High Protein Modified "Keto + Fasting" muscle building with low fat

(Karim Wassef) #521

Yes. I think the ACV gives me a 10-20 blood glucose improvement from 90-100 down to 70-80

But I take several tablespoons a day and throughout the day. I add it to everything.

(Karim Wassef) #522

Ok… DEXA today was a total surprise…

It registered 3.2lbs of increased lean mass but nearly zero change in fat mass.

So… I just need to live in Cancun and eat carnivore three meals a day???

More likely, the 3MAD and daily exercise revved up my metabolism but I’ll need the RMR data to validate that. :smile:

So I’m sitting in the RMR chair right now.

More details later today.

Planning on sticking to OMAD today too but I’m having 6 eggs and a 2lb steak + 150g of shrimp and a large whey collagen shake for dinner.

(Karim Wassef) #523

So my RMR has dropped from ~2000 to ~1700 since my last visit and is now the same as my predicted…


Well - data can only make us better so I’ll plug this latest result in and process it through. Let’s see what it means…

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I’m on my way to the airport now headed to NJ

I ran the analysis and here’s the short version…

I gained a little fat in my arms that were pretty lean (like 0.2lbs)

I lost fat in my legs and glutes and packed on 2lbs of lean there and another 1lb in my torso.

I think the fact that I was swimming daily forced me to exercise legs and flutes every day. I could feel that burn and that’s helping me build it up. I’ll share the pretty graphs and tables later.

(Karim Wassef) #525

On a negative note, I’ve been overeating way beyond satiety since I got home.

It’s probably just having fun with the family before my long trip but my body let me know it. 2lb steaks and 6 eggs was a lot, especially because I had some processed keto desserts too… woke up sweating and with a boating pain that wouldn’t ease up until it passed through me. Made me wish I was fasting.

I will have to have some business lunches this week but I’m going to keep it as carnivore as I can. I need to adjust to the new location, so… lots of fun exciting chaos ahead!!

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(Karim Wassef) #527

Yes. It’s a good combination but I need to add a teaspoon of raw cacao first. It blends the bitter and sour better.

(Neil) #528

I’m jealous that you managed to gain only 6 lb with two weeks of feasting on your vacation, and that your DEXA numbers look so good! I packed on 20 lb in four days. My body is way too efficient at doing that compared to yours.

I can’t imagine drinking ACV like you do. Bleh!

(PJ) #529

Coffee + apple cider vinegar + cocoa

Let me guess. You don’t add sweetener.

Karim that seriously sounds worse than the antenna-bugs and tentacles you were eating in Cancun.

(mole person) #530

It’s not far off how I like it! Coffee, unsweetened cocoa, and salt.

(Karim Wassef) #531

Remember that my feasting was always keto and almost always carnivore… even a little carb throws me into the 20lbs I’d gain.

Once I started feasting on protein and fat exclusively, I found it REALLY hard to gain weight, no matter how much I ate and how often.

(Karim Wassef) #532

I add Stevia :slight_smile:

When I’m not fasting, I add HWC. It’s not that bad really. The cacao is the secret… it really changes the tongue feel and acidity profile.

The salt helps “distract” the tongue too. I started adding ginger juice too and that switches up the profile again… And drinking it over ice is important… the cold really messes with the tongue receptors.

All that coffee+cacao+salt+ACV+ginger+HWC+Stevia over ice and it’s an absolute pleasure… the HWC and Stevia make it sinfully good.

Another drink I like is ACV+lime juice+salt+ginger+Stevia. It’s my version of limeade.

(Karim Wassef) #533

I was away for like a week… no one missed me?? :wink:

I’m just a data source for you, huh?? :joy:

Ok - found an LA Fitness near me in NJ. I’m going to lift and then post from the sauna. :smile:

(Karim Wassef) #534

Ok… so my first week in NJ was intense. Lots to learn and digest.

No gym time unfortunately since I was working from 7am to 7pm then food, family time, more work and crashed…

But I managed to stay keto. Couldn’t find a decent grocery in the town at my hotel or close to work… I’m used to big grocery stores with lots of options in TX.

It seems that ShopRite has NJ buttoned up… and each store is a hit or miss. Some are decent and others are just awful. I made the mistake of getting a rotisserie chicken from the first one I found and it was terrible. I had to buy food at Walmart and those were not my best choices (more on that below … hint: it’s a kind of nut).

