Holiday went like a breeze

(Sheryl ) #1

Today was a victory. This is nsv…
1st…made healthy food…some good some not so much…lol
2nd showed up just a little later to avoid snacking
3rd didn’t drink to much
What was your holiday NSV?

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #2

Sheryl, Glad it went well for you.

Only had a few berries and a few olives for carbs. Did have too much cheese.

Made whipped cream without any sugar or sweetener, just vanilia. Even the non-keto people liked that whipped cream with their pie.

Steak, not turkey.

Did not watch the news at all, instead 5 of us played a mean game of gin rummy. Lots of cursing and laughing. My wife’s family is uber competitive.

Did drink 3 glasses of wine over 2 hours and it wacked my sleep in the middle of the night. I have zero tolerance for alcohol now. Gosh I love the buzz, but…

Today is more steak and will finish off the pate. Will eat carnivore today.

(Candice) #3

Good. I just ate meat and no one “food pushed” me. :blush:


Stayed 100% carnivore on my holiday.

Whoosh fairy gods treated me to a 1.5 drop on the scale this morning.
Bigger weight loss doesn’t happen for me that much since I am so long on carnivore, usually just the 1/2 lb. drops here and then which all add up nicely, but it was wonderful to see a bigger drop like this once in a while.

No food draw for me. My plan is my plan and I hold it and that is the end of that :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Tyler) #5

Sausage, eggs, and cheese for brunch and some ribeyes and asparagus for dinner.

(Marianne) #6

Thanksgiving was wonderful. Hosted and had all the fixings for everyone, plus people brought other sides and appetizers. My dinner consisted of plain turkey, savory cole slaw and black olives - delicious. Wasn’t even tempted by the other stuff, including the gravy. I made sausage stuffing myself and spat it out while tasting. My niece confided today that it was the bomb and better than her mom’s, which was a high compliment. Only ate a little cheese and pepperoni as an appetizer. I made scratch brownies and people brought a ton of luscious desserts - didn’t touch anything. Packed up everything except some turkey and cole slaw and sent everyone home with all of it. No waste, and I was glad to get it out of the house. Love keto.

(Katie) #7

This year I avoided all the potluck dinners. I didn’t want to end up with people wondering if I didn’t like it? Or them either offended or thinking something is wrong with me? Etc.

Had steak and eggs. With a special treat of blackberries (just a few) with whole cream.

(Sheryl ) #8

Great job everyone!!!

(Sheryl ) #9

The best part about doing well…my pants seem looser than before.

(Dirty Lazy Keto'er, Sucralose freak ;)) #10

Our Thanksgiving went great ! I mean, lots of TG food is naturally keto anyway. But then my GF made an awesome keto pumpkin cheese cake recipe for desert too :slightly_smiling_face:

Plus I made keto bread rolls. Granted, some of my GF’s family brought some non keto food too, but I stayed completely away from it.

Probably still had 40 or 50gms of carbs sneak in with all the veggies and keto rolls, but eh… Whatever. My weight has been rock solid for 5 months now, so it’s not a problem ,:wink: