High Protein Modified "Keto + Fasting" muscle building with low fat

(Karim Wassef) #461

You’d think that with a view like this:

That I’d have low glucose… but it seems both stress and excitement have a high glucose effect.

Good to know… also catching teeny tiny fish from the sargassum… there’s baby puffers and jacks and more… so exciting with the kiddos

We put them in the red bucket for videos then we let them go.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #462

Sounds like a kinky place.

(Karim Wassef) #463

It’s a series of nice resorts, usually adults only… :smiley:

But you’d go to the dark side as usual :joy:

(Karim Wassef) #464

It’s the 6th day in Cancun and I’m still not burning.

I will say that my skin is starting to tingle though… I think it’s the food here. I’m still keto but they use oil in everything and I’m pretty sure It’s PUFA…

I’m using a cooling gel but I might have to start wearing protection if it gets worse.

(Karim Wassef) #465

Today’s meals… I am trying for high protein but it’s not easy while traveling

Breakfast was my three eggs, a cheese and meats omelette (3 eggs) and two scoops of scrambled eggs (2?) with blue cheese and chorizo sausage + smoked salmon and fish roe (2 spoons).

Lunch was calamari and mayo with 2 hamburgers and cheese

Dinner was an octopus appetizer and pork loin main

(Karim Wassef) #466

I feel like I’ve been cheating all week. I’ve been keto and carnivore but eating three times a day…

I can’t get my weight or composition accurately… but my weight has been pretty stable between 78 and 79kg ~ 172lbs to 174lbs…

My glucose has been anywhere from 74 to 100G and ketones from 0.2 to 0.6K…

(Karim Wassef) #467

Every day, they offer dessert and my girls pick chocolate and ice cream. Wifey is good some days but goes for coconut ice cream and chocolate fondant other nights…

I’ve been very good- no desserts but I have to admit that it’s wearing me down to be offered sugar and pasties daily.

I have a jar of egg whites waiting at home for me to make keto macaroons and meringues so that’s holding me together…

(PJ) #468

I don’t even recognize half your food now LOL

I won’t eat octopi after seeing that they are as smart as cats :smiley:

I’ve never had macaroons. I hear about them. Anything that requires I whip egg whites will never happen. Although I have a Ninja now. I wonder if that can whip something to egg white stiff.

(Karim Wassef) #469

I only discriminate food at “human” … everything else alive is technically edible to me… but not all things are good for me. So then I select away from poisonous (many plants) and harmful (sugar - also from plants)…

Whipped egg whites are awesome!!

(Karim Wassef) #470

Yesterday’s meals were very carnivore and fish:

I’m adding fish roe to my food every day and it’s very good

(PJ) #471

OK you’ve reached the point of ‘serious seafood’ now and I’m completely revolted. Thank you so much, this is actually helping my fast day. :rofl:

What’s the orange and black goop? Is that the roe stuff??

(Karim Wassef) #472

The teeny tiny black and orange spheres are the fish roe. They’re on top of smoked salmon and tuna sashimi.

The two middle dishes were grilled hogfish, grouper, calamari and clams…

The last plate (dinner) is fish and shrimp ceviche which is raw bite size pieces in a tangy spicy lime sauce.

I’m big on seafood! Just wait till you hear what I had for breakfast today! :blush:

(Karim Wassef) #473

Today I had scrambled eggs + sunny side eggs (for extra yolkiness + blue cheese + fish roe … yumm

(PJ) #474

Well you are certainly eating enough – and with lots of novelty!

My body told me once (meditation) that ‘variety’ was one of the most important things, for food intake. Not that I have really paid attention to that, but it sounds nice in my head (and one assumes body would be happy about it). I don’t have a wide enough palate is the thing… well and also, I’m intolerant to a lot of stuff (including spice blends as some plant types I react to), and I live in nowhere, Oklahoma, which is actually in a very green area, but I think in culinary terms it’s still the dustbowl. I grew up in a CA coastal city so when I long for home, all I actually long for is the FOOD. :smiley:


(Karim Wassef) #475

I think I will have gained 2lbs by the time we head home on Thursday.

Variety is unfortunately also the path to overeating. It’s why single food diets work - they’re boring. I’m eating from a breakfast and lunch buffet and then a Brazilian multi-meat dinner… if I weren’t keto, I would have gained 15lbs.

(Karim Wassef) #476

Just sharing cause it’s kewl… and not food… well not usually, but I do like the taste of flounder

(Susan) #477

Very awesome pics =).

(Karim Wassef) #478

I got a GoPro 7 black for Christmas and I am recording hours of 4K video :smiley:

These are the snapshots. I wish I had brought more than the one 256G SD

(Karim Wassef) #479

My eldest manager to catch a 2” triggerfish by hand… the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree :smiley:

We made videos and released it

(Karim Wassef) #480