So carnivore wasn’t easy. I got eggs, HWC and lived on the dry tasteless rubbery chicken… yes: dry AND rubbery… it takes great skill to do that…

But I did allow the cravings to take hold and the almonds came back… for 5 days, I ate lots of almonds… like 250g each day. Strangely enough though, I lost weight. I think that once I eat more than a certain amount, the combination of fat and fiber becomes indigestible… resulting in “rapid evacuation” - no, not diarrhea but very regular bowel movements. Also, some of it floats indicating undigested fats in the fiber matrix. This is an interesting phenomenon that deserves more study.

Also hotel gym was a joke… it’s a broom closet with dumbbells and three treadmills … I gave it a try on Friday but … no… also pool under maintenance. :frowning:

But Saturday was my first real day of exploration. I found the LA Fitness 20minutes east of the hotel (wrong direction from work). It’s great to have real equipment, a sauna and a pool. I found an Aldi’s Grocery on the way but was not impressed. But I also discovered another grocery store on the way to the gym: Weis.

It was pretty good. And today I ventured into another ShopRite and was pleasantly surprised… so I have fresh meat again… mmmmm

Now my extended stay hotel fridge looks much better:

And my Saturday meal was very good: 2 eggs, 5 bratwurst and a whole rotisserie chicken (and a handful of almonds… yes I am weak).

(Karim Wassef) #535

I feel good. I did 4 plates on the squat leg press machine ~ 360lbs and that felt good even with the weird popping sounds and weakness I felt in the knee. Getting old is a b****

I did wimp out at 25mins in the sauna. Maybe it’s because I haven’t done it in a while but I’m used to 35mins and this was intense. We’ll see…

I’m not sure how to work it into my daily schedule though :frowning:

It’s 20mins west to work from the hotel and 20mins east to the gym. If I go daily after work, I’d have to drive past the hotel adding 40mins to my 40min commute.

Or I could move to a hotel by the gym but that’s basically the same math… but requires me to use it daily or it’s worse…

Or find another gym with a sauna closer to work… choices choices

(Neil) #536

Good job exploring your new home and finding what you need!

(PJ) #537

I am overly influenced by you (a stranger on the internet) mostly because I greatly admire experimentation (and pretty graphs, but the last is so shallow, don’t tell). So I might try these.

(Speaking of shallow: I also used to buy alcohol to experimentally drink to find one I liked, based on how pretty the bottle was. I hate alcohol. This led to a big 3-cupboards full of full bottles (a few sips each) – I could have opened my own bar. My alcoholic boss and lead investor came over to my apartment one day. He opens the cupboard door to look for a glass to get the guy a glass of water, and then opens another and the other, and they just stand there in silent awe for a few moments, and looked at me very differently then, haha! I gave him two copy paper boxes full of ALL of them to take home. My ‘drink’ if I drank, is either a strawberry daquiri or a grenadine and soda – a ‘shirley temple.’ I know. It’s so uncool it’s just embarrassing.)

(I did find one I liked: a cognac in an ugly dusty bottle at the bottom back shelf somewhere made by some monks somewhere. I had that with some danish butter cookies with milk chocolate, shortly after tortellini with fresh pesto, and seriously I still think it’s the best meal I ever had in my life. Never found the stuff again though, can’t recall it, and don’t like the taste of anything else.) (I did once get 86’d from a sports bar in Hartford CT because the guys around the dance floor were betting on when I’d fall LOL. But in my defense, it turns out a few Long Island Iced Teas in 20 minutes didn’t taste like alcohol at all. How does that work.)

I can’t try anything yet because my BG (since I restarted the diuretic) is too damn high so I’ve told my body it’s going to be starving until it drops it to a GKI low enough (4.0 or lower) that I’m willing to eat again. As it figures, of course, high BG actually gives me appetite. So the only days I want to eat are the ones where I can’t.

(Karim Wassef) #538

Now those are some interesting stories! I never really got into alcohol, but the experiment sounds interesting.

I like to experiment with foods instead :smile:

I think ACV is a potent BG reducer… so I experiment with combinations that allow me to drink more of it.

(Karim Wassef) #539

Got through the weekend away from home. Being busy at work helps some but the weekend is when I really miss my girls and wifey.

Skype was effective but there’s something about the warmth of a hug that it can’t reproduce… yet… :slight_smile:

Eldest daughter finished all the steak I had grilled up before I left so she’s arguing that’s why I need to come home sooner :joy:

Youngest loves to use me as a comfy chair and that loss of utility seems to be her biggest irritation. First I lose the fat, and now I’m not even available??? What kind of useless daddy furniture am I? :joy:

One more week then back for the weekend.

(PJ) #540

OK, now – I beg you, when you get time, will you give at least some idea of quantities of these ingredients? It sounds so hideous that I can’t even intelligently estimate. But I’d like to try it.

My version of courage that doesn’t involve antennae or tentacles.