Hidden evidence; My Before and Afters

(Robin) #1

Never trust your oldest friends. I spent a few days with my longest BFF. She is an archivist of all our old memories. I had destroyed all evidence of my fat self, many years ago. But besties know where the skeletons are hidden.
So… in a nod to the very brave souls on here who bare it all… here goes.

(Joey) #2

Wow… You’re half the woman you used to be! :blush:

(Bacon enough and time) #3

Yeah, an amazing difference! :+1: :bacon::bacon:

(Doug) #4

Well done, Robin. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Bob M) #5

An astounding difference!

(Shannon) #6

Way to go, you look fantastic. I also worked really hard to stay out of photos when I was heavier. The thought would cross my mind to take a “before” photo, but then I was like, what if I fall off plan and end up just as heavy? Anyway, it was a photo of me when we were playing trivia last year in this month that shocked me so much, I started Keto again. And luckily so far, I’ve never looked back.

(Jane) #7

Wow - fantastic transformation!!!


(Robin) #8

Good for you… it’s those sudden realizations that can flip your switch to get serious!

(Marianne) #9

Dammit, girlll - you are such a Betty!!! :star_struck: That face! That hair! That body!

So glad you have a tangible reminder of where you’ve come from! Complete transformation! (Do I use exclamation marks too much?) :rofl:

(LS Conway) #10

Amazing!!! How long did it take you? Any secrets?

(Robin) #11

Thanks. I lost the first 60-ish pounds in my first year keto. Just the basics. Most important was staying under 20g carbs. I never subtracted the fiber for the count and I always rounded up, knowing that labeling is sneaky.
The next 20 came off quite slowly the next year and a half when I had naturally made a transition to carnivore.

(Kirk Wolak) #12

Wow! Do you have to carry a night stick to keep guys away?
You’re a Hottie… But more than that, you just have so much more energy and vitality. Like you are ready to just go go go!
Truly Inspirational…

(Alec) #13

Is that seriously you??? You often tell me I look younger, you look a completely different person!!! This is unbelievable… what a wonderful and inspiring before and after shot. Utterly fantastic! Bloody well done!

(Robin) #14

LOLOL… thanks. No stick needed tho. All my “fans” are old men and I can outrun them.

(Robin) #15

Thanks, McQueen, Alexander McQueen.
Weight loss is like the fountain of youth for us. We even feel younger, eh?
What cracks me up is that when I first saw the photo I thought it was my aunt!

(Mel Soule) #16

Stunning…very well done.

(Marianne) #17

So true! Reminds me of the old WW adage - “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.”

(JJ) #18

AMAZING! You look so healthy and happy now

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #19

Fantastic transformation :grinning:
I really wish I’d done a ‘before’ photo. I destroyed the evidence

(Kiwi ) #20

Wow!!! :star_struck: You look incredible!! Amazing job!! Bet you feel like a million bucks!!