Here again,

(Sammy J Shuford) #1

I got serious 1 Nov, A1C of 8.1

Sence 1 Nov, total carbohydrate 102 for the 11 day period. Only twice over 30.

Glucose is dropping quickly, last 5 days night reading under 100.

Walking 1 or 2 miles as I can. 66 years old and have some bloating issues.

(Laurie) #2

Welcome back. Good luck on your continued journey.

(Jane) #3

You are off to a great start!

(Robin) #4

Welcome back. Sounds like you are coming back strong. You got this!

(Marianne) #5

Good for you! The best part is the longer you are on it, the better you feel.

(Sammy J Shuford) #6

Thanks all,

last 6 nightly glucose, 90 or under. Averaging 11 grams per day

My wife and me both did 2 1 mile walks.

And I love my automatic control cookers. Pork chops coming.