Honey is essentially pure sugar. Why do some people think that it has some sort of magical ability? It is sugar


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We moved to a new location about 15 years ago and my husband’s seasonal allergies went nuts. We found some honey from a place 3-4 miles from us and he started having an eating teaspoonful every night before bed. The allergies lessened and lessened over a few months until they were pretty much gone. They still are, years later.

Sure it is sugar, but it contains other things too.


FB I agree that a teaspoon of honey 1 or 2 times a year thru an illness like a cold is one thing, and then there is that person putting a teaspoon or tablespoon, or who knows how much into their coffee or tea and then we have big differences of course…so yea it could be about ‘how used and how many times’ etc can come into play for sure. I hear you on that but those who has a ‘cold or cough or sore throat’ every day and ‘want honey’ LOL well…who knew addiction ballgame comes into play HA