Holy Crap, I Cracked The Pancake Code! Oat Fiber Pancakes!

(Sophie) #1

Today was the day! After ump-teen test batches in as many weeks, I finally perfected my Oat Fiber Pancake Recipe! Oh hell yeah! They turned out so tender and taste just like, well, the real deal. Not eggy, not like coconut or almonds, just like dare I say wheat? Even my long suffering, non-keto hubby said they taste just like IHOP. :blush:

Sophies Perfect Oat Fiber Pancakes

.5c + 1 Tbs Oat Fiber
2 Tbs Swerve Confectioners Sugar
1.5 tsp. Baking powder
.5 tsp salt

2 lg. Eggs, beaten
1.5 Tbs melted butter
.5 - 1.0 cups depending on your desired consistency Almond milk (I used Califia Betterhalf Coconut Cream - AlmondMilk, unsweetened)

In a med. bowl, combine dry ingredients. In a small bowl combine wet ingredients and add to dry mix. Stir well and let sit for a few mins. Pan fry like you would any other pancake. If using a non-stick pan no need to add oil or grease. Batch makes about 8, 4" dia. pancakes.

And big thanks to hubby for helping with the taste testing and eating all the quasi-lousy failures! :kissing_heart: If anybody wants to try them lemme know what you think!

Help me help my wife

Where do you get your oat fiber?

(Zu) #3

Hello - would this work with wheat fibre? I ask because its got a way lower carb content?


P.s - wouldn’t happen to have the macros on those guys would you?

(Sophie) #4

I order it from Netrition.com they seem to have to the best prices and shipping is fast and very reasonable. I’d recommend trying the Sukrin Gold while you’re at it. That stuff is killer!

(Sophie) #5

I’m not really sure. I’ve never used wheat fiber, sorry.

(Zu) #6

Sorry to be a pest… but is oat fiber/fibre the same as oat bran? Im just trying to get my poor little brain arround these delicious looking things so I can make a list of requirements and request these things on hubs next shopping adventure :wink:

In AU I’m getting different things

There is this guy - the oat version

Then this guy - his wheat cousin which is the LOWER carb option.
http://www.calorieking.com.au/foods/calories-in-brans-oats-natural-unprocessed-bran-raw_f-Y2lkPTUwODQ0JmJpZD05NzAmZmlkPTIyMDY3NyZwYXI9JmtleT1vYXQgYnJhbg.html Which is wheat…

Or you could just tell me what is the name of the product you use and I will look up its au equivalent… sorry to be bothersome… but it looks like this recipe is worth nailing!

My new go-to potato(like) cakes
(Sophie) #7

No, this is Fiber. I don’t know if Netrition ships worldwide but here is the product and you should be able to see the nutrition info. There is zero net carbs and personally I think it tastes very much like wheat in the things I’ve used it in. I’m currently developing a few more recipes. This stuff is a Game Changer as far I’m concerned! Of course YMMV depending on if you can tolerate it or not.


(Zu) #8

FYI for all AU ketonians
Nettrition is $20 postage… soo…

I love the stuff already… now just to find it in au! or eBay?

haha $35 dollars its per Lb or like $70/kg on eBay and 5.38 on herb… hmm I’m thinking iherb and get a few with my next I herb order!

What did you Keto today?

Oh, yeah! Wow, I used to order from them a lot about 15 years ago, but I’d totally forgotten about them. Time to get myself reacquainted!


Yahoo, thank you!!! I may be eating pancakes for supper tomorrow…I miss them terribly.


Is it true that you can oat fiber with no worry about carbs?

(Sophie) #12

It is totally fiber but the effect is different for everyone. You have to just try it for yourself and see.


Ugh…I do NOT want to go out of ketosis…


LuckyVit does a 5lb bag for around $17

(Sophie) #15

I don’t think fiber will throw you out of ketosis, but not sure. I guess it’d be worth researching.


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Now that I know I’m breaking my fast in a few hours…though pancakes are haunting me! I’m buying the almond milk on my way home this morning. I’ll let you know how they turn out, and take a photo if I can remember to do that before gobbling them.


Wow! Made them for breakfast…they were great…even my husband (nonketo) agreed!
A great way to increase fibre too!

(Sophie) #18

Glad you liked them. It’s always a high complement when a non-ketoer approves too. Plus it makes them easier to convert! :smile:

(Nick) #19

Why do you seek to increase fibre?


It helps with constipation.