Hi all! Getting back on keto after a few years off



So… I lost about 10kg, 12kg on keto a few years back, I’m very petite (1,58m) so it’s the sort of weight that shows!.. after losing the weight (about 3 and half months) I stayed on track for a few months but then birthday cake and a big birthday dinner and well you know the deal… I managed to keep the weight off though for a year and a half, went back on keto for a while for no reason other than getting back on better mood. Then my mom went to the hospital, I got down in the dumps and well, mcdonalds every day… then I moved to a rural area, started vegetarianism and lost a bit of weight, was feeling good, then covid and with lockdown it was emotional cake eating everyday, I kid you not, I was baking 1 cake a day.

Then I changed meds (I take a very low dose antipsychotic for depression) and the weight piled up in two months. I’m not back to the 70kg I was before, but I’m pretty close and I started getting sugar crashes, falling asleep and so forth. Due to covid I’m not able to ask for a check up now, no doctors available here, but I’m wanting to get back on it because I feel on a low mood every day, low energy and I don’t feel good with my body at all. And I miss cooking keto, everyone says it was the best time to come eat at my house with all the goodies.

So… here I am! I used to be on these forums but I didn’t participate much or nothing at all (maybe 3 posts in a year), but I remember this being a good supportive forum.

So… here I am. I don’t have a scale at home, so tomorrow I’ll go to the pharmacy to get my weight checked, I already took the before picture, will eat as little carbs as I can today and tomorrow I restart keto :slight_smile: It’s good for my mental health, physical health and keeps my emotional eating in check, so yeah, I’m back on it.

So! Hi!

Thanks for reading.

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #2

Welcome back and best of luck!

(Susan) #3

Hi! Glad you have decided to give it another go. You can do it! You know how. :grinning:

(Michael Wallace Ellwood) #4

Hi, I am in a similar position, returning to both keto and to this forum, after too long an absence. I’ve lost successfully (although never quite as much as I’d hoped for) on low-carb/VLC, and more latterly strict Keto, in the past, but a couple of years ago (not for any good reason that I can think of ) fell seriously off the wagon. I put on not just far too much weight, but seriously far too many inches around my waist, which apart from anything else is quite uncomfortable in many ways. That fat just has to go! I’m determined.

I’d re-read " The Complete Guide to Fasting" by Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore (most of the input is by Jason Fung, but Jimmy’s chapter is actually pretty good), and decided I was ready to IF, and if successful, continue with an Extended Fast. I’d done some fasting and quite a bit of IF-ing before, so I knew pretty much what to expect. I did IF with 24H fasts (1 VLC meal per day) for just over 2 weeks, then decided to bite the bullet with an EF. I’m now on day 10 of the EF, and I admit it’s been tougher than expected, but bearable.

I have lost pounds, but the reduction in waist size is very slow (although perhaps I am expecting too much, too quickly). My waist size reduction was also very very slow when I first started ordinary low-carb, back around 12 years ago, so perhaps it’s not surprising.

@Mindful_Bumblebee: I had to laugh about your cake-baking! (sorry). My brother is not able to do the kind of work he normally does (involves a lot of people contact normally) so is bored out of his mind, and seems to have taken up cake-baking as a new hobby, and he tries them out on our mother and tries to try them out on me. At first I took slices out of politeness, but it was getting ridiculous, so I have had to be hard-hearted and just say no! (He does give them away to friends as well, so they are not wasted). (I don’t even like cake very much, except very rich fruit cake like traditional Christmas cake, but he doesn’t make those (thank God, I suppose).

Good luck on your resumed Keto journey! :slight_smile:

(Doug) #5

Ha! Welcome back, Mike! :slightly_smiling_face:

All over the world, fruitcakes that had given up hope gain a ray of sunshine.

(Michael Wallace Ellwood) #6

Many thanks Doug! :slight_smile:

It’s nice to be back and to see old friends and meet new ones.

All over the world, fruitcakes that had given up hope gain a ray of sunshine.



@Mike_W_Ellwood thanks. Yes, it was funny the whole. “So what are you doing today? Cake again?” “Probably.” I’ve done some very good ones though :sweat_smile:

Thanks everyone for the welcome.


The first few days have been ok. Actually better than previous “keto starts”… First day I could just sleep all day, but on the second day I was able to do some yoga. It’s not been hard at all!, Actually pretty easy to stick to it. I mistakenly drank a sip of coke and almost ate a chip, but stopped in time.
Made a delicious keto meal (avocado filled with mayo and smoked salmon) and was like “I MISSED THIS FOOD!” :smile:

I used to have bad insomnia in these first days but it isn’t happening, actually the first day I slept a lot, but the following days I have been sleeping normal hours. My stamina to work is also good.

I’ve already shrunk a bit from the water retention, belly arms and legs, it’s really noticeable.

I remember the first time I lost about 8kg (16lbs) in the first month, so I’m eager to make that happen.

My goal is to go back to myself. I was always tiny and skinny, but meds and med-hunger kinda made me feel very unlike myself. For years I haven’t really recognized myself in the mirror, so my aim is to find myself in the mirror again.

(Wendy) #9

Glad to see you back Best of Luck!