections.