High as a kite. Can someone please explain?

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This is a honest question, please help.

I have been on keto for 3 days. I am a balls to the wall kind of person and to top it off my body reacts insanely high to chemicals.

I just had an experience that i am pretty scared about and I’d like to hear from more experienced/knowledgeable people here.

I have been feeling amazing the first 3 days on keto. My carbs have been almost non existent and I have had amazing hunger suppression and euphoric moods. But today I went from what I would describe as eagle eye sharpness to extreme confusion.

I began to lose the ability to speak or communicate what I was thinking. Then it felt like my conscience was was shattered in to 4 different entities. 4 different versions of myself in other realities. For the most part, I was experiencing them separately but occasionally the other ‘me’ s’ converged and I was aware of the multiple realities I was experiencing. I lost awareness of time and even the names of important people in my life like my girlfriend.

When I came back to normality 3 hours had passed. And I was confused and anxious.

It literally felt like I was tripping.

So now I am scared about the keto diet and if this could be dangerous for me. Could my key tones (when I tested I was .8-1. 5 range) have spiked too high and tipping me into dangerous ketosis?

Has anyone else experienced something so severe?

I found this info that says keto can produce almost the same chemical as xstacy.

Thanks all!


Go to a doctor.

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I’m not really sure what your experiencing, but if it was me, I would be headed to a doctor. I’m not sure that’s something “Keto related”. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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I am feeling normal now but it was definitely anxiety inducing.

Like I said, I am very sensitive to any change in my body chemistry. I did read that keto can make you feel high.

But maybe I should go to the GP on Monday and have blood tests.

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Make sure your also eating enough and getting electrolytes. You mention food suppressant appetite so hoping your eating enough! I know for me hunger was basically non existent the first few weeks so I had to make sure I was eating until I felt full, but I had no hunger signal, that’s since normalized.

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Yesterday macros were 197 fat, 154 protein and 14 carbs. Still trying to get the hang of getting them in the right levels but I’m definitely not starving lol.

I am also drinking a gallon of water per day with added salt.

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Welcome to the forums!

I second what @anon2571578 said, although I’d look for a GP that wasn’t reflexively anti-low-carb. The last time I experienced something like that was back in the 80’s and had nothing to do with the food I was eating. If anything, since I’ve done low-carb, I’ve had better clarity of thought, presence of mind and time, and focus.

Diet Doctor, a solid reference on all things low-carb, has just launched a GP look up. Check it out:


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So you’ve only been eating ketogenic foods for 3 days? Personally I would keep up on electrolytes, cut back about 1 quart on the water (hydration is good but too much washes out your electrolytes), and see what happens for the next couple of days. It may just be the tail end of a sugar/carb withdrawal keto flu episode. I had a difficult 4 days after dropping carbs cold turkey. All kinds of emotional/mental stuff. I may have even had a panic attack one day. That can make things really weird. If you continue to have episodes definitely check in with an MD.


Are you on any medications or drugs (or supplements) that might have side effects? That level of ketones alone is in a totally normal range.

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Only meds for asthma, corticosteroids and albuterol.

The only thing I can think of is how sensitive I am to chemicals. Something simple as Marijuana puts my into a severe altered state of consciousness to the point of a serious acid trip. So maybe I am just having a normal super sensitive reaction to the normal euphoric feelings in keto? I posted a article in my initial post that says it can produce xstacy like chemicals. So I wonder if this just hit me hard.


I’d play it safe and see the doctor.

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I’ve never had that kind of reaction to my asthma meds on keto, and I can’t think of any mechanism by which they or ketones could have caused symptoms such as you describe. It’s more likely that you have some kind of condition that needs medical attention, the manifestation of which just happened to coincide with starting keto. Get to your doctor and get checked out.

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If it were me I would see a medical professional.
Whatever happens I hope you find an answer.

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All sillyness aside, @anon2571578 hit the nail on the head. Get to a doctor about that ASAP. That sounds serious. I have had a few episode with my blood pressure meds causing some mild hallucinations at the edge of sleep. Ultra realistic. But always somewhat askew from reality. Like an extra window on the wall where I can see dinosaurs outside grazing on my trees. I brought this up with my doc and he was ok with these as ling as i didnt feel like i need to go shooting at them. ( I joked and told him I didnt have a big enough gun, would that help?) he wasnt impressed with that statment. After that they have ignored it. Go figure.

Ok ok. I forgot, sillyness aside…

On a serious note. LSD? Have you ever had any? I mean EVER. Or anything else even remotely like it even in very small doses? If you have had any kind of mind altering drugs at all, again, even dozens of years ago, find out if they were fat soluble. LSD flash backs happen when the body begins utilizing fat that has LSD dissolved into it.

I have heard anecdotes of people overdosing on Fat soluble meds when losing weight. That could be pure B.S., but thats something I’d look into. I honestly have no idea how to temper such things. How to buffer the fat burn to avoid drug interactions or flasbacks.

Enjoy the ride? :woozy_face:

Keto Vitae!

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Have you measured your blood glucose level? I am wondering if keto has sent your blood glucose too low? Could be something to measure and review?

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I’m beginning to think that a person in ketosis may not need worry about low BG. I mean that as in being hypoglycemic.

It has been said, that certain organs require a certain amount of glucose to work properly. I had heard the brain needs roughly 30% of its energy from glucose for instance. Which is the reason the liver creates glucose on the fly as we need it. However its my belief it may need zero Glucose (no evidence, happy to be proven wrong, its just a gut feeling as a self identified ‘Master Troubleshooter’, usually able to see trends, and effects from causes no one else typically spots).

I have read that having a BG level less than 70 is hypoglycemic, and needs immediate attention. Less than 60 and you risk passing out or slipping into a coma. Yet for an entire day, I was intentionally able to keep my BG between 55 and 60. With no adverse effects. I felt great. That make me think we may not know enough about of physiology as we think we do. Especially once the physiology that we knew has changed dramatically once it has become fat adapted.

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Don’t forget OP had been on keto for 3 days. Body machinery to use fat and/or ketones may well not be well developed yet. I am not at all sure low BG could cause these hallucinations, but as it’s easy to self test, thought it worthwhile to suggest.

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Of course you’re correct. I should have opened acknowledging that. Indeed, he shouldne be fat adapted yet. And youre right, although i e never heard of such a thing doesnt mean it isnt possible.

My gut feeling is get to a doctor. Dont bring up keto. Just give the doctor the symptoms. Let them do The deducing. My experience with some very shabby doctors has led me to beleive they get pretty lazy and come wuick to conclussions includding using any info the patient offers up. For instance if you tell the doctor you have a headache shortly after you started keto, most will jump to the conclusion that the idiot patient is on a fad diet and got a headache. Duh!

[edit: well, that is to say, dont bring up keto at the begini g of the conversation with your doctor. He needs to exhaust his resources before you begin filling the blanks for him. Of course if he outrights asks you about any changes you made tou should tell him you started trying a low carb diet x-days ago. It could be important. As a troubleshooter I dont beleive in “too much info” its just a matter of partitioning it.

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What you describe in your initial post, @LATERALUS_Dre sounds like a dissociative episode.
I have heard of these being triggered by hypoglycemia in some individuals.


Maybe the wrong kind keto mushrooms. :wink: