High Protein Modified "Keto + Fasting" muscle building with low fat


Im always hungry after checking ur threads, gotta start eating beforehand. :grin:

(Karim Wassef) #482

Didn’t think of that! I’ve had long fasts and now I’ve had long vacations from fasting!

In the end, I’ll document my results - so it’s still for science… all those eggs are for science! No, really!

(Karim Wassef) #483

Littlest kiddo got sick and had to sit out with mommy today. The beach was calm and uneventful for it - she complains and whines a lot… and I missed her terribly. She’s a wonderful girl but expects nature and the world to align with her demands - so the beach is a great opportunity to grow up… :smile:

The eldest got dedicated daddy time so that’s good… she needs it given my departure for two weeks right after we get home.

On that note - I’ve been thinking about my diet for those two weeks. I’ll be in a NJ hotel room and can eat out every day but I’d rather control my diet better.

One idea is to take my food scale, vacuum seal and sous-vide machine with me and a tiny George Foreman grill so I can have steak daily. No freezer but a little hotel fridge should be good enough to manage on steak a day. Thoughts?

I can order eggs maybe from room service… this will be interesting.

(Susan) #484

I have a kid like that, she is 18 now, and still thinks like that… haha, good luck =-).

It is great that your eldest daughter had one on one time with you, though, that will be a happy memory for her in her future when she looks back on her childhood =), very special =).

Taking the grill with you sounds like a great idea, that would be really good. You could also buy the pre-cooked eggs at Costco and keep them in your fridge, hard boiled, individually packaged.

You could take canned fish and meats with you as well.

(Karim Wassef) #485

Canned fish could get stinky. There’s a mini-kitchen since it’s an extended stay, but still…

I think my grilled steak should be adequate… need to pack my fancy smart scale

(Susan) #486

Okay, great =).

(Little Miss Scare-All) #487

w00t w00t!!

(Karim Wassef) #488


Loving the blue cheese scrambled eggs with fish roe…

Yes… foie gras and tenderloin again today for dinner.

(Karim Wassef) #489

Not food :blush:

(Neil) #490

Wow, Karim! You’re feasting really well. If I tried that my weight would skyrocket! How has yours been doing thus far?

(Karim Wassef) #491

I only have an old analog uncalibrated scale so can’t be sure but it’s varying between 172 and 176lbs ~ 78 and 80kgs.

No idea how much is from water retention due to 3MAD vs my usual OMAD or real fat/muscle gain.

My glucose is all over and generally from 70s to high in the 90s… but ketones haven’t gone under 0.2 no matter how much I eat… strangely, I get my higher ketones 0.4-0.6 aligning with higher glucose 96-100 now…

(Neil) #492

That’s amazing! Kudos on maintaining your weight despite all that eating. What’s your secret? :smiley:

(Karim Wassef) #493

I find it hard to gain weight if I’m carnivore or even just Keto. I had to eat 4000-6000 calories to go from 160 to 190… and I wasn’t exercising.

Eating like this accelerates my metabolism commensurately and I don’t gain much.

Truthfully though, I don’t know how accurate these results are. We’ll find out Friday. :slight_smile:

(Little Miss Scare-All) #494

Hey, in the very least, you threw your body a curveball. #trickery

(PJ) #495

First: the reef and sea life pics are beautiful, thanks for sharing. A ray! Those are cool.

Second: you eat like a Klingon.

(Edited to add: that’s an awestruck-compliment kinda. :smiley: )

Third: If you’re going to be gone all the time for the job in that NJ location, why don’t you have a more permanent ‘residency hotel’ like most biz execs? You mean you’re going from hotel to hotel, instead of arranging one monthly?

Fourth: If it were me, wherever I was going to be, I’d just go there, drive my rental car to the nearest walmart/kmart/whatever, and buy a small foreman grill and an instant pot. The IP will let you sautee things, which could include eggs, slow cook things, pressure cook things, steam things, make hard boiled eggs and so on – with one pot to wash with some dishsoap in the bathroom sink, fairly lightweight stainless steel. That’s basically everything, but the grill add for steak would be nice. And it would make it easier to brown a roast, toss in ‘stuff’ and leave for hours and come back to food.

(Karim Wassef) #496

It’s an extended stay Marriott with a kitchenette

No idea what the amenities are except for pool and gym.

I’ll be there for two weeks then visiting customers for two weeks then back in town for three weeks, etc…

(Karim Wassef) #497


And a multi-meat Brazilian steakhouse experience- beef, pork, chorizo, chicken, turkey/bacon, calamari…

(Karim Wassef) #498

And the water today was super clear

You can tell when you’re standing in 5 ft water and can see your shadow perfectly on the white sand below and the fish look like birds flying around you.

(Karim Wassef) #499

I choose to only eat seafood on Wednesdays and Fridays so today is the last day I can have ice cream and I am very sorely tempted… we fly out after breakfast on Thursday so this is it.

After almost two weeks of clean feasting… I have to believe that the keto macaroons and meringues I’m going to make in Dallas are going to be outstanding. But this is my greatest moment of temptation… :scream:

The buffet has an unlimited ice cream option… chocolate, vanilla, coconut, banana, strawberry with chocolate fudge and truffles… and I am going to say no! :cry:

(Little Miss Scare-All) #500

Serenity now!!! You can do it!!!