Hi there, Keto Newb with a strict food budget lookin for advice/meal ideas!


Me too but have you tried roasting them? Transformational. Same with cauliflower.


I’ve tried various methods to make keto spaghetti: cabbage, courgette/zuchini, egg moz and almond flour, but have never been happy with them.

Then I discovered konjac noodles. You can buy them in rice, noodle, spaghetti and tagliatelle forms. Amazing. Practically zero carbs. I know not everyone likes them as they can’t handle the fibre load but I can thankfully and they are great.

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No, I don’t know why - maybe because I always burned them. I have heard people say they are so delicious, however. I don’t eat veggies anymore, but if I do sometime, I will give it a shot.


All types of meat/fish/shell fish, aparagus, peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, cabbage of all types, cheese, sour cream, clotted cream, creme fraiche, courgettes, onion, spring onion, leeks, cauliflower, spinach, eggs…flip, I could go on and on about the options.

I shop on a budget by getting the half price deals, with fresh food about to go out of date.
Eat on day, or freeze for later. I hate paying full price these days, but it can’t be avoided sometimes.

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I love the riced version so much. But the spaghetti/linguini versions are kind of like eating slippy rubberbands.

Having said that, the riced version makes me feel awful in the stomach. The fiber. It’s such a shame, too, because I love eating them alfredo and with Rao’s aribatta with tons of pecorino romano.


That’s a shame. I guess I’m just lucky. Or maybe it’s because I eat a fair bit of low carb veggies so am used to some fibre? I can imagine if you are carnivore or near carnivore then it would be too much.

I haven’t had them for a week or two and you’ve made me think. My next meal may just be Singapore noodles as they work really well in that :yum:


I don’t know either but in Hungary all the processed meat and dairy is at the edges, fresh meat is more inside, non-food is in the middle in the LIDL.
But considering all supermarkets does its own thing and they mix it up every year, surely it’s not a general thing. But my LIDL shoppings in the last months happened in the same one and it kept this layout.

I see everyone has their own preferences for pasta :smiley: Only eggs works for me :wink: Konjac feels exactly NOTHING, I could buy food with that money anyway… Eggs are tasty and good for many things. Almost all answer for dietary questions is “eggs” in my world. It’s perfect bread and side dish and drink and more (alone or very little other stuff). But I am an egg maniac.

It’s good there are many options! Sometimes I look at my food and remember how differently I scratched the same itch while doing lactose-free vegetarian keto… It’s usually carnivore now, totally with dairy, I need those items. Not all the time but often.


Sprouts- halve them, then steam them for about 6 minutes, then fry them with bacon lardons/pancetta or sliced bacon rashers in olive oil…but add butter towards the end too.


I’ve a stash of konjac noodles and cauliflower rice of various persuasions.

I keep forgetting I have them…so can’t be that great?
The noodles were sort of ‘crunchy’, but edible with a keto ground beef version of Bolognese sauce I’ve found, the 2 occasions i’ve done that :face_with_monocle:

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Ezydog Luca Leash Lite Black (animates.co.nz)

I have a large dog who is a very determined puller and a 7 month old rottie girl who will be very strong! This leash makes my large puller walk really nicely (I’ve spent a lot of $$ trying out various harnesses and leashes designed to limit pulling and this is the only one that is working long term for her) and my rottie pup has accepted the loop around the muzzle without any complaints. I think the lite is better than the regular, even for a large dog, b/c it’s a bit thinner. Not keto response I know but a tip from a crazy dog lover!


I’ve never seen that lead before.
I have a ‘dog-o-matic’. I though it was expensive at £40 but its lasted well the last 11 years and not even showing signs of coming apart.
Similar sort of thing where you walk the dog with their head, rather than neck.