Hollow Legs - a daily challenge to run!


I am happy with the whole Keto lifestyle we have been doing now for about a month. Apart from a few bits of carb periodisation for hard training or an event, I have been having practically no carbs.

I have found that I have a hollow leg feeling in the Quads on both legs regardless of the exercise for the day and I dont over train. The hollow leg feeling is there from dawn till dusk, no reprieve. I have some notions that the Quads may be the focus of the feeling, as being a runner they are the muscles most used and traditionally the muscles having to process most of the carbs in the past. Other muscles can cope with the low carb diet but the quads are the ones screaming at the moment. When I have had carbs before bigger training events, the hollow feeling goes away, and interestingly stays away for a couple of days.

Just some thoughts, if anyone has any ideas please toss them in the mix as I would love to know whats going on there.

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It takes time to adapt. There are also a number of good other YouTube links on the page with the following by Jeff Volek:

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When I first went keto I had a lot of trouble running. Legs got very tired and I was running daily. About six weeks in it hit me, running doesn’t suck anymore. It did take awhile but I got over it.

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Give it time. It takes a few months to adapt. Took me quite a while to get my energy back, and stop the exercise cramps. I’m almost four years in now, and it feels like I have a bottomless tank for aerobic activity. For endurance activities, long term and consistent ketosis is awesome.

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How long have you been keto?


Thanks all, good to hear that this is not uncommon and seems to go away in time. It’s only been 30 days of Keto today, plus a couple of little carb/event experiments along the way.

Still curious as to why the Quads are targeted, where as the rest of themuscles appear OK.


Good video, at first it appeared like many others, but then just under half way it got into the interesting material from our perspective. Almost needed to be split into 2 seperate videos.

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You might find this interesting too- Zach Bitter talks to Mark Cucuzzella, both distance runners. I found it very interesting from about 37 minutes


Thanks, put it on podcast addict and ready to play on the run with the speaker :slight_smile:


Awesome podcast, the latter half of the show had content that was well timed to answer some current questions about Keto and endurance activities. Dr. Mark Cucuzzella was able to not only put the medical science perspective but also as a long practising Ketogenic athlete. Thanks


I’ve been on keto for almost 2 years and I still find it very hard to exercise.

Last summer I traveled by bicycle and I just had to eat carbs. I had no problems going back to keto after the trip. I have a lot more energy when on carbs, though, but prefer keto to keep BG lower. Perhaps I’m an outlier (as in worse than others, not better).

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Sometimes, when I first start exercising I feel a little lead-like, but after I get going, I lose that feeling. I think it takes my body a bit to ramp up the fat burning/usage, but once it gets ramped up, I’m fine.


UPDATE - The hollow legs are still there though not as much. Getting stronger. Still feel tired a lot (not when racing). Loosing weight very slowly (by design), about 1kg every 5 weeks.