High as a kite. Can someone please explain?

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That’s hypo, right, meaning low BG? I always get hyper and hypo confused. I swear the doctors who name this stuff do it deliberately to confuse us. :joy::joy:

Your answer kinda makes me think more and more this is likely to be the cause. @LATERALUS_Dre, do you have a BG monitor? Do you know if your BG has been low while on keto?

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Hyper like hyperactive kids making you nuts. Hypo rhymes with low. That’s how I remembered it in nursing school.

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@Alecmcq yep in medicine hypo is low and hyper, elevated. Decades ago in school we were told to remember it by hyperactive (common term then) means INCREASED activity.

LOL @PetaMarie we posted simultaneously

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I know! :laughing: Great minds and all that…

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The red blood cells (erythrocytes, red corpuscles) have no mitochondria and so depend on a supply of glucose and I understand there are other specific cells with a similar need for glucose.

Prof. Bikman has challenged the notion that the brain needs glucose at all, saying that he’s never seen a paper demonstrating this. On the other hand Cahill claims this as a result of his research, and you’d expect Bikman to have read all of Cahill’s work. Dr. Ede says that there are certain parts of neurons that need glucose, because they are too narrow to contain mitochondria, but gives no reference in the video I saw.

And just to confuse things, there is a paper (which I can’t find a link to at the moment, I believe the first author was Drenick) reporting an experiment in which they produced extremely low serum glucose values in fasting subjest (hence in ketosis) with no ill effect.

So my conclusion from all this would be that the brain may very well need a small amount of glucose, but not as much as we’ve been led to believe necessary. The figure of 30% of brain energy needing to come from glucose is certainly too high.

ETA: Hyper is Greek for “above,” hypo for “below.” The Latin equivalents are super and sub.

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Thanks for all your input guys. I really appreciate you all!

I have been 100% sugar free for the past 2 years, other than the small amount in fruits that I eat. So maybe the change in body chemistry on keto caused my bg to go really low.

It was strange though bc right before this episode I was Lazer focused, brain was hyper sharp. Then next moment just full on mushroom trip. Lol.

I haven’t done lsd, so flashbacks from fat stored acid. But I do have full lsd like trips just from Marijuana. My body is massively sensitive to chemicals and changes…

After the episode I ate a banana bc I was thinking this might have been the cause as well. Today I am feeling a bit better with a slight headache.

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Thought this was interesting:

”…The first case of euphoria directly attributed to ketosis was reported by Walter Bloom, who pioneered therapeutic fasts for obesity in the 1950s. Acetoacetate, acetone and BHB, or any of their metabolites, may all be involved, as well as the effects of low blood sugar, which can cause euphoria and giddiness. …” …More


I think you nailed it, Robert. THC is also fat soluble and may be stored in body fat. You might have had a concentrated dose when you released a bunch of fat into your bloodstream?

The present study shows that lipolysis enhances the release of THC from fat stores back into
blood. This suggests the likelihood of ‘reintoxication’ whereby food deprivation or stress may raise blood THC levels … https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2782342/

This can apply to other fat soluble substances, I’d hazard to guess. Not to mention hormones etc.

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I am not a go to the doctor kind of guy. At age 56 when I was buying some life insurance they asked when was the last time you went to the doctor? I said my physical for JV football. Anyway I would chalk it up to a keto flu imbalance and carry on. I would be vigilant on what precedes this event if another comes along and try to dial in on the cause.

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I wish this was MY NSV :grin:

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I’ve lost 40 lbs. and I am still waiting on this NSV, free acid from the 70’s.

One NSV I have gotten is cannabis doesn’t give me the munchies. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I told my mother in law I was put MCT oil in my coffee and she that’s pot, right.

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Love it


Did you used to use drugs that would cause that kind of high? A lot of stuff like THC and others bind to fat, start burning fat as fuel and there ya go!

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I remember only because hypo and low rhyme.

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And there is hyposulphite (sp?)
Simply labeled as Hypo.

A chemical used in photography used as a fixer after developing the film. At least in BW photography. I used that in Highschool in the graphics art department back in the late 1970’s. Has a very strong sulfur smell. Has an extremely caustic reaction with bleach. A friend of mine had to mop the dark room. I told him water only… or else…
… the fire department showed up and we evacuated the entire school. I dont know what gas it created but it was thick and tons and tons of it. We thought the school was on fire. All that smoke from a little walk in closet dark room. :scream: