Hey! Newbie here, but not to LCHF

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Hey everyone! I found the Dudes a few weeks ago and have been listening while at work. It’s great info and it really keeps me on track. I have done low carb off and on for a lot of my adult life- early on it was when I thought I was fat, but really just needed to lose 5 or 10 pounds. A few years ago I quit smoking and almost immediately gained 40 pounds. And, as the ladies know, hormones and whatnot make that really difficult to get rid of. Add wheat sensitivity and hypoglycemia to the mix and I am the perfect candidate for this WOE. I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks now and my body is resisting. But I am persevering because I feel good on this. And I know it will work.

Anyway, happy to be here and look forward to chatting with folks.

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Hi Therese and welcome! You’re definitely in the right place! :smile:


Good to have you here. I find keto easier to stick to than the more moderate LCHF approach I took before which surprised me! Better results too with fewer migraines and improved depression.


Welcome to the forum!

The journey is certainly different for us all, as the healing encompasses not only weight loss, but also reduction of inflammation, removal of old tissue, building up of healthier tissue, etc. So, while the body will eventually burn the extra fat, it needs to do its thing by dealing with all the other healing that needs to happen. This healing eventually manifests itself as clearer skin, joints that no longer hurt, clothes that feel less tight, no more migraine headaches, etc.

I hope you stay in touch and let us know how your keto journey is going. And of course, a lot of people here to answer questions or share their personal experiences.

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Hey @Therese
Be sure and read the keto rulebook :wink:

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Thanks. That was the first thing I read and it’s pretty much how I handle things. I try to stay on plan but not beat myself up if things are slightly off sometimes. I also don’t let other people shake their fingers at me (in real life, also) because until you live in my skin, you don’t know. I listen to people who know what they’re doing and learn from them, but there’s too many judgy people out there hiding behind a keyboard.

I think I am going to like it here.

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Good for you!! I am a comfort eater who starts and never sticks. I am hoping to finally be able to do something positive for myself and stick with it!